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Combat Scroll
Wait what's happening?

Do you just learn adjust to combat speed after a time? It seems to move so fast, I have a hard time keeping up with what's happening and actually rping through it. Same when I watch others in combat. My eyes just kinda glaze over and I get lost.

It could be a great chance for me to rp, but it's over before I can process what it's even happening to respond to it and I hate giving shitty rp. I don't mean stats or who wins or whatever. That part doesn't bother me. It's how quickly the turns go and even reading my characters own responses.

I'm not familiar with text based games, but does it typically move this quickly? It seems like in all of the other parts of the game, I have control over my character. Then combat happens and it all goes on autopilot and I'm a passive observer.

Plz send tips. Am frustrate. This feels more like an ooc fail?

Combat is ruthless and fast paced. You just gotta keep up with it. Eventually, you learn to roll with the punches over time, and spot the heavily important messages during that text scroll. Least, that was my experience with it.
You get used to it.
The reality is, combat scroll just takes time to get used to. The more experience with combat you have, the better you'll get at reacting to it, like most other portions of the game.
Pretty much. Some games have much worse scroll problems. Thankfully, we don't have automatic macros for a combat system.
"You get used to it" as in "eventually you learn to sight-read it" or "just sit back and wait for the end result"?
Unfortunately many weapons generate kind of a silly amount of text on even middling hits. You learn to recognize you own weapon's hit text at a glance and navigating one on one fights eventually gets manageable when you've had enough of them.

Big brawls on the street are always chaos but that sorta reflects how this goes IRL so there's something.

Overall I'd say any issues are down to the vast tracts of purple prose on some weapons more than the speed at which attacks come (which is slow compared to many similar games).

IRE... Fucking IRE games.

Sorry, this level of scroll is like paradise compared to a fight in an IRE game.

You have a LOT of control in combat, but you have to be very, very quick with your decisions and input-- just like in a real-life fight. EG: you get used to it.
What Revex said. I'm still not used to it. But I'm getting there.
I wasn't gonna call them out by name, but yes... IRE games....
Not always, immy slapfight seems to drag out forever.
That's because it's an immy slapfight.
Immy slap fests is the SD equivilent of giving two toddlers a toy and watching them fight over it.
'@access combat_labels is enabled' appends a prefix for when people do something to you(combat you attacked/hit/missed) and for when people do something to you (combat attacked/hit/missed you).


Mess up my wording. You get the point.
Combat labels are, as coconut mentions, an abbreviated parsing of the rather overblown combat prose. They don't parse out multiple impacts, but as others have also said, you just get used to it. Sitting on a training dummy or playing RG for a few hours helps to get a sense of the patterns and pacing -- most players tend to fall into certain weapon groups more than others so learning the language of a few by sight tends to cover a lot of total parsing you'd have to do.
What 0x1mm said. A lot of the 'getting used to it' part is you already know how lines start so you don't actually need to read them. You know how the rest of the line goes, whether it was or wasn't a hit, after reading just a few words. Typos during combat are still my personal bane.
Echoing that it takes awhile to get down pat in terms of recognition and familiarization.

If the other person falls down and dies though, you good.

Plus you can always scroll back once you are “safe”(or dead) and roughly judge your performance or take stock of your wounds.


You specifically mentioned that you are having a hard time keeping up with what is going on and "actually RPing through it."

Combat and RP are separate ideas. Combat moves too quickly for any meaningful RP to happen. Combat is what happens when people are done talking and the time has come to act. At that point, the "actions" are totally scripted.

Your character's ability to express themselves is pretty much limited to what you read in 'help combat'.

They are either 'attacking' , trying some sort of 'disarm' or 'grapple', changing a 'posture' or trying to 'flee' and escape. The art and science come in with knowing when to use what, and against whom.

I have only been in combat about half a dozen times. I have only 'won' two or three of those.

Grizz's suggestion to go back after the fact and review it is a good one.

There are also ways to test your combat skills against other characters in the game in a cooperative way.

As others have pointed out, after a while you will learn what the various combat messages are saying without having to read the entire thing. I am not at that point yet. It is all very new to me.

To get back to your original point about RP. The most "RP" I have managed to get out in combat is to scream for help, or curse my assailant. Usually in brief, two to three word phrases.

If I know I'm doomed in a fight, or definitely going to win I usually try and flair it up with some RP. But close fights do take most of my attention.
Thanks friends. I'll keep practicing and maybe someday I'll catch on. And Hek I didn't really think of it that way. I guess I've been disappointed with the lack of rp during the combat. I've still gotten good rp from it after the fact from it. Not necessarily with the person, which is a bummer, but I guess I can't rp with everyone. I'm glad to hear Im not the only one that doesn't have much rp during though. Makes me feel better about it.
Set your taunts to macros so you can RP while watching the scroll, maybe? 😁


"Hah, is that all you got?


"You smarmy little urchin! How dare you!


cm Help! I'm getting brutally eviscerated!

"Doodoo head!

@RheaGhe & Revex

Yes.. fucking IRE games.. Still learning through all of this but.. if can manage IRE I feel this will come in time too. Hehe

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