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You Know You're a Sindomian When...
Say it loud and say it proud. (2016 Edition!)

You know you're a Sindomian when....’re coworker gets a book in the mail and another coworker says ‘Is it about the Font?’ and you almost reply ‘it came in through the font.'

...when you prefix every Slack message to your coworkers with xm.
You find yourself standing in a long line somewhere, passing the time talking about gouging human eyeballs, drowning your co-workers in the condo development's pool, and vaulting into their corporate position, and framing your significant other for the murder, only to realize how quiet the line got for the last 2 minutes and you look around to see the stares...
You routinely catch yourself about to refer to the public transport you are using as a Lev and everything is "aces" except your friends who are all bakas until they are out of earshot. Everything is a conspiracy now, your eyes are opened to the corruption of it all. It's a police state and you are working for "the man" to earn your paycheck which all goes on things we are subliminally programmed to buy anyway. Of course... You will change things, but first you need just a little bit more...
You sell paydata and call it paydata. Even if you don't speak english as first language.
You go into firing ranges to shoot all possible firearms to gather information for the moo...

Same for medieval armor museums, watching martial arts instructional videos on youtube, and all sorts of research...

...when you understand everything said:

Paydata, huh? Alright, I got a razor goto on this one mona with the chrome: she's wired up so tight her nailz vibrate. Had a ripper put it in 'er an now she's PDSing so hard her meatbag's giving up the ghost. But she's aces if she can crease her fixer, and frame her input for it before the jakes catch her copy topside. Scan?

...when your SO asks you a question out of frustration and you reply, "Find out IC!"

For me, sometimes, it's "to" and then I press backspace.


XD hahah

I use Aces. (Yes, SD slang is showing up in shows like Supernatural.)

I reply to conversations with my character's weird Mixer/uneducated-looking accent.

And I find myself using or almost using "baka" carelessly and frequently (which is horrible as I'm in Japan, where that word exists and is fully understood).

...when you wonder why you're not getting better in skills every day. "WHY AM I NOT GETTING ANY UE!?"
Your car breaks down - wait, wait, I know, BUT, it breaks down in a totally unexpected way which you're SURE it's NOT supposed to! And you punch 94357 into your phone instead of AAA's number.
You plan your work schedule around your RP schedule.

No, I can't attend that meeting. I have to kill a doctor and frame a bodyguard for it.

You try to unlock your RL smartphone with your IC e-note code.
You're learning something new but really you just want a skillsoft. see a weapon your character is proficient with IC and think "I'm an expert with this!", then use it, and completely fail.
When your co-workers know so much about your RP life that you have the following exchange:

"Wait, is this your Russian boyfriend who was sleeping on the pizza box?"

"No. Different Russian. Also, that was -one time-."

Oh God, I just called someone mano while chatting on Facebook.
Speaking with a colleague and customer on the phone and telling them to gridmail you if they have any questions.
You ask the clerk at the front desk if the shirt you bought will increase your Charisma.
When you go back to Canada to renew your work visa in the USA.. and are standing in a seedy, sketch bag eating establishment in chinatown.. your wearing a nondescript matte black hoodie which you bought earlier to blend in and discreetly stash your extremely cheap travel cell phone, and some plain cargos ..all your clothes are dripping wet from the rain anyway.

The air smells like weed and urine, you see a homeless man is sleeping against a fire hydrant, also some hookers are standing by right outside.. a nearly naked fat man in womens dress is discussing religion with his compatriot in line behind you.. no one seems to think this is unusual so you pretend to feel the same.

You get to the cash and reach to pay for your food, which isn't actually what you wanted but you ordered hastily just to get the fuck out of here ...your debit card is extracted and you instantly see the err in judgement you've made, everyone else is paying with dirty wads of bills.. the debit machine looks poorly maintained..

Worrying that it's attracted notice from the other patrons, you use your nerves to feign a drug-twitch in the hopes no one hassles you. You start thinking to yourself what in gods name possessed me to book a hotel in this slum-zone just to get papers for my employer.. I should have sucked it up and sprung for the fancy hotel I am insane.. I am insane and I work too hard to be dealing with this shit.

And then your next thought is jesus fucking god I'm a corpie tourist without a clone.

And then you say, "thanks chica" to the sullen cashier as she hands you your food.

Then laugh all the way back to your hotel.

Fucking beautiful, WG.
When you think with 'cm' to go back and forth with yourself... and the rest of the population in your head.
WG's was beautiful.

Meanwhile, I wanna know who the bitch in my office with the bright yellow hoodie hanging by her desk thinks she's gonna hide from.

WG :: +1

Were you in Montreal? Cause uh, that scene reminded me of when I was visiting Guardian up there with Navarre's player.

Vancouver.. I forgot to check the 'exclude ghetto' option when I searched my hotel -_-' It seemed like such a good deal! I should have known..

I cannot unsee what I have seen.

I am mostly sure I have been to that part of Vancouver. He's not lying.

Mine is when I start IM conversations with your coworkers with "Say" or "Emote"

I've been doing that one a lot recently. Switching from Vmoo to Skype and typing "Say blah blah blah" then going of crap... Ctrl+A and start again.
I have two today.

Woke up yesterday feeling like absolute shit. Body aches, day-one-of-the-flu stuff. Got to work and offhandedly told someone I felt like someone had beaten the shit out of me with a cricket bat.

Seeing as I'm in the U.S., the response was, "A -cricket- bat?"

Second one, I'm headed home this morning and there's a police car blocking the entrance to a nicer neighborhood and someone standing there next to an open cooler.

-First- thought in my head is, "Corpie got creased. Gotta save the chrome!"

... When you refer to brushing your teeth and combing your hair as setting your look place.
You live in a state with legalized marijuana and a guy on the street corner still tries to sell you some, and realize "This is exactly what my character has done -- sell legal drugs for a slightly marginalized profit..."

You see a girl trying to talk her way onto the bus, and immediately think "Girl bats her big pretty eyelashes trying to talk her way onto the bus."

Obviously the use of Aces.

You see a ton of police on the street and think "Not the jakes!"

You take a long jog and think "Hm, how much UE did I just put into agility?"

The goth dance club in the old warehouse that you have to cut through a parking lot and alley to get into has gotten -way- more cool than it already was...

Aaand all the arguments about finding things out IC with your SO!

I apparently had an in-character dream. I don't remember anything about it, but when my alarm jarred me out of it, I thought I was my character for a few seconds. It was like sleep paralysis, but with my identity. Maybe not quite the place to post about it, but it was weird as fuck and took me a couple of minutes to recover from.
You dream about finding somebody you hate dead and taking their money thinking "Serves them right.".

Not timely anymore, but I forgot to post it at the time.

Christmas shopping with my mom. She paid for something at a place that only took cash because I wasn't carrying any, and I told her, "I'll throw you some flash later."

Then I had to play it off like it was some super hip cool kid slang that she didn't know.

I've noticed that I've been throwing in a random "Ace" or "Mano" into my conversations now..

The worst thing is when you're going to talk to someone on Facebook, then you type:

say Blah blah blah Mano Ace!

Then realise it isn't gonna work..

I mean, that along with the fact I basically live the game now.. D=

When your natural way of speaking is slowly being taken over by mixer slang.

When you tend to wear more dark clothing and try hide your face way more than usual to avoid being creased. Despite the fact you live in a suburban village.

Referring to cops as Jakes

Referring to drugs as candy

Desperately wanting gills.

My husband just swatted a fly and yelled "CHOPAHO NATION!"