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Winter '23 Town Hall Topics
Submit your topics here!


Winter is upon us and it's time for the Winter Town Hall meeting for 2023. We're excited to hear from all of our players and learn more about your experiences and feedback with the game over the past few months. A lot has changed since our last Town Hall, and we want to make sure we're moving in the right direction.

This is an opportunity to have your voice heard and to help shape the future of Sindome. We want to know what you'd like to discuss and hear about during the meeting, as well as any suggestions or concerns you may have. Let's work together to make this Town Hall the best one yet!


You can respond to this thread with your suggestions, however, PLEASE in the interest of keeping this easy to manage, do not engage in discussion about the topics here. If you want to discuss them, create a relevant thread in the correct part of the BGBB and note that not every topic will make the cut but we'll do our best to get as much in as possible.


The town hall is THREE HOURS long.

It begins with speeches from the admin, who offer updates on their respective areas of the game (Building, Coding, Operations, etc.).

Then we move into the discussion section, where we run through an agenda of player & admin submitted topics.

We then close it out and people can leave or stick around to chat with the various admin.


If you're stuck thinking for suggestions to give, here are some general topic categories that you can think about:

Code Improvements - What could be changed code-wise to improve the game?

In Character Topics - What can we do In Character to make Sindome a better place for all?

Out of Character Topics - How can we help you, the players feel more at home in Sindome?

If you're still stuck, then take a look at a previous topics thread.


Please do not reveal any IC info in this thread. Again, this is just for posting ideas for topics (you can explain your topic in as much depth as you want, but don't get into it with others about the topics they post). Create a new BGBB thread to discuss something if you want.

I'd be interested in discussing the development roadmap, in terms of which parts of the game are likely to see updates over the next year and which are probably considered 'finished' and unlikely to see further updates in the foreseeable future.
Disregard that, I won't be participating after all.
I feel like a discussion about plotting would be good. How do you push plots on limited chy? How do you earn more chy so you can push plots? Also, how do you make your plots more appealing to other players? How can you include characters in other sectors in your plot?

Also, I think we need to have a discussion about the new player experience. Give the newer players a voice to talk about their positive or negative experiences in the game. Then we can focus on fixing these issues and helping get people involved in exciting plots faster.

It's not necessarily a topic, but I'd like if we could have a scheduled time to just give thanks where and to whom we want. That isn't before or after.

It's been a rough eight months (getting better!), taking some time to show some love would be good I think.

All good ideas. Keep them coming. We're getting close to Town Hall time!
Some ideas:

- Initial feedback on Discord & OOC Comms changes

- Feedback on War-Stories

I really wish I could attend this Town Hall...

Another topic that I think could use some discussion is the exchange of chyen between topside and the Mix. It seems to me that there's a culture of mixers not wanting to accept corporate chyen, and this is bad for the game. Maybe we could brainstorm some ways to encourage this theme of corpies funding mixers and mixers doing jobs for corpies, so that it becomes socially acceptable not only to take chy from corpies, but to brag about it proudly.

The game's economy is super duper out of whack.

There's too many income streams in the mix vs topside. Some of them are not on the income cap, or are able to greatly exceed it due to large sum payouts. This is a problem that needs attention, IMHO.

I feel this is a three part issue:

1) Mix danger vs Topside danger: We've been fostering a culture of alternative punishments over vatting. This has has some positives, but also some negatives. The long-perpetuated truthiness of 'mixers die much more than corpies' is becoming further skewed over time. Five or six years ago, it was rare for a mixer to go year(s) without vatting. Now it seems fairly common. This is further compounded by the fact that the mix has never been cheaper to live and succeed in (economically speaking.) While I understand not everyone is grinding chy hard in the mix, the potential is there for you to be making far and away more money than a corporate can in 2023.

2) Playerbase apathy: I think we've all felt this in the past three to six months at some point, but there seems to be a general apathy to play to theme and more of a desire to play like a talker/chatter MU*. Even if I, as a player, have a nice bankroll, I feel it still required to chase that hunger or thirst for more money/power/gear/blood as a part of theme. Costs for general services, hit jobs, runner gigs, cleaning jobs, etc has ballooned significantly to the point where the bare minimum that people charge for some services exceeds the requisitions cap on single jobs/tasks. This isn't just isolated to a player here or there though, the word has gotten out that you can charge this much for X thing and people just aren't doing the jobs unless offered frankly, absurd amounts of chyen to do so. This again, points to point one: there's too many faucets and too much water in the sink of mix-side wealth.

3) Corporate jobs getting aged: There's been new, highly lucrative, high-paying jobs added to the mix, and some older jobs have gotten significant bumps to incentivize players into them. I think we've got a problem when servies doing no hustle other than the job terminal are making pay comparable, or better than junior and full corporate positions.

I've noticed that discussions in the Town Hall about the general game economy tend to become everyone's pet issue being the source of all ills and things sidetracked quickly. It might not hurt to narrow things down to like, discussions about making MacGuffins awesome, or broadening involvement in CorpShare.
To plug some (slightly buried) discussion that might be relevant to that subject, crashdown wrote up some impressions/ideas about CorpShare (scroll down to March 15) that might be of interest.
If there are any more topics, please submit them. I'm going to work on the agenda tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a great time at the Town Hall. Been a minute for me, which is probably for the best. I look forward to reading the transcript. Hopefully everyone will be supportive of one another and encourage each other and stick around for the question time that's usually available after. Hoping (and would bet) these past months have been full of great stories. Itd be nice to read about the staff's favorite updates or features and what they like that it contributes to the game.

May a swarm of dune dragons come upon you all with the best hugs ♡

*Retiring Archetypes From Website*

The Archetypes on the Website are horribly out of date and not relevant to gameplay anymore. Worse, since some of the archetypes are giving the wrong information about the themes present in Sindome, new players may be walking away unsatisfied when they find that

Can the staff go through the archetypes, one by one and discuss whether they feel that the idea that "newbies can totally play this within six months of joining Sindome" are still valid?

Can we also have a rolling updating date on the Decker archetype webpage saying "Nope, website is years out of date, but still broke."

^ That isn't really a town hall topic, more like Game Problems & Complaints. Could you make a post over there? I'll discuss with staff.