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Music Genres
Not Mashups

So I saw a topic aaaaages ago about some people trying to come up with some music genres that would be in game. Somebody said that mash ups, such as synth-electro blues should be avoided -- I generally agree, but I'm having trouble coming up with genres myself that meet the criteria of being fresh.


There was one I liked that was suggested, like "ter'r" or something. Basically a form of music that hit notes scientifically proven to make you feel horrible, horrible fear.

Sorry, but can you clarify?

What is this for? What are you trying to do?

(Ex: For IC or are you making your own music in RL or...? )

Thought it was pretty obvious this would be for fleshing out IG shit; but yeah, that's what it is. We have a pretty sparse lore of music and I'd like some ideas people can start taking up IG to expand it. I think understanding what sort of music genres there are in the world would be a good step towards that.

There are some threads that may help point you in that direction. Style descriptions and band names.

Two are:

As was posted elsewhere sometime last year, we create the IC world with our RP.

If what you want is for other people to establish facets of culture you're interested in for you, you might be waiting a while. On the other hand, if you can creatively include references to themely IC genres in your own RP, even performances maybe, I bet you'd have a lot of fun and we'd all wind up with IC things to reference forever after on.