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Updating player @notes
@add-note gets a revamp

I have revamped @add-note to make it more clear what your note is about and to allow you to tag your note. Different players will get different options.

If you are unemployed you will see a JOB-SEARCH option. If you are employed you will see an option for your employer or simply 'JOB' if you are paid by NPC.

These options allow us (and you) to better sift through your notes.

The help @notes help file has been updated to include MUCH more information on notes and you should ALL read it! It also contains a preferred note template that we encourage you to use so that your note is as easy to read as possible!

For those of you that don't know... ALL notes are read by multiple admin. I promise you this. It is part of the sign on ritual for all GMs that we read every note since the last time we signed on. SO please make your notes concise!

I'm open to suggestions on improving this so please offer your feedback here!

-- S

I require feedback!!!
So glad that the maximum limit is greater than ten lines now.
Read through the help file. It all looks good, Haven't had a chance to actually make a note yet but I went through the process and aborted before submitting the note.

It looks good, Only thing I would suggest is maybe when you list the options for what the note is about. Have a short mini description beside it.

1: IC-ACTION - 'Killed by Snakes after picking a fight'

2: IC-GOAL - 'Want to purchase multicoloured dildo from the sex toy shop'

That way, people know a little better which one to choose depending on what their note is about.

That's just my two cents though, other than that. It looks good. Much better than the old system, more so with the added reassurance that the GM's read our notes =D

These are great, I think. I understand all the simplified subjects except Self. What about "Self" isn't covered under IC- Goals or Actions that we would leave notes for. Just curious.
I was literally just thinking about how great hashtags could be for @notes....automatically referencing player names/objects/plots/groups for future reference by GMs.

Dunno if the new revamp does that, Slither. Dare I login and find out?

I've added subjects... thought I posted about that but ist must not have gone through. There are multiple examples for each type.

As for tagging players and such... it does not currently support that on the player side, only on the GM side because it has the potential to reveal IC info. Like, if you #Seven and then he is disguised he'd show up as #A shrouded man, stuff like that.

or if he permed he'd show up as #eight instead of #seven

Man, I gotta say--

When i typed @Player-notes and see a see of wonderfully tagged @notes with excellent titles that immediately tell me what I'm looking at at a glance...

It makes me squee with joy.



Looked at the note system again and yeah. The little descriptions next to each one is a big help in finding what tag to use. Merci Très bien.
I'm very very glad that our discussion came to fruition and how it helps everyone in the game to improve GM-player communication. Makes me want to get in shit just to create more nice @notes.
One thing I'd just like to quickly add, if you're leaving a note about trying to speak to an NPC, it's crucial that you let us know exactly what contact details you've given them.

Putting in - Spoke with NPC, told them I was interested in blah and to give me a call or on SIC - How do I know what the cell number and SIC Alias that you gave were?

If you actually want a response from the GMs it's crucially important to put this information in there.

Feedback on @notes? Suggestions / Additions for note 'tags'?
So far I've added 25 notes with the new categories and it's been very good, however I want to suggest to add a new tag called 'gridmail' or similarly, where you can notify the GMs that you have sent a gridmail to a non PC address, like for example a corporation's HR or a clinic. This should probably fall under IC-ACTION but I feel like IC-ACTION should remain focused entirely on character-character interaction and perhaps this new tag would allow GMs to sort out plots and real RP from simple logistics/gridmails. Just my 2 cents, let me know what you think :)
I love the new note system. As someone who has terrible levels of anxiety, previously I didn't like to leave notes because I was unsure if I was doing it correctly or if it was relevant. The categories now allow me to place my notes correctly, clearly (*for the most part) defined and separated. I think I've added more notes in the last three plus weeks than my entire previous time in the game combined.

*My only suggestion thus far would be to perhaps shore up some of the definitions on categories that might not standout so great to some of us who are either still a bit new (relatively speaking) or dumb at times (personally speaking). I've a category on my character now that is different letters than their job but gets the same example notes. I've absolutely no idea what it could be because of this, so that's just a bit confusing. Not terribly pressing.


Sometimes your job requires certain 'keys' to allow you access to different areas. That's more than likely what it is. Don't worry about it. It's job related!

Everyone Else:

GRIDMAIL is now an option when leaving notes.

Also, if there is more feedback, I welcome it!

-- S

I think it would be nice to be able to edit notes to fix typos or add information that one might have missed when submitting them. I mean, proofreading combats this, but sometimes you forget or miss something that you would like to add to a previous note. Shit would be extremely useful in this muthafucka.

I agree, it would be. However, here is my concern.

You submit a note. I read it. You then edit it. We can't control how much you edit it. Maybe you edit the HELL out of that note. Or, maybe you add a period.

What do we do then? Do we have the MOO show the note to anyone who already read it? Do we not show it?

What happens when one admin read the unedited note and believes one thing to be true, and another admin read the edited version and got a totally different thing from it because of the edits?

It becomes a complicated mess and could make staff lives harder especially if we decided we needed to reshow the note after edits... so, I think for now-- we can't have this.

I was going to post something similar to this in the idea thread today, but instead of being able to edit notes would it be possible to like 'group' notes as we update them? I often leave a note regarding one thing then time passes, i've left several other notes in that time, then something happens in the plotline with the first note and i @note that. It would be nice to be able to group those somehow instead of having all the unrelated notes between them, like maybe nest them under the original note but they still show up as a new note to admin? Then they could follow the string back easily too. (Though im sure you have a way to do that on your end already.)
Due to the way we store notes, this is not possible codedly at this time. Perhaps in the future when we move to a better note management system.
My main complaint is how I see notes from all past characters. I am sure there are good reasons for this but it would be great if there were some way to limit the shown notes to what the current character created. Hope that makes sense...
Hmm... That's an interesting concept. Is there interest in this from other players? Maybe a time box by default of notes from the past few weeks?
Well I also use notes to make personal reminders about various things (Self and OOC tags) which may be applicable a year from now.

If you implement something like that it might be handy to say "Last week, Last month, Last year, or All" kind of thing.

I could see that kind of feature being useful, yes.
From Fleurtygirl -

"...would it be possible to like 'group' notes as we update them?[..] It would be nice to be able to group those somehow instead of having all the unrelated notes between them, like maybe nest them under the original note but they still show up as a new note to admin?"

I second this. Just reached an RP point where I wanted to hop backwards in my @notes to see what that discussion was about, only to find I was limited to 26 notes. Depending on what the intended function of this system is this could use changing. My solution for the mean time is to leave out a lot of the interactions and stuff I've been @noting.

Grouping would be quite a bit more work, but to solve the problem where 25 available notes isn't useful or enough, you can now

@notes --all
Nota bene: It's not really necessarily ALL, but it's a lot. Should be plenty for anyone.
Its awesome is what it is. The first notes-----priceless.