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Multi Layered Roofs From Hell.
The roof of the Carnal Desires rapidly approaching.

This is just painful. I'm pretty sure this has happened to others too since a newbie on game help was even asking about it. We've all seen the multi-layered roofs, an example being, "Across the edge to the (Dir) you see (area) level with your rooftop and (area) far below your rooftop."

However some of these make no sense and are incredibly hard and aggressively deceptive. As many times as I've just ragequit a character this is probably most of the most irrational and absolutely saddening and frustrating deaths I've ever had.

One such example is particularly bad in that the way it works, is that you jump to the first registered one. However this roof's first registered one is far below, likely five or six floors, whereas there is a second one that is perfectly even and should be jumpable. The way back, even works fine, as there is no multi layer. This is a total deathtrap.

Is there any way at all these can be fixed?

This is probably most of the most irrational and absolutely saddening and frustrating deaths I've ever had.

I can relate. I had a PC with roughly 350k in assets die to one of these a few years ago. The peking order of rooftops isn't documented in any help file I could find and I only recently came to be aware of it via the game-help channel, honestly. To this day, I still do not trust multiple roofs - it's probably one of single worst features in SD. There's no basis for realism, control, or self-explanation. In fact, after dying from this you don't even have a valid IC way to learn from the experience unless you're incredibly fortunate.

At the very least, these deserve to be documented in help jump and configure to prioritize level jumps before pitfalls in every instance.


seems pretty clear to me

Unless in that mass of tl;dr someone said "far doesn't always equal far". In which case, there would be a need to normalize it.

Far above. Far below.

Does ZMI make a rangefinder for their binoculars? QOL improvement?

First, three small paragraphs isn't a mass of tldr.

Second, the primary issue is that multiple rooftops, clearly explained in both posts, appear to default to the first one regardless of whether or not there's an actual rooftop that's level with your current one. It doesn't give you an option to choose to jump across to the level one, you'll try to jump to the first without any apparent ability to go to the more logical and straight-across rooftop.

Perhaps it could be fixed using the same mechanics as sniping with a scope in which it gives you a numerical list to choose which room you wish to target that is in your range.

For example

Which roof would you like to cross;

1: Your moms whorehouse

2. The unemployment office

Just make sure you pick the right one :D

Maybe instead of interactive menu, which could slow down flow, keep current command working as is, but if there are multiple roofs, then fail it, demanding that you be more specific?


jump across ne edge

Which roof of edge do you mean? There is "whorehouse" and "couriers".

jump cross ne edge to whorehouse


Can confirm, have never wanted to do roof jumping simply because of issues like this.