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Corpshare Stock Market
A way to have a stock market that doesn't break game

We have toyed with and iterated on the idea of a stock market for a long time. The problem is that we can't just have a real market, because then it could be completely gamed, resulting in someone making infinite money.

However, a stock market is still useful in multiple cases. I'm going to outline the general plan for the Corpshare Stock Market below. This is JUST THE PLAN. We haven't implemented all of this and it is not, at the time of this post, available in character other than stock tickers which will SHOW the price of a stock. There is no way to currently purchase/sell CorpShares.


The goals of the system are straight forward:

- Create a game within the game that allows corporate players to have a reason to plot and plan together or against each other with a monetary prize at the end

- Make the system resilient to abuse

- Integrate the system with many aspects of corporate culture (stock tickets everywhere, SIC announcements, share price being a reflection of corporate standing)

- Add a new layer to corporate play that opens up new avenues for recurring RP and plots

- Allow the plots that GMs or players run to have a visible effect on the game world and on people in the game (those invested in stock trading).

Share Price Fluctuation

The share price of a corp will fluctuate based on in game systems to a degree. These changes will be similar to real world changes one might see in stock prices. Buying stock may cause it to go up while mass sell offs will cause it to go down. In general, the system will determine the overall trends in a corporation's share price, with inputs from the players and GMs having an additional effect on the share price. This means there will always be SOME fluctuations in share price that are not attributed to player or GM interactions, and are just the system determining NLM should go down a bit while VS should go up a bit, on top of any other IC inputs.

RP Opportunities

Imagine some of these scenarios taking place across the corporate landscape and the ramifications they might have on all aspects of corporate interactions (involving corpsec, affecting share price, creating rp):

- A player hires a mixer to kidnap a high ranking exec for a rival corp then makes sure that information is leaked

- A player hires someone to molotov the office of a corp

- A player leaks a new product launch to someone in another corp for a price

- Players soliciting info on corp dealings from each other

- Share price being a badge of honor/dishonor among corpies

- Players within a corp working together to do things that will raise their share prices

GMs leaking stock tips to players at various corps based on plots, friendliness w/ NPCs, charisma, etc. These tips might be legit, or they might be fake.

- Players leaking stock tips to purposefully manipulate the market 'NLM has a new show coming out soon that is testing really well' even though NLM does not.

- This could even be integrated with the $chatter system so people can purposefully push out fake or legit stock tips to $chatter, similar to what we discussed with the ability to spread rumors through bartenders

- A player/group of players setting up a stock tip network where you can get stock tips from someone who understands the market really well, or who is really well connected.

- Players paying attention to news articles, and goings on around the city as they could have an impact on share prices

- WJF being bribed to fuck with people/corps

- WCS being bribed to fuck with people/corps

Things that might affect share price

- Corporate acquisitions

- Corporate mergers

- New Products / Releases

- Kidnappings

- Terrorist Attacks

- World Events

- Data Leaks

- Espionage

- Theft

- Buying shares

- Selling shares

- Hiring

- Firing

- Good / Bad PR

GM Controls

The GMs (non-SGM) will have mechanisms to affect the stock price of a corporation. This will be similar to how faction rankings work, but more obfuscated. Instead of choosing to raise the share price by a specific amount, they will choose an event that has happened (data leak! kidnapping! terrorist attack! new product release!) which will then have an affect on the share price. This system has the potential to be integrated with $chatter as well as Grid 3.0 news posts, so that auto-generated news articles and chatter entries can be pushed out.


We will create a command that allows GMs to create new events so the system can be expanded dynamically. This may involve general events that apply to all corps and specific events that apply only to a specific corp.

There will be system events which are automatically triggered by the system to simulate real world market activity (good pr, bad pr, new product release, product failure, recalls, etc).

Then there are GM events which can be in response to plots (terrorist attack, bad PR, kidnapping), or player actions (really popular NLM tv show, corporate defection, etc).

Stock Tips

We will implement a system in which $chatter has stock tips available through specific NPCs behind a money or charisma gate of some sort.

We will also provide a system where by GMs can provide stock tips to players through RP. Of course, both these systems will have some 'fake' stuff in them too.


To solve the problem of making money directly off the market, we aren't building this out as a system you can profit from directly and infinitely. Instead, corporate employees have the potential to get bonuses based on how well they do playing the corpshare market.

Quarterly Bonuses

Each quarter, before the quarterly reset, a ranked list of the most profitable CorpShare accounts will be created on a per corp basis. Quarterly bonuses will be paid out based on the rankings. These are STATIC bonuses, for example 50k (just an example, amount may change) for the TOP earner at each corp, 25k for the second best, 10k for third, 5k for 4th, etc. We can tweak these numbers so they are appealing to the people playing.

Quarterly Reset

Each quarter the value in each CorpShare account, including any owned shares, is zeroed out. Allowing for a fresh start to the quarter, with everyone on the same page.

Expected Progression / Play Style

There will be many different types of people 'playing' the market, including NPCs, who will automatically make trades with varying degrees of success / skill. The is an OPT IN system. No one working at a corporation will HAVE to take part. There is no penalty for doing nothing. In fact, you could do nothing and still win, if everyone else sucks really bad and simply holding on to your original shares nets the biggest gain.

Aggressive Traders

These traders will take their CorpShares and sell them right away, turning their shares liquid so they can buy shares in other corporations that they hope will rise in value so they can sell those and buy more shares in other corporations. They will make connections at other corporations and trade information back and forth in hopes of climbing the rankings. They may even pay people flash for this info, or, pay folks to take actions that may negatively or positively affect the share price of a specific corporation, so they can profit.


These people will not interact with the system much if at all. They will just leave their CorpShares untouched. That doesn't mean they can't win or profit though. Some aggressive traders are going to lose their shirts in this system and that means that the non-traders and NPCs will be in the running for winning some bonuses each quarter. Non-Traders can focus on doing things that increase their corporations standing, so their own share prices go up.


Because any corp employee can own shares in any corp, it reduces the risk of people claiming unfairness when it comes to GM run plots that affect share prices. Just because NLM stock goes down does not mean every NLM employee is punished. Those in the know at NLM may have sold their shares before the event took place.

Only for Corpies?

This system will only be available to CORPORATE employees. Anyone else looking to get involved will have to get involved as someone who trades tips, or helps make changes in stock prices happen for a profit.

Next Steps

The corpshare market has been created, as have corpshare events, and stock tickers. The market is currently running and share prices will begin to change over time. I won't go into a ton of the details about how the system works. Imagine it works somewhat similar to a real stock market, only the events are 'scripted' to an extent by the system, with additional events added in by the GMs based on plots / players actions.

The next step is to create the corpshare terminals that allow for selling/trading by corporate employees. This will be coming in the next couple of weeks / months as I hash out that part of the system.

Following that will be $chatter integrations.

I welcome feedback/thoughts/questions.

-- S

This seems like a good opportunity to insert some similar features to the current ganger trading system that would impact corporate faction standing and potentially CorpShares.

For Example...

Certain $Tourist NPC's spawn at HQ's or route through HQ's. Maybe they work there and carry McGuffin Paydata...preferably on an E-Note or Docupad. Maybe said McGuffin lives in a limo parked outside Soma but makes a regular Friday night drive to the Red Canary for three hours like clockwork.

I think if E-Note/Docupad McGuffin's can be inserted and ONLY redeemed by Corpie's but generally require a mixer or subversive skillset to get and play into the weekly cap.

* It will incentivize corpie's to utilize mixers to get dirt and collect bonus chyen.

* It will incentivize mixer's to fuck with corpie's and otherwise take risks topside for extra non-capped chyen.

* Create a solid decker revenue stream for cowboys and possibly even convert/expand the current iteration of decker chatter into automated e-note based cracking.


Missing Info:

Each corp will grant its employees a set of corpshares each quarter. This will be the same across all corps (at least that is the current plan). Meaning everyone will start at the same spot as everyone else.

This will open up a part of gameplay which everyone expects should be operating all the time but only a few people only infrequently ever experience: Corporate intrigue and all the trappings that go with it.

People have needed way more incentive than currently exists to take very many of the possible actions listed in Slither's post, yet that post is practically the answer to "what's possible/expected/themely in the Corpie side of the game". All of it is possible/expected/themely but very little of it ever happens.


