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The IC divide in game.

I like it, I think it's probably how life would really be if you had corpies and mixers... However, I don't know what we are supposed to do with it besides turn into a mob of pitchfork carrying corpies and mixers.

Maybe I'm thinking of it too simply, but prodding people to hate one another is a cool thing icly, but I don't know what we as players are supposed to do with it? I mean outside the obvious of try to kill the other side.

So while I like it, I wish it were more fleshed out and more was put in motion than just to cause a bunch of sic hatred but not change much else.

Don't know about you but just today I saw a mixer go up and kill a judge just to make a point. I also happened to see some Corpies get killed in the Red today just for being there. You just need to get out more :P
I realize you said outside of killing each other, but the sad fact is that's pretty much the most the Mixers are gonna get. Corpies are the ones with more options are they're the ones with the monies.
Bishamon, posting about IC events is against the rules.

Anyway there's tons of stuff to do with the divide. Sabotage, theft, cruelty, violence, fear, sympathy, betrayal, politics--it's there to give you something to work with and a reason to be mean to other player characters, because without that everyone would just sit in bars all day waiting for an NPC to do something interesting.

Think of it as real life slum inhabitants and rich posh pricks.

Works like a charm.

Mixers have no business usually on Upper districts. If Corpies feel safe with their judges patrolling their sectors then that's IC. If corpies eventually start belittling Mixers daily that's also IC. It means they aren't intimidated anymore and think Mixers are a joke, and that's IC and perfectly reasonable since they can get away with it every time.

It all comes down to Mixers with balls to do something about it to maintain Reds image and keep the Judges in check.

Jago, think about it this way - how does *your* character react to the divide?

Do they believe Mixers rule and Corpies can go suck it?

Do they believe that a good citizen can distinguish themselves from the filth with hard work?

Do they believe the whole divide is stupid and encourage others to feel the same?

The list goes on, but in the end it all comes down to your character and their personality, experiences and greed.

-insert quote encouraging going out into the gameworld and learning shit IC-

All good info, I appreciate all your comments and words.

Just don't know how to make it actionable though... It's like trying to break down a dam with a rubber mallet, one man ain't gonna do dick against the corpies. Seems like a one sided battle to me.

They certainly can. Stop thinking death is the only means of torment. You don't kill in real life, but I'm sure you've had moments of petty or warranted revenge. Or vindictive thoughts for a glorious moment.

So do those in-game. Mixer doesn't like a corpie? Then try to take away their corporate lifestyle.

Stop wondering OOCly. Start thinking ICly. If you're not capable of coming to the conclusion on what YOU would do, just give up.

How many different IC scenarios are you going to pose OOC questions to? Stop relying on the community to tell you HOW to play Sindome. Go out there and figure it out ICly and if you can't then maybe consider a new game.

Not every Mixer's goal is to destroy corporate citizens, and vice versa. There are characters like that but they're considered terrorists, if discovered. On the other hand, corporate citizens who go to the Mix are taking their lives and careers in their hands. I believe the way the theme is meant to be played is that both sides detest each other (generally speaking, their are always exceptions), but need each other--or at the least, can make good use of each other. Mixers can make money doing corporate dirty work; corpies can keep their hands clean by hiring Mixers. There are aspects and facets of play that are only available to one side or the other.

Even though it's a regimented society and you're ostracized if it's found out you're working with/sympathizing with/making use of the other side, much of the interest and excitement in the game is derived from these illicit partnerships, and many plots involve both sides of the tracks. That's just my read on it.

You're given all the means and all the opportunities to make what you want out of the divide. The staff have constantly shoved opportunities right in front of your faces but it seems like no one of you is bold enough to understand them and promote the theme. Stop asking yourself questions like this. The opportunity is there, the setting is there, there are means, there's tools and there's even encouragement from gamemasters. If you want to actually play the divide, radically or not, you can do it. If you find yourself stuck with this, simply start RPing and express your interest to other players. You'll have RP coming your way if you make it happen.
I don't see a problem with Jago asking questions. That's how we learn. Everyone takes a different amount of time before the game clicks.

For some it happens almost instantly, others it can take a while. But when it does, it can be the biggest rush you'll ever have.

Keep asking questions about theme if it helps you better understand the world you're playing in. That will bring you closer to just being in your play.

Ignore Geks,

Jago, you need to step off the OOC platform and focus on playing the game before you end up in trouble again.

From the viewpoint of someone who's played this game on Team Corporate for three years, I've got to say that you'd be surprised what people can come up with that upholds the social caste divide. You, as the player, have to just be proactive and creative to do something that'll generate RP for you, even if it doesn't go your way.
If you ever have an issue thinking themely, think Ghost in the Shell, think Blade runner, think of how any character from any cyberpunk series would respond, even the ambient ones.

That's what I do-- align whatever response I recall with my character's motivations.

As a prerequisite to starting a career in writing, I took a class in mythology to understand how the ancients wove their tales. One interesting bit I ran into was the "sun theory", which revolves around the idea that "the character lives to fight another day".

If you think of a cowboy western, it follows the sun theory pretty well, especially in the reference of a series where he has new adventures each time. The battle is at high noon, the conflict lasts until the sun begins to set.. and then the hero sets out, so the speak, as the sun hits the horizon. The dawn of the next day sees him sort of reset himself and start out to beat up the bad guys again.

A place like this overall has that sun theory going for it. Characters live and die, but as a whole, the setting will follow a pattern that will allow for certain themes to rise, fall, rest, and rise again. Class divide is one of those things. Right now we're just at high noon.