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Not everyone needs to do combat
Not everything revolves around it.

I see the sentiment a lot, thrown around, "Just Break their face in." or "Just rob them blind." or "That's a reason for a beating if I ever saw one."

And to me this is used to deflect a lot from a lot of problems. It's utterly ridiculous at times.

Gangers breaking your face in, in the open, and for no reason? "Break THEIR faces in."

Friend ICly gone AFK several times, and it irritates you OOCly. "Rob em blind and break their face in."

Solo got you deaded, "Break their face in."

Someone targeting you with rumors and false accusations, harassment, etc, "Just break their faces in."

It's in denial of a lot of realities to the situation. namely that your character doesn't have to be a combat monkey. You might not have the capabilities or the contacts to oppose this character. And that's for good reason. Encouraging the break their face in type of play is ultimately, a futility, as it is basically encouraging at times players to act utterly out of character. And while it is funny from a memetic sense... It can confuse new players.

A better response might be, instead, "Look at your tools, and plot against them."

Because "Break their face in," implies that everyone should be skilled at combat. And is reductionist to the extreme. And makes the reality of the complex political interplays at center stage and at the periphery of the game, seem much less important than the smash and grab moment to moment lifestyle.

Just my thoughts, TL:dr, OOCly advising people to break their enemies face in, is reductionist and denies the reality of the situation.

I see what you mean, and yes, some people probably take this literally...

Of course you could "break their face in" in a less literal sense by plotting some scheming way to get them fired, drive a wedge between them and their allies, get them Judged for something they didn't do, etc.

On the other hand, living in a certain part of the city probably does require that you either have muscle, or have chums with muscle for when the poop hits the fan.

Don't have those contacts? Go and make them.

Why are you talking about and getting advice about how to resolve your IC situation OOCly? Am I misunderstanding the original post?
It's a reference to some of the comments made on the board. About when someone makes a habit of going AFK and leaving their character IC, the common response is to rob them blind.
It's a reference to OOC responses to IC events, that I've seen very commonly. Where basically any negative action on your character OOCly or ICly is responded too with the advice of Break their faces in, rob them blind, crush them utterly. essentially.

Not commenting on IC behavior here so much as the OOC response to OOC complaints about behaviors. You can even see it in the copied text thread, and the keeping insults on theme thread.

Basically the response to any negative thing presented that other people do, being "Well beat them up."

It's a discussion of OOC behaviors and advises not of IC actions.

So you are referring to the advice given when you OOCly bring up a generic situation on an OOC medium?

Assuming that is right, I think it is just a matter of focusing on the message and not on the words. The message is, "Don't take that. Be Cyberpunk. Get revenge. Make them pay for the disrespect." How you do that is up to you and will vary from character to character. That is assuming that you even want to take that advice - though I personally see it as excellent advice that fits the theme well.

Meh, like I said in my last post, I get what you're saying RhaeGhe, but I agree with Mobius there, and think most people are smart enough to read 'break their face' as 'make them pay, somehow, in some form'.

If someone wants to take "break them" literally and goes running off to punch that huge mano that just called them a "scrawny baka", then that's on them for being a scrawny baka at the end of the day when they get one-punch clone-deathed. Get smart about it or get dead.

Exactly why I brought it up, because it's something that is a common piece of advice that is reductionist and can be taken out of context. I can see the advice as it's taken non-literally, and if it's taken literally, I can see a lot of new players being utterly frustrated by how helpless they actually are.

On one hand that is a part of the experience, on the other, well it's just reductionist advice. Basically just created the thread to kind of brain storm a non-memey response.

I like yours. Stating the message rather than the words might be a better thing to do.

But with how things work, you'll never know if said 'scrawny' baka has brawling mastered with high numbers in stats that they'll wind up getting beaten to death by a tiny, scrawny guy.
I've never seen anyone literally say 'break their face in' to everything, the only times I've seen stuff like this brought up, players have simply said that you should be CP and take advantage of the situation to advance your own. Dunno why you'd think it straight up means combat.
I think I get what you mean by this topic, @RheaGhe. Kind of reminds me of 'FOIC'. There's better ways to explain things to newbies (or otherwise) in the gamehelp chat than with just 'FOIC'. The karma system made a lot of people respond a lot better, or so I hear.

Maybe being more clear will avoid more confusion in the future with newer players, else I don't think a lot of people have had these sort of problems, and even a newbie who plays an intelligence-based character will probably ignore such advice even if they took it literally, if they're a serious roleplayer (as they wouldn't want to go against their character, etc.)


I don't agree ENTIRELY on that in certain parts of the city you 'need' to have muscle or muscley chums to get around. It can definitely be a benefit, but there's loads of people who aren't combat focused, and loads of IC people who aren't. Take the loads of orphans or random civilians you read about in every room's description. There's gonna be people walking back and forth through SHI every day, some that browse the markets 24/7, and some that are just looking to beat bakas the fuck up. If we for instance said that everyone should know combat in the Mix (not saying that anyone said this, but -if- anyone did), that would mean 60+ million people in the dome can fight in some form, which isn't realistic.

I wasn't suggesting that everyone should be able to do combat at all Evie.

Most people get trampled and have a crap time of life in the mix, those that don't are the ones who can bite back. Whether that's through combat, through allies, or through something more nefarious...

Whatever your preffered method, if you make enemies, a lot of them will literally just stopm you as their first recourse, so you'll have to be able to react to that somehow, is all I'm saying.

If you don’t like the ooc answer you get....break their face in?

I mean ooc advice is just that. Use that brain in your skull to figure out how to handle a situation perhaps.


Very fair.


Well said.

If people in Sindome aren't breaking faces in or paying someone to break faces in, they may as well be playing a different game.

That being said, people are of course allowed to play the game the way they wish to play, but if you're going against the grain, against the theme, against the very essence of Sindome I wouldn't really expect much sympathy.

If that's upsetting to you, might I recommend that you... break someone's face in?

Getting a full-blown revenge plot going is expensive.

However, image is everything. Finding ways to humiliate your enemies or making them untrusted socially is far cheaper and more effective.

Frankly, as someone who's new to roleplay, and has only been playing Sindome for roughly four months...

Break their face in really does seem like the way to deal with most issues.