Excited to see this, I hope many citizens die for the sake of the shareholders.

This is great. ♡


This is great. ♡

This will make the game world feel so so much bigger topside. Fucking up will now carry very real consequences and wins will feel much bigger. It'll be a great way to get the admin feedback I know I want in a way that's ic.

Could we possibly get the Ticker object as furniture?!
As furniture?... ;)

Explain your idea to me. I am trying to imagine it.

Similar to HoloCals, whiteboards, or something of the like?

Having a scrolling Stock Ticker (like at the bank) at home or in your office would be such an amazingly corpie piece of furniture.

As buyable furniture in stores, I should note.
This is great and has so much potential to enrich the game world.

I think it would be cool if there were incentives for preventing some of the events. For example, kidnapping. If a Corp attempts a kidnapping and fails, the "defending" Corp could gain a benefit. Also, the failing Corp should suffer negative consequences.

There are probably a few others that could leverage a similar dynamic, like stealing R&D.

For that mechanic to work, there has to be some way to notify CorpSec that those assets are vulnerable. Message via encrypted SIC, Gridmail, etc.

Along that line of thought, there should be a time limit. Maybe a week.

Also, see my previous Idea about the "protect" verb.

I really like this! Also, HolyChrome's idea of a ticker that we can have in a pad would be great, and Hek's idea about being able to prevent certain of the events would be great. Having Corporate characters acting as investment bankers or financial advisers on the side brings a whole new racket for people to exploit and RP. Really pleased with the addition, and am excited to see how it evolves.
The tickers are already effectively furniture style objects just lacking the ability to install them. Maybe I will update that entire class of objects to support being installed.
No, no home tickers.

Make people move to the stock exchange location, so that they get out of their cubes.

Need a runner to go to the bank and check the tickers for me. 500c payout.
I'd love for all the tickers to stay on Gold, yeah.
I see no reason to not have home tickers. All this info will be available in real time on the grid as well. But the actual tickers that are out in the world and not player owned will be on Gold. I think that makes sense.
This is a fantastic idea that could go a long ways to making topside life more appealing.
It makes sense to have it available freely, but I was just thinking it'd be nice to get people out on Gold. Selfishly want Gold to be much busier :P
Will the trade skill factor into how a player can interact with this system at all?

From my understanding of all this, no -- no one interacts with the market itself, except for staff, via manual adjustments based on IC events, and what sound like some automated scripted events that will happen as well.

The value / money people can make are the corporate employees of the corps who receive corpshares as bonuses, their incentive is to take part in things that drive up their corp's corpshare values, while also driving down rival corps' corpshare values.

Maybe we can get an NPC or two in the bank and other financially places who give chatter based on Trading levels compared to simply Charisma? Not just clues and hints on the "general" chatter network?
Awesome idea Mong, would love to see some trading-based stock "brokers", maybe they can use their skills to get some vague predictions about how the stocks may fluctuate, and some way to manage portfolios?
Do the tickers really have to read out to 15 or more significant digits of precision?

I think three places to the right of the decimal point would be plenty.

It remains to be seen how many points of precision will be needed. I don't want to round, because when we start trading those digits may be significant when selling or buying 10000 shares of something.
Suggestion: round to 2 digits when displaying, but always keep track of the full float in terms of the actual share price numbers you store / do math on.
Is this fully implemented yet? I see the tickers but don't know if they're being altered by IC events.
@Rhicora I think that might result in people getting different results than they calculated on their end and submitting bugs. We already get a regular bug submission or xhelp about the scientific notation used for very small numbers when you have like 0.000000001UE remaining.

@villa No, it is not fully implemented yet. It's a WIP for the time being as I've had to shift focus to other areas of the game that needed my attention. I'll shift back when time allows.

@Slither Avoiding unnecessary @bugs is exactly why I think it's a good suggestion for experience points too.

Whenever displaying it, floor it to whatever number of places players might reasonably work with (an actual 1.05000000001 UE shows as "1.05 UE"), so as not to confuse players. But keep track of the real number as a long float behind the scenes to make sure you are calculating things right. If that makes sense!

The corpshare market is open for business, find out more ICly.