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Grid 3.0 Problems
A thread for posts relating to trouble while using Grid 3.0

If you run into issues with Grid 3.0, please state them here so that they can be looked into further.

Is this still up for testing? I don't see a place to log in to look at it.

You can find the button to launch Grid 3.0 at the bottom right of the Your Characters page. Thank you for testing!

Got the error 500 message three times. Was able to log in and out with 2.0. Tried 3.0 again and got the same error message.

Looks like a spacing trick from 2.0 isn't too well liked by 3.0

Recent Activity error:

Is the activity error still occurring?

Can't access nodes with names using special characters.

It's possible to register usernames like '@Withmore' which cannot be gridmailed since it's not a valid address.

Okay, so, I altered the Eight node with the Welcome node data and two things didn't play well. One, hashed out values are not hidden (the Formatting node still shows this as an applicable feature). Two, complex tables are not recognized (I didn't see this in the help node files at all). Please let me know if I've broken the new grid or if I have done something improperly so I may correct my error and see what else I might be able to break/correct.


After logging in, if the first thing you do is press 'back' you get taken to a black screen. Clicking the black screen will return you to the /feed/. Reproducible on Firefox Quantum 58.0.1

Clicking mail-to links (ex. will take the user to their inbox instead of to a compose screen. After clicking a mail-to link, the user must then press "Send" and enter the grid-mail address manually.