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N/A or No Vote for @vote

It would be great if every @vote includes an N/A or No Vote option.

For example there was a recent @vote about changes to OOC-chat. I don't use OOC chat. I had to choose answer and ultimately that answer is a bad data point.

What's wrong with abstention?
I had the same problem with the same question. I had no opinion. If we could get a 'No opinion' option, that would work too. The poll never disappeared so eventually I answered it.
100% agree with this, I see a lot of votes for OOC chat happening, but I never use it, and I'd love to see what the other votes after it are for without just dropping a random number into your figures like Hek said :)
Yes, 100% agree, like others I don't participate in OOC chat and was surprised there wasn't some 'abstain' or n/a option. Every poll should have one. I liked the recent ripper doc code poll that had like a 'I haven't encountered the code but I'm excited' or w/e option.

The OOC chat poll is probably very skewed or has lots of 5s from people not wanting to say one way or the other, I'd imagine (that's what I voted).

@abort and don't @vote?

If there's more than one poll, NyanChicken, you can't see the rest of them if you don't @vote on the first one. That's the problem with abstention and @abort.
I would add in addition to what beandip said, I would like to be able to cast an "No Vote" vote just to signal to staff: Yes, I have read the poll, yes I am engaged in the process, no I don't really have an opinion either way.

That way I can say I voted so I can still bitch about the results! :D

As others have said, @abort does not work if there is more than one vote queued up.

I wasn't aware that there is an abstain option.

I would absolutely love this. I don't want to add any work to our already overworked staff but this would be very nice to have.