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Website / MOO Profile Updates
Need feedback!


We are updating the MOO and Website Profile options. The current @profile is super meta and contains super out dated info (like asking for ICQ lol).

We want to bring it into the 21st century.

We also want to remove the meta information from it (like best skills).

We are on the fence about allowing people to post their OOC contact information because isn't that asking people to get meta with information and talk OOCly in ways that could have a negative effect on the game?

What fields would you like to see? What fields would you like to not see? What are your thoughts on like FB, Tumblr, Twitter, etc?

-- S

I think advertising personal social networks will almost undoubtedly lead to meta-gaming tbh
I'd like for a way to be able to find someone's website profile in-MOO, there are some people who have it enabled for website only but there's no way to find them in the website. In my personal opinion remove all the outdated ICQ, AOL, MSN stuff and leave just the e-mail field (and that's stretching it). Facebook, Twitter etc, they would just be there to facilitate metagaming methods.
We'll be removing profile features -entirely- from within the game, actually. We're talking about what information you want to see on the profiles that return to the web.

Here's what they currently show if you let them and if the website @who was linking to them:

Profiles being scrapped from the game is a good thing. I'd agree that while it'd be fun to get to socialize with some of the neat players I've met in the game through ooc channels, there's plenty of opportunity for bad shit to rear it's head and it's best to err on the side of caution.

Really all I can think of that I'd like to see as a feature for website profiles is having an option to show how long long I've been playing the game, and even then it's not something I desperately need or want.

I would like a character portrait section! :)
Would a play times schedule, on a weekly basis, be useful?

I think so.
I can see it being useful for arranging interactions, providing you know what character that player has.
Links to their posts on the Bgbb? I know I like this idea.
non-private bugs submitted? (if I can do this.)
Yeah, having it function as a forum profile as much as a player profile would be super useful. Date joined, total posts, recent post links, etc.
Well now, wouldn't play schedule/time zone also lead to meta-gaming? Waiting to do something until I know player x is asleep?

Note: I am completely ok with it, and actually encourage it because of the nature of the fact that real life should come first some minimal meta-gaming is required, I am just trying to play devils advocate. If you really want to get rid of all meta risk completely your BGBB profile should be it and should have no way to tie back to your character.

Now that profile having links to your posts is fine, I think, but that is just me.

If @profile's scrapped, can we get a command that shows how long you've been playing for, and how long our current character's been going for? It'd also be nice to have it include things like vacations taken and maybe total UE earned.
Since we want to avoid linking to social profiles and chat accounts, should we keep the 'favorites' section and other player centric fields like age, sex, relationship status?

None of this would be required of course.

I like all of those sections.
I do find it disappointing that there's so little faith in the playerbase to not metagame, but at the same time I understand the concern for those that would cheat.

Personally I think @profiles are a good idea to read a brief summary of a character's physical traits, but at the same time I've never really found any situations where I've needed to use it. Basically I just wanted to ask what kind of uses the @profile function actually serves?

Ok, I've updated the help on profiles to remove the old @profile lingo. Please let us know if you find any other old references laying about to @profile.

At some point, we'll bring back what was called 'Character Portraits' as 'Selfies' for profiles and do something with your bgbb icon too, there are big versions created.

Officially, @profile is dead, long live the web profile.

When entering play-times I assume we do so using Withmore time?

I was also thinking that it might be nice to have a "where are you from" section and a "where are you" section. I, for example, am from America but I currently live in Germany.

Also, I'm not sure if it is a bug but I ran into some interesting behavior. I initially only specified a country in my profile then saved the changes. When I came back I noticed it was no longer possible to specify a state or city.

I also just noticed that when I select 'Germany' from the Country drop-down, New South Wales is displayed on the map.
Should we be able to edit our profiles yet? I'm getting an error saying 'No profile is available for that character' when I try with the View/Edit profile link.

And honestly, I'd like more (optional, of course) fields. Occupation, hobbies, favorite pizza topping, favorite vacation spot, whatever. Given how strict Sindome is about contact with other players outside the game, profiles are more or less the only way to ever know anything about the other humans we share our weird little escapist hobby with, and I, at least, am curious about them.

I wish contact information were included in profiles. But that seems directly contrary to Sindome's 'if you Skype someone we're banning you' policy (which I understand, even if I don't like- OOC drama and cliques drive away players and make huge headaches for staff).

Got a fix committed for that 'can't set city / state after saving profile with only country' bug. Will go up later today.

Not sure whats going wrong for you Taoimean. In testing, someone without a profile visiting their profile page is shown a largely empty profