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New Timeline Events
What should we add?

With the new site up and running it's much easier for us to add / edit / delete items from the Timeline.  I assume you've all read the timeline at one point or another and also assume you notice it abruptly ends about 10 years ago (game time).

For those of you who have been around for awhile, what major IC events should be added to the timeline?  Please make sure you filter your replies so as not to give away potential true IC information.

Ex:  John becomes king of the Mix == Bad

Ex: Eternalism is founded. == Good.

You get the idea -- major world changing thigns that people would hear about or should know about coming into the game -- not stuff about specific characters.

Mention some Ebola Outbreaks, Gang Uprisings, Company Failures/Additions, how often I mention that I need to poop, etc. Brb, I need to take a poop.
The font virus outbreak, the whole space salvage crash thing, the outlander fight with WJF outside the dome, the terrorist attack on tox-power, Viriisoma's stock crash.. Sure there's more, that's just off the top of my head
Insurgency of the Snakes, fire outbreaks on RED... Hmm.... I will think of more.
Abduction of the prophet
The fall of teksoft
The Withmore Globe stories are a treasure trove of information for the timeline.Jinx
Can you two stop talking about it and actually do it?
Still looking for player input on this!
I've added some new timeline events. I would appreciate some input on further ones.. not just ideas but actual timeline entries written as they would be in the timeline.. post here and if they fit I will add them!
I can't help but notice this post was made a year ago. I'm slightly miffed by this. I'm new. Hello! And I recently got into trouble while submitting my history because I went off of the date the timeline ends (2090) and not the date the game currently is (2099). I'm slightly disappointed it the community for letting this slip. From what I've heard, so much good stuff has happened. So please write it. I sat down and read the whole timeline before I made my character. I would love to know more about recent events. Please, please someone get on this.
Adding in the terrorist attack of June 28 2099 at NLM's doors.

Adding in the 7/11 terrorist group and their symbol as well as masks they used and the mention of the anniversary. (The July 2099 attacks)

Any major crashes of company stock.

Any "under new management".

Any new or major forward steps in research?


More recent news is announced and printed in some places. Those events wouldn't necessarily make timeline history though some would.

Thank you! I realize that post was a little rude. My apologies. I made that before having the months of IG time I have, before I new how busy the mods were with stuff. Thank you for getting around to it!
Yea, missed it back when you posted it and I didn't know if you got your question answered even though you likely figured some things out between then and now. :)
What's on the timeline is things affecting the world Withmore City is a part of.

Things that happen in Withmore which don't affect the outside world would be in IC media, not the Timeline.

(That isn't to say that the Timeline isn't IC. In fact, someone once very cleverly used the content of the Timeline page for an IC puzzle. The facts are IC facts, though the word-for-word text of the Timeline page might not necessarily represent any particular IC thing. Though it might. That's what the puzzle-builder did. I guess it could be RP'd as a "Baka's Guide To World History" book at the IC Archives, or something.)

How about the strife caused by the UK becoming a larger power,? they piss off Ireland by skewing with their economics. (If Ireland is still somewhat owned by the UK)

Pissed off irelanders form small terrorist group and bomb Uk. UK gets pissed and makes the ol' emerald isle ablaze with fire through lazers or whatever, you get the idea right?

Maybe Uk kills most and kicks out the POWs and they move to withmore with a deep seething hate for them Brits.