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[Mar '21] Improvements Feedback
Feedback for improvements made in March 2021.

You know how this works! This is the improvements feedback thread for improvements we've made in the month of March, 2021.
Loving all of the new depth being added to the sewer systems.

One thing I'm still hoping for is a specific scent to be added after having been in the sewers for long enough. Not seeing shrouded svelte chicas who "smell like shit" on passing is definitely a missed opportunity, especially since perfume/cologne messages take priority over the effect that the sewer does have on your smell.

Also, water level drainage rates when blockages are moved appear to be a little slow-to-nonexistent until blockages are completely removed. Or at least I think they are?

Either way, it will be interesting to see how these changes progress and affect the world over time. Awesome and surprising new mechanics!


Fall damage should be reduced or negated entirely depending on water depth and athletic/swimming ability in the room you land in.

Loving the sewer changes!

One thing I'd really love to see is a maze room in the sewers that is perilous as fuck (that maybe has some logistical advantages?). When I first started playing SD years ago I met a guy who RP'd WCS gill-mano well, but he didn't have much use for it it seemed.

I could be totally wrong.

It'd be dope if the maze rooms in the sewers were dangerous ways to escape sectors and stuff. Maybe super-gnarly NPC's are down there too? I'm just thrilled to see the sewers getting nastier and more complex. Super fun changes!

I'm excited to more likely possibly get addicted maybe. Previously it felt impossible to get addicted.
that's right fellas


I haven't tried it out yet, but what exactly is the purpose of simulating using the toilet?
Speaking of toilets, as much as I love shitbergs I ain't loving them serving to barricade off paths for prospect topside criminals. It just adds an extra layer of eh...complications to something that is already difficult onto itself. Also they seem to spawn at an alarming rate.
Fence climbing. Yeeeesssss!
This Cybernetics Tech license sounds interesting! But what's the difference between it and the typical Cyberneticist license that allows you to operate? Do you require both now? Etc.
They are separate jobs, entirely.

(Edited by Celestial at 12:06 pm on 3/21/2021)

Seems like it, yeah. But how are these different? I'm assuming they require similar skills, maybe more electronics focused?
The only overlap is that they both deal with cyberware. They are meant to be done by two different people.
Ah okay. It does seem like something that would be super useful if both could be done by the same person. But at the same time, I can imagine this gives more opportunities for cybernetics-interested folks. Honestly what I'm most excited to see in the future is more SK-based RP and new chrome but that might be a bit off-topic. :D

Thanks for answering anyway! Still love the update.

Thanking Mirage for the coloreye fixes. And shortdesc implementation too? Super cool.

As feedback, perhaps they should have a higher shortdesc priority than hair and *most* clothes? I'd probably notice a glowing eye before some really nice shoes.

Also this might already exist, but it'd be cool if other visible cyberware also affected shortdesc. Cyberlimbs, certain nanos, skillsoft sockets, etc.

For the shortdesc for cybernetic eyes, I'd ask that be looked into and potentially cleared up or made optional if you don't have a coloreye. It's showing as 'cybernetic eyes' (plural) even if you've only got one eye, and the base description on a standard cybernetic eye is so generic that to this day I'm not sure if it's set to match your normal eye color with the printed identification markers on the iris or if the whole thing is colorless or if it's a noticeable robotic-esque eye.

It also seems to potentially be overriding clothing and worn items. Previously with natural eyes showing up as "an average person with x-colored eyes wearing x clothing' now just shows up as "an average person with cybernetic eyes"
The cyber ware bugs and emp are very cool changes! Scary but cool. Are hard processors providing full protection against them for eyes and other cyber? I recall their price going up recently.

If that's foic that's fine but I wanted to bring that up since it's relevant.


Aerodynes hit with an EMP now stall as expected.

I am curious if this includes if an EMP is detonated INSIDE a vehicle as well.

In addition, my prior multiple inquiries about this feature via xhelp resulted in being told FOIC. I recognize it is important to foster a culture of learning through experimentation in Sindome but I believe endorsing experimentation with a feature that doesn't exist to be its own form of gaslighting that probably shouldn't be a part of this culture.

With the miracle of modern science, it's now possible to sit even if you're at maximum fatigue. You might not be able to stand again after.


I have taken feedback in this thread and amended features where I think is necessary with that feedback taken into consideration. Thank you to everyone contributing.
Haven't tested yet, haven't had the chance, but does the fatigue sitting allow for mounting a Wheelchair as well?
No. We've decided we will not be doing that, as it was not the intended design goal for wheelchairs.
Okay! Just curious was all. Thanks for the clarification.
Johnny had previously mentioned that if they were to make weapons sever limbs they would have a solution for all weapon types to do some kind of similar effect such as blunt damage breaking limbs, or guns being able to sever or some other similar mechanic.

The recent update note makes it seem like sever might only have one implementation right now for a single weapon type, and I think it'd be better to hold off until all weapon types have a similar chance to apply like-effects if that is actually the case.

Excellent updates as always though!

Umbrellas can now be put on coat racks.

Sometimes it's the little things that can make such a big difference. Thank you!

This poncho change is wonderfully meta-defeating and makes me smile.
Poncho changes yes! Can npcs with hoods please get random shoes and gloves? It would be the last meta destroyer for npcs. Awesome changes!
SparTek not damaging cyberware makes sense, but given how often bokkens are used as actual weapons (despite being a training weapon, which fits into the theme extremely well imho) I'm not sure I'd agree with them not damaging cyberware since they'd still be a considerable blunt force much like a bat.

As annoying as it would be for SparTek weapons to be the only weapons that don't damage cyberware, it does fit well with the whole sparring is going to hurt a little and still leave you vulnerable line of thinking which is why I assume SD has no command.

It also means that anyone hunting people for their cyberware can basically only use a bokken (or SparTek if they have enough time) and I feel like that's going to get exploited really quickly.

I don't know if there currently is any sort of difference between blunt force weapons vs cutting as to how much damage it might do to cyberware, but I feel like a cricket bat is going to do more than a sword is going to do more than knives or bare fists (depending). Which would also create an interesting career path for characters who use those types of lower-chrome-damage fighting styles and (maybe) even convince some to learn to fight with more than just one or two weapon types. Additionally @lethal having an impact on how much you damage cyberware could be another interesting consideration.

In response to the last message: if you can manage to kill a chromed up solo with a bokken, you can probably do the same with a SparTek equivalent. Which is to say, it's really, really unlikely to happen at all. I don't think this would be exploited at all.
Your feedback has been noted.

You are making some assumptions that are not correct for some extreme arguments, goblinfemme. I cannot say what, but I recommend experimenting with the feature some more!


That's a very good point. In my head I was picturing less of chromed up solos and more of the non-combat characters with chrome being killed by mid-tier long blade combat characters with a bokken instead of a machete/sword for the sake of preserving the cyberware while the mid-tier melee/unarmed characters can't do the same thing with an axe handle or their fists.

Also let me clarify: damage from blunt weapons is NOT guaranteed to impact cyberware. You need to succeed very well, and even then, there is still only a chance it will damage the cyberware. Also the hit has to be to an area with cyberware... so this isn't going to happen all the time.

(Edited by Slither at 3:08 pm on 3/28/2021)


Oh! If I'm making assumptions on false premises and that sort of thing has been accounted for already then never mind!

Thanks everyone who made MOO Bug Fix Day a success! We crushed a TON of bugs, some new, some long standing. Hopefully everyone feels really good about it!