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[May '22] Improvements Feedback
Improvements feedback here.

Beep boop
Brilliant spraypaint change. Simple and perfect.
Increased biotech storage space???

I'm hooting. I'm hollering. Thank you so much.:

The chemistry rework is incredibly blessed and one thousand times better than before. Good shit.
Freezer space is much less expensive now which makes used chrome way more viable. Great change.
I am crying tears of joy about this imports change. This used to take 3 puppets and tons of math and it was horrible. Now it is easy.
all hail mirage, coder of best features
Thank you for all the fixes and changes, Mirage. You're really, really fucking making a difference for a lot of us.
Thank you Mirage! Great changes!
I like the loan system but I would love to see debts be able to be transferable between two individuals. Bonus points if it requires WJF or WSB approval.

The idea being that a powerbroker could amass a variety of debts from others to leverage people and there being imminent risk in taking on a loan from anyone as you never know whose pocket your debt will end up in.

This is a little late as the freight system has been out for a while now, but after having finally engaged with it, I definitely want to say that it's one of the coolest systems to be added in a while. It's fun to interact with and I believe it creates a lot of roleplay opportunities for a lot of people, not just those delivering cargo. Thank you, Mirage!
You can no longer sell an item to an NPC that they normally want, but that they are not actively looking for because they already have one.

I honestly had no idea that this was a bug and I assume that this goes for a lot of other players as well.

Hard to know sometimes what is and isn't intended with the level of obfuscation that is in the game.

@Slither brings up a good point here.

One of the things staff came down on me for doing a few years ago, I learned from veteran players.

This thing with NPC items seems similar. I'm guessing that if you ask an NPC if they need something, and then give them something that they weren't asking for, but get paid anyway, it's pretty likely a bug.

I think the new graduated fall speed might be occurring in 'chunks' whether or not a vehicle has power when it's happen.

It seems like the slow initial fall that occurs over a few seconds happens whether or not power is restored instantly, so rather than giving a few seconds to react, it at least appears to make it impossible to stop a fall once it starts.

It's hard to tell exactly what's happening but there does seem to be something going on like that, that changed since the fall speed update.

I don't know how coherent that explanation is, this might be better:

0s: Stall.

0-1s: Stall is recovered.

0-5s: Repeated 'already running' feedback.

5s: Vehicle crashes.

The two stalls I've had since the change I've ended up 1-2 rooms lower than I'd expect, so it seems like the 1-2 room start of the fall might be slow in duration but happens in full regardless of player input during that time.

Can confirm what 0x1mm is saying about aircraft stalls.
You da man for the aircraft stalls fix, Johnny.
Pffft, you kids and your easy mode flight. Back in my day if you stalled, your next two characters auto permed when you walked through the gate.

(Nice fix Johnny!)

Moronic question from a moron here. Furniature installed by an admin will simply be void of the 'Uninstall ' command and not visible when using examine?

Can no longer be done if an admin installed the furniture. This should make it a lot clearer what can / can not be taken.

First of all this is a great QOL update. This will help players understand what their character should be able to uninstall (assuming they pass the skill check) versus what requires staff intervention via @service-request.

Can I get some clarification on this?

The way I read it is that if furniture was installed by an admin, then it cannot be taken / moved. That conflicts with 'ownership' of some common furniture items.

For example, the SHI Media Mirror requires an admin to install them (via @service-request). A character can purchase that furniture at a store, and by doing so is effectively the 'owner' of that furniture. As the owner, they should be able to uninstall it when they move out. (At least, that is how it has worked previously).

Love the spray paint change!

Is there a way to see what inputs the 'press' command will accept? I had assumed it was based on '@colors paint' or one of the other '@colors' options but they didn't seem to line up.

It not, maybe it would be useful to present a list of valid inputs when one enters an invalid option?