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RP, Tools, Tips, and Tricks.
For the NOOB, by a NOOB

This post is for anyone new to MOOs/MUDs and Role-Playing in general. You may find interacting with other PCs intimidating. As a noob on sindome I found myself relying on speaking and socials too heavily. I wish I had this advice before starting and I feel new players will be delighted to make a more developed character. If you're stuck making the same type of characters then I hope my advice will get those brain gears turning.

Here is a list of tools suggested for making RP more like being your character and less like Improvising your character.

-An open mind (Imagination)

-A basic typing program (WordPad, Notepad, ect)

-A Dictionary

-A Cell phone with memo app or similar


Tip#1: Study up.

Study up on how to use spoof,pose,and emote properly. I like to make a cheat sheet ,typed in my own understanding of how they work, and paste it so conveniently on my WordPad.

Tip#2: What can you do?

If your PC has sneakers, RP tying the laces. Does your PC walk into a bar and hastily find a seat, or do they casually scan the bar before deciding to sit down? You need to ask yourself, What is every conceivable thing my PC can do with themselves, objects, and people? Make a pose/spoof/emote for it. If you're stuck IRL here, I find typing on my cell, away from Sindome, and "People Watching" to be a great starting point.

(no stalking though please.)

Tip#3: Dictionary.

If you're using a Dictionary book, app, or website you're already in good shape. Use the dictionary when cutting down a long scene, or char description. Short and fat? There's a better word for that..Stout,portly,and chubby. Does he/she hop like a fluffy bunny or does he/she stalk the streets for an easy target?

Tip#4: Convert and Practice.

Convert all your dialogue, actions, etc., into proper emote/spoof/pose format and paste it all to your typing program. Make multiple pages, organized to what your PC does most often.

Now log in, and either go for it and use it on your fellow Sindome-ians, or hop into the @tutorial room for a final editing.

You may be still stuck on Tip#2 because your PC is kinnda lame as shit(Did you even think about this char?). You have no visualization of how the fuck they would do even basic shit. Well I got tips for that too.

Trick#1 Google, duh.

So you want a bad-ass looking guy but your char desc is more like a Punk-Ass-Bitch. Google a bad-ass guy! Bruce Willis, Wesley Snipes, etc. Study his mug and body hard, how would you describe it? Make sure to use your Dic. to chop common words down, but don't go throwing loads of schmancy words at it either.

Trick#2 CharDesc Order.

We tend to throw the best parts of our character first to hook our audience, instead try a natural approach. Start with skin color, body shape, and height, First. Most humanoids tend to look at other humanoids from a distance, these three things are what most shmucks see first, and SHOULD BE FIRST. Then go for features the @nakeds don't cover, Brows, face shape, lips, chin, cheekbones, that stupid fucking kitten tattoo on your face you got 300 miles away from sober.

Trick#3 Try to Think a little.

Try incorporating think bubbles into your Role-play, it'll make you less noobly to other PCs. Use it humorously to break the ice or setting up a regrettable action.

Examples: Here are some examples of how a schitzophrenic street urchin named Poco would interact with a tall biosculpted shark man named Jabber on the Mag-Lev.

Ugly old bitch (Poco)

She is more of a skeleton than an woman with leathery tan skin and bones looking like they want to escape the abuse. Her permanent slouch makes her a measly four and a half feet.

Tall Shark man (Jabber)

He's a whopping eight feet tall with blue and white patchy skin. He's a freaky ass shark abomination with a four foot long fin stabbing out from his shoulder blades, and a dinky shark tail where his tailbone used to be.

Her stomach lurches nosily

oO(Fuck, that greasy pizza box aint sittin' right)

She looks at the tall shark man, a ravenous hunger gleams in her eye.

(Notice how Tall shark man is used instead of Jabber? She doesn't know his name and must Rp according so)

He doesn't notice the odd broad and simply continues looking out the mag-lev window.

(when embellishing another PCs name or shortdesc into your everyday emotes it makes them feel all fuzzy inside, they'll more than likely keep you around cause your a bomb-diggity role-player now)

She skoots closer to the Shark guy and takes a big, long whiff.

oO(the fuck is this old bitch up to????)

He tries to avoid sitting next to this new friend of his, but the lev is too crowded.

(See how the mag is crowded? stay IC and remember that Withmore is CROWDED AS FUCK)

Quicker than she looks, Poco uses what teeth she has left to bite the sharkman on the flank.

(Notice Poco's teeth? Save one of your chars features to reveal through RP)

My Best Advice: Get noticed first.

Set your chars mood indirectly via emoting to get the other PC to talk to you first. A quirky opener that makes the other PC wonder what the fuck you're all about. Don't just chat about the weather. (though you should have a emote for it in case you need it) Bitch about how artificial the weather feels to you.

Noobs will say "hi, how are ya, lovely weather we're having." to another PC simply because they are in the same room together. STOP THAT, I used to do that and it's not as gratifying as say, groping myself while staring intimately at a stranger to get their attention (or avoidance)

I'm sure you've always wanted to freak someone out IRL by doing something weird or calling them out on how fucking weird they are, on Sindome you get to do that, and deliciously suffer the consequences.

I really hope ya'll find this as fun to read as I had fun writing it. And please feel free to comment/correct or add onto any of this advice. Thanks everyone for such a unique experience.

smiths, thank you. Nice job of encouragement there.

Learning about poses and emotes and using a dictionary & thesaurus is a must in this game. There is a lot of fun with the language you can have.

One thing on thought bubbles though:

smiths wrote:

She skoots closer to the Shark guy and takes a big, long whiff.

oO(the fuck is this old bitch up to????)

He tries to avoid sitting next to this new friend of his, but the lev is too crowded.

One, thought bubbles are an option and not everyone has them on, but they are a sort of ooc/ic thing. It is an IC thought but it can't be acted on. (That's why I compared it a little to ooc since you can't use ooc stuff IC'ly.)

The other thing is that that thought you gave can be RP'd out instead and with a little more added to the next line too. The additional posing has been suggested and encouraged on Game Help channel instead of relying on the thoughts. (Though those thoughts can be amusing sometimes.)


Poco scoots closer to the Shark guy and takes a big, long whiff of him.

Jabber: oO(the fuck is this old bitch up to????)

Instead of the thought bubble, you could (pose the base verbs or emote):

Jabber furrows his brow and makes a face, flicking his eyes to Poco and looks at her with some wariness.

Jabber moves to avoid sitting next to Poco but when he looks around to escape this new friend of his, he sees the lev is too crowded and there's nowhere to stand and move to.

- -

See how that was done without thought bubbles? That first line helps communicate that whole "The fuck is this bitch up to?" but without the thought. (It's also better than the wary social in my opinion though I do understand some people use phones but so do I many times. It takes a little longer to type but imo, is worth it. You can also break up the emotes / poses into separate sentences instead of one long paragraph.)

The reason I bring this up is that though thoughts can be fun, especially since no one is supposed to use them in game, if you don't RP something on your face, then we don't necessarily know you're making one, even if you're freaking out thinking Oh God, Oh God.

Also, you as a player have to be really[/r] careful not to give stuff away in your thoughts that can ruin something for someone -- like a storyline plot or maybe a budding relationship with a contact you are not aware that they may have.

I sometimes will use thoughts but usually if I think I'm on my own. Rarely will I use them in front of others. To me, it can be distracting. (I don't mind some, just to note.) We aren't supposed to meta or assume that what you are thinking is showing up on your face.

RP it. *smile*


whoops. used /r instead of /b.

I'll continue:

Tip#2: What can you do?

If your PC has sneakers, RP tying the laces. Does your PC walk into a bar and hastily find a seat, or do they casually scan the bar before deciding to sit down? You need to ask yourself, What is every conceivable thing my PC can do with themselves, objects, and people? Make a pose/spoof/emote for it.

Love this idea.

This is good to help develop your character even after you write your history. Maybe later you decide to take on a characteristic of someone who managed to be an actual friend and not just a fuck buddy or good contact. Or you scan your surroundings much like your uncle, teacher, etc. though you don't add that important info to your scanning pose, just know it yourself as you develop quirks.

Don't forget how fun it can be to have negative traits. Sure, we can RP or try to RP being calm or a novice trickshot wiz, but do you hock a loogie? Do you shower often? Not at all? When was the last time you showered? Would your hair be stringy? Is this a regular habit of yours? Do you talk with food in your mouth? Are you a baka that just does stupid shit from time to time because you don't think?

Are you a little dense? Do you miss some things that should be obvious to many others but you second guess yourself? (Remember, this is your character, not you.)

It can be a lot of fun to RP how you're the anti-hero, etc, but those flaws can be a lot of fun to play up. (Kaylee in Firefly always froze during a fight. Leon, the Professional, he had a code of honor - No women, no children. Maybe you're an alcoholic?)

Just a note though, there is a post on tips already posted. So go to that. :) There is another too.

They are:

Some tips for everyone:

Some tips for new players (this refers back to Some Tips for Everyone):

Yes I clearly misunderstood how thinks should be used, and thank you for that great example. I'd cut that tip out for new players and add it to tip#1 as something to study before using incorrectly.

The main point which I rambled over is, by taking the extra time offline to build a Swiss army knife of RP situations, reactions, scenes ect. New players would get excited to show off well thought out RP, they would get further into their characters than being hung up on chyen, crates, and UE.

Write up any situation you could imagine in Withmore, are you more likely to get robbed or rob others? Write it, and get psyched when you can finally use it and greatly impress your peers.

Having an epic dying scene would be great to have before hand as well.

My e/s/p before would end up with a devastating typo after spending a solid 2-5 minutes on it, while another PC waited patiently just to get a typo discouraged me immensely as a noob.

I figured out an answer too good not to share, but it's common sense to be prepared for anything under the dome, especially RP.

This is some top notch information right here.


-- Slither

Smiths, you may want to look into macros for some of your character's quirks. I've never figured macros out myself so I always type out the whole pose but there are macros you can make in game for things your character ends up doing regularly, for instance:

Answering the phone and the greeting you give

Certain fidgets or movements you character does

Stuff with SIC

Thought you might want to know since you mentioned writing your RP poses that you most do in a typing program that you could copy/paste. The macros are for instances just like that. :)

- - -

Also, imo, players should read up on thinks when starting out and again when the game becomes less overwhelming after learning some things, reread it.

Also, there's a good community back and forth on thoughts:

It's just good to refresh because:

Examples of misuse are:

-Using other players thoughts to guide IC actions.

-Using thought bubbles to convey IC info

-Using any information from a thought bubble.

-- --

Oh, sometimes the thoughts the admin give you are funny, or morbid. :P

Or they use your angel or devil. Sometimes I (the player) think that maybe some of those thoughts should be from your little devil on your shoulder and not the angel. *wink*