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[Jan '21] Improvements Feedback
Complaints, ideas, thanks go in here!

This is for feedback for Improvements and Bug Fixes completed in January 2021.

(Edited by Johnny at 1:45 pm on 1/2/2021)

I love the fact that cyberware such as cybereyes are getting proper buffs! That is VERY nice. I wonder if the same could be done about other cyberware that also is supposed to enhance your stats IMHO. It sometimes is weird having an amplification chip but your perception is still very low.
Just wanna say how much I appreciate the new maps. Thanks for the hard work!
Grid 3.0 is nice, thank you. My main frustration is the searchability of the forums. Can we add something to the grid 3.0 'forum help' part? I really am struggling to figure out how to search the Forums. The search bar at the top only returns a list of users with that word in their alias. I am at the place where I'm control-F'ing from the forums homepage! Did a single IC ask and got told search is case sensitive, but that isn't the issue. I am probably just doing it wrong, but can't self-help to figure out how to search the forums. Thanks!
Could we get staff some commands to make certain kinds of messes appear when certain... conditions are met at corporations?

same @lena, current search bar seems useless unless im doing something wrong? iirc both the node and forums search on grid 2.0 picked up waaay more stuff but the grid 3.0 search returns next to nothing
Woo! Thanks Mirage. I'll be curious to see how these machines work, outside of recycleing, at least how repairs are cheaper and more profitable.
You know it's serious when The Johnny codes in rubbers.

I can't wait to see what this is about.

Love the hide change, super cool! Go staffers go! I feel like the last 6 months have been filled with the COOLEST changes, thanks for keeping up the pressure!
It is a CRIME you can't put condoms inside wallets.

Hide addition is awesome.

Thank you staff for listening to player feedback on @face inclusion!

Makeup seems to be parsing odd now, just as a note.

These new cyberware features are gonna be so cool to find in-game!
Face nakeds finally. Cyberware updates. Finally. All the car drek.

This dev team makes me so happy all the time right now. I eagerly look forward to every change now refreshing the changes thread throughout the day.

It's all great so far.

I want to thank you all so much for getting our crazy ass ideas and these really broad systems changes out.

Literally just posting to say thank you, not even for a change in particular, just all of them. We're not even done with January and there have been numerous big changes and additions already. Big props to all the staff, 2021 is going to be a great year for Sindome, it looks like.

"a few places where the game targets you as the direct object of a message can now show up brightly like when you speak loudly or emote loudly."'

The wording on the last makes it so I don't know if this is intended or not, but it seems if you're in a room with enough people to hit the threshold for the feature, if you do a pose with no one targeted but see your/you/yourself by proxy of my/me/myself being transitioned, it's showing up bold/bright white too.


I kind of like it, since it gives you a "marker" of your own last pose, so you can easily read what's happened since.

Bug or feature, I'm finding it handy.

Excited for wheelchairs.

Proposed potential use (if they're not like this already):

Put on wheelchair

Ride wheelchair

Push wheelchair to

Good for moving around furniture and corpses!

I was thinking this is a great way to move around people that are too hurt or exhausted to move after being treated (or not at all).
I know it's probably coming, but an updated examine for the Wheelchair would be awesome. <3
Excited for wheelchairs!
Excited for wheelchairs!
Lost your legs? Can't afford cyberimplants? Buy this secondhand wheelchair! :D
love the new unpowered vehicles... any chance we could get some scooters/skateboards now? :v
You know, actual hoverboards for the skaterkids topside would be nice.. by hoverboards I don't mean those crappy non-hovering board of real life, but rather the sci-fi hoverboard they're inspired by.
Just wanted to say that bothering corporates with a squeaky janitor cart wheel was one of my ideal scenes when I was wcs back in the day. The fact that it's a coded thing now is so hilarious and awesome.

I can already see the glares forming on corporate faces.

Im not sure what other opportunities exist like this within the corps, but giving them reasons to hire mixers (or for mixers to be in there) is an awesome way to create conflict. Super fun change!

Re: Puppet Analytics

I would love to see core puppet personality attributes coupled into keyword to describe the puppet OOCly and set a baseline expectation for that puppets interactions.

If a puppet strays too far from a baseline, a GM could review the @notes. Did this puppet evolve or devolve in personality traits for some reason and need recategorization? Or is this an opportunity to resolve or expand?

Once baseline personality attributes were established and assigned to NPCs - they could even be made IC by way of Forensics skill. i.e.

[!]After talking with Rychek for a while, you realize he is: bitter, cranky about his arm, and likes tips.

I think a staff and player culture that encourages change is healthier than one strives to enforce status quo. The analytics and workflow should reflect that.


So far love it. Makes things a lot easier and smoother when trying to catch everything thrown your way.

Would really like to see this feature used in whispers targeted towards your char as well as .pose that are targeted towards your char.

I just wanted to say I am AWED by the speed and quality of improvements right now, you guys are amazing. Coming back after a couple month hiatus and it's like there's so much flash new stuff!

So much yes!

I am so excited!


Damn. That blood update is going to be awesome. Making forensics more relevant is amazing. WOOO.
i dont know how long any of these new additions have been being worked on, but i love that the ball has started rolling in regards to loads of big additions and changes!
edited, wrong topic baka!

(Edited by Slither at 10:02 am on 1/24/2021)

Thanks for fixing that examine Johnny!
Absolutely everything coming out has been amazing.

Question though - will the new cyberwares be added to various cybernetic price lists in the near future? It seems to be a stop gap in the installation procedure for all this new stuff.

Could we get a way for force people into the wheelchairs/etc, so that you can place dying (dead?), exhausted and unconscious (sleeping too) patients and then push them along to safety instead of just dragging them?
@Ghost - This would eliminate the need for a really cool thing people can work toward that is already in the game. Something far more suited for that job. I'd be against this suggestion.
I am not one to complain about art... but that one in the improvements thread is ALL kinds of wrong.

Can I say I'm scared about the new system. Very cool though!

Amazing! Does "sever" work on corpses?

New chrome. WOOOOO. See you meatbags in the gutter!
Loving these chrome updates. I think CyberPunk 2077's release is partly to thank for this. It has made decorative and cheaper chrome available that previously wasn't. Because people wanted it.

Thanks to staff for listening to the players!

Accelerating with a skateboard doesn't work, but with the right stat/skill, shouldn't one be able to go faster with a skateboard?
We’ve messaged them for different speeds but didn’t release the mechanics for accelerating and braking yet. We’ll need to do speed testing on boa to balance that aspect right with vehicles holistically. These are meant not to go as fast as cars and I’m pretty sure there’s a tiny bit of room to show some speed and account for the killer road rash you’re gonna get from crashing these.
Love that traders get an inkling if something is over priced on the cyber boards!
Does it adjust for the sector you are in?
@Johnny Sounds very fitting! Looking forward to it.

The same sorta stuff could probably be applied to bicycles, should they ever be added. They're clearly faster than walking, but not typically as fast as motorized vehicles.

@Slither - it does not. Someone skilled in trading should be able to tell that things are cheap in one place and expensive in another.
Unless there is a game balance reason to not be able to 'get' and 'drop' items from a wheelchair, it does not seem logical that characters are currently unable to do that with the way the code is working.

Please enable it. Unless of course, game balance.

Is it possible for cyberdocs to design cyber/coloreyes so that they look like a normal eye now?
I can jump in trash and get banned from bars for being a filthy dogshit covered mixer. WOO! These changes are doooope.
Love the fresh attention being put on smells and garbage diving.

It would be awesome if sewers received some similar love. Seeing people dive into the sewers and then come out looking/smelling pristine is always odd.

could the 'dive in' code be added to all of the mix alleys?
I would like to see messes ported to the other corporate headquarters. Possibly with the one at the SK tower being automated and showing the other corps how much they intend for the players to charge or how much to expect as payment for their work.

As it is, SK and especially NeoTrans being left out of these corporate things being added(Protestors, and now messes), makes me concerned about the equality and equivalency of features, and the focus on theme. There might be challenges that I don't see however, with regards to implementation that would explain why Neo and SK are left out.

Just my 2 cents after studying this change a bit.

Yes, our volunteer staff and our community dictate that we do focus our resources somewhat. To that end, corpie RP is focused such that corpie players will have sufficient coworkers, customers and competition. Right now thats VS, NEO, NLM and WJF. We simply can't be bringing it all to life right now. :)
You're not quite understanding the intention, though I suppose my point was a bit obfuscated because I focused details in on SK rather than NeoTrans.

But one big point I'm making is that NeoTrans is currently without features that other corporations have.

This may lead it to feeling lesser than it already does.

Now maybe there's something on the code end that makes implementing these features difficult. It might also be because of an anemic player base. Either in effort or in numbers. But as it is, there's relatively close to zero reasons presently to go to the NeoTrans spaceport day to day, where the other player corporations have many reasons day-to-day players, mixer or corporate employee, might go there. Even if you work at the Spaceport, there's presently, from what I can see, little reason to even utilize the space you are alleged to be working in on the day to day.. And that saddens me.

I could refresh my suggestions that SK be made into a player corp and Neo rolled into the NPC role filled by SK. But that's a futile one at this point. I'm thinking of another idea as it is.

All I'll say here is that I think NeoTrans should be given the messes, as that is mostly on topic, and I will take this exchange to a better location for it after I have finished writing the idea, and well even deciding between whether it's an idea or game problem / complaint.

The best ways to bring about change is from within. Committed PCs can enhance Corporations. There's a certain ooc need to move things things forward, but I'd like to see committed PCs being about change rather than trying to orchestrate them first oocly. It is harder to bring about change as a PC and so much more rewarding for the story as a whole. There are people who bring up new features all the time IC. Its what makes the game great.
I have always wondered why NEO is playable instead of SK.
NEO has great facilities for socializing. I don't see whats stopping folks from using them.
@design remains a cruel and unforgiving verb with no prompt to @abort or a help file a year later. Can we please get both added? In addition, it locks the cybernetic in question with a default coating even if you upgrade it.

I think the potential is really endless with @design but it is incredibly frustrating to use in its current form.