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[Jan '21] Improvements Feedback
Complaints, ideas, thanks go in here!

This is for feedback for Improvements and Bug Fixes completed in January 2021.

(Edited by Johnny at 1:45 pm on 1/2/2021)

I love the fact that cyberware such as cybereyes are getting proper buffs! That is VERY nice. I wonder if the same could be done about other cyberware that also is supposed to enhance your stats IMHO. It sometimes is weird having an amplification chip but your perception is still very low.
Just wanna say how much I appreciate the new maps. Thanks for the hard work!
Grid 3.0 is nice, thank you. My main frustration is the searchability of the forums. Can we add something to the grid 3.0 'forum help' part? I really am struggling to figure out how to search the Forums. The search bar at the top only returns a list of users with that word in their alias. I am at the place where I'm control-F'ing from the forums homepage! Did a single IC ask and got told search is case sensitive, but that isn't the issue. I am probably just doing it wrong, but can't self-help to figure out how to search the forums. Thanks!
Could we get staff some commands to make certain kinds of messes appear when certain... conditions are met at corporations?

same @lena, current search bar seems useless unless im doing something wrong? iirc both the node and forums search on grid 2.0 picked up waaay more stuff but the grid 3.0 search returns next to nothing
Woo! Thanks Mirage. I'll be curious to see how these machines work, outside of recycleing, at least how repairs are cheaper and more profitable.
You know it's serious when The Johnny codes in rubbers.

I can't wait to see what this is about.
Love the hide change, super cool! Go staffers go! I feel like the last 6 months have been filled with the COOLEST changes, thanks for keeping up the pressure!
It is a CRIME you can't put condoms inside wallets.

Hide addition is awesome.
Thank you staff for listening to player feedback on @face inclusion!

Makeup seems to be parsing odd now, just as a note.
These new cyberware features are gonna be so cool to find in-game!