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What are you IRL?
Corpie? Mixer? Service Mixer?

This game gets me thinking about the class divide a lot, especially as I see it constantly in real life. It gets me thinking particularly about what I am. Am I a corpie? I sometimes find myself looking down at homeless people/drug addicts in the streets like a corpie would. I'm certainly not rich, but I probably drive the equivalent of a Holden. It fits 4 people comfortably anyway, certainly no Ferrari.

I think if I look at it honestly I'm a service mixer. I work in a construction company and part of our business is doing work at rich people's homes, and I feel pretty confident pointing at them and going "corpie". Especially when some of them are literally higher-up in big corporations in the same state that SD takes place in.

Where do you think you fall in and why?

Unemployed Mixer.

I'm basically not even one of the PC's. I'm like the ambient old lady who gets beat up by the horde of orphans.

As a function of the 'thematic' level of poverty that is theoretically present in the ambient population of the Mix, basically all players with internet access and personal computers would almost necessarily be in the 99th plus percentile of Sindome's median income demography.
I'm actually a gang LT IRL
I'm a seven-foot tall ex-basketball pro hindu guru drag-queen alien.
Retired service mixer solo
That jealous feeling when you character's quality of life exceeds your own.
President of the mole people.
Literally a corpie.
sewer rat
@YNK: LOL. Isn't it just depressing? My character is more accomplished in the piddly amount of time they've existed than I have been in thirty years.

I'm definitely a corpie who hates other corpies but likes the flash too much to be a mixer.

I'm a spoiled brat so fitting in topside won't be a hard thing to do for my real self lol
Corpie kid in an expensive corpie college on the path to becoming a small-time incorporated.
Corpsec I guess? There's no direct translation in Sindome for what I do, but that's the closest it gets.
The definition of Corpie. Corporate security consultant. Live in a bougie area with a cop car on every street.
In real life I work at Bitchin' chikken.
Also, the sandwich shop I work at is next to a porn store. I am not kidding.
I work in WJF-OPS part time and at whoever the hell does Fire and EMS work in the corporate suburbs
I'd say I'm the kid of a wageslave corpie, and even though I'm past 18, I still haven't moved out.

@ynk Agreed. My character is more or less doing better than I am, though at least I have more rooms IRL!

Service Mixer for sure. Working for millionaires a good amount of the time, but doing work that most of them would consider too lowly to do themselves. "I get to live on both sides of the fence... and the grass is always green."
Corpsec would probably describe it best.
Middle Management Corpie (might get a shot to be CEO in 20 years maybe), temporary living in Green. With military police and mixers roaming around the streets. Its like a city inside a city (cyberpunk much?).
Shirt. When you think shirt and think corporate minion who sits in a cubical watching his life go by and his happiness and dreams going with it, that is the job I am in.

Office space. I work in office space basically.

I used to be a corpie decker, working with suit and tie in big glass buildings.

I'm glad I left this world.

Now, I'm a sort of service decker.

I guess the closest would be WJF Judge, though....without the enforcer or the really cool armor.
I guess the closest would be WJF Judge, though....without the enforcer or the really cool armor.
probably WJF field medic