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BANK UPDATE: Transfer via SIC alias only
No more transferring funds via meta name

You can now ONLY transfer funds from account to account via a SIC alias. This means:

* no more knowing someone is disguised because you can't transfer funds to them.

* no more transferring funds to people without a SIC

* no more using someones 'name' to transfer funds even if they don't actually use that name and your character doesn't know it.

Sucks for all you folks without SIC, but in a city where not having a SIC is illegal, you criminal bakas without SICs are at a disadvantage.

Transferring SIC chips will not reset your bank account or anything. This is slightly meta, but just deal with it. Assume the SIC is magic and some AI is automagically figuring out all the nitty gritty about who you want to transfer money to.

Things this allows:

* You can now dead drop money to someone while on an alias you do not use.

* People may ICly be able to tell you aren't on your normal alias if they try to transfer money to you and can't because the alias isn't on network (this is IC)

* Someone may steal your alias and someone else may transfer funds to them by accident. Sucks to be you.

Over all this should allow for less meta, and more RP and intrigue. You no longer need to know WHO you are transferring money to.

-- S

Correction: You can now dead drop money to someone while they are on an alias THEY do not use.
Can this tie into the decker paydata mechanics at all to figure out who is extorting poor JoeBaka on a burner alias!?

Great addition, guys. :D

IE: You are on a random alias and someone hires you to do a job and transfers money to your account without you ever revealing your 'real name'.
I love this on so many levels!
Decker paydata will still reveal the name registered to your SIC. So it's possible someone can track it down if they are inclined.
FUCK yes.

I need Reggie here to more effectively let everyone know how ready my body is for this

I love the part about alias jacking to steal chy.
Now THIS is Excellent Administration

I appreciate how succinctly this was laid out. It details exactly how the system Does and Does NOT work.

It is just above and beyond to brainstorm some potential repercussions, and gotchas to look out for. I think that's overly generous.

On the other hand, sharing those devious methods no doubt will cut down on what would have been an inevitable flood of xhelps and other help requests. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of other people's shenanigans.

Well played bank of Withmore. Your transaction system is SprawlBiz Compliant.

Does this support SIC IDs?
This is a dope update, thank you.
It does not support SIC ID. My original idea was to use the SIC id and not the alias since the ID is less likely to change, but after discussing with Johnny we decided the following:

1. SIC ID is kinda like your social security number, you don't really want to be giving it out and there is not _legal_ way to change it.

2. SIC ID is kinda clunky and not everyone even knows how to get their SIC id, while everyone knows their SIC alias.

3. SIC ID is prone to typos if you are not copy and pasting, and some folks using mobile would find it super annoying to type out.

4. SIC ID means there is less opportunity to impersonate someone.

5. SIC ID means there is less opportunity to remain anonymous when you are doing a transaction, as you can't pretend to be John, if someone knows John's SIC ID (which never changes) is 23234234234 and yours is 2311111111.

We could have made it accept BOTH, but this would be difficult. What if someone set their SIC alias to your SIC id? How do we determine which was meant? Is it two different commands? Is there some kind of confirmation? It adds complexity to the code and to the player trying to do stuff.

OH, another thing:

When you transfer money it now asks you to CONFIRM you meant to transfer AMOUNT to ALIAS. Because it was weird to me that there was no confirmation.

omg thank you for the confirm option.