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NPCs are people too
Start acting like it, bakas

I'm posting this to address an issue I've seen among several players. No one specific, though a couple of you got ICly chastised for this behavior in the half hour before I wrote this.

NPCs should always be treated in the same way a PC is treated. Walking up to an NPC and saying 'any jobs?' is not acceptable. I don't walk into a store, bar, clinic, whatever and just say the keywords I need to say in order to be issued a job.

This is a role playing game people -- that means you are expected to role play. Unless your character doesn't speak well, and is using broken English, you have no excuse to be just saying keywords. That is lazy and there will be IC consequences for failing to RP.

Even when no one is looking (or you believe no one is looking), you are still expected to RP your character and treat other characters (be is NPC or PC) as people.



Two other facets of this are:

Taking out your OOC frustrations on a NPC who hasn't been puppeted for you. When you flip out and start swearing at them, you will ruin your chance to get whatever it is you want from them

And, not giving the NPC a way to react. Leave @notes or be explicit and verbose in your speech to them so admins know what that is. Not always, but sometimes, the slowness to get a respnse is because all you're doing is asking the NPC to talk at you. I don't react to people who do that to me in real life. Why would an NPC do it for you.

"Taking out your OOC frustrations on a NPC who hasn't been puppeted for you. When you flip out and start swearing at them, you will ruin your chance to get whatever it is you want from them"

Could you elaborate on this? I think I get what you mean, but not to sure.

All right.

Step 1:

Try to talk to a NPC.

Step 2:

Do it again in ten minutes.

Step 3:

After some number of attempts, make your character ICly start swearing at or otherwise insulting the NPC, asking them why they're ignoring your character, asking them if they're drunk, asking them if they're qualified to be doing whatever it is that they're supposed to be doing to make your character even want to be trying to get their attention in the first place, in short, make your character ICly react to the OOC reality that there aren't always GMs available and even when there are, there might still be reasons you're OOCly waiting your turn to get a puppet.

Step 4.

Experience the IC consequences of ICly making your character treating a person this way.

I try to tell new players to do this.

1:Try to talk to the NPC, stating what it is you need from them in an IC manner.

2: Wait 5 minutes, if no response, repeat, or reword the request.

3: If No response after sometime, and you are tired of waiting, leave a @note for staff.

Expanding on that, when you get into the wait and repeat phase, I like to try to rephrase the comment or question to flow naturally from the initial attempt, as if they were busy and missed it, instead of just resending the exact same message.

That entire subject is covered elsewhere:

There, that's convenient for anyone who wants to know how to get results from talking to a NPC.

This is about roleplaying, and about how the way you treat NPCs is not something which goes unnoticed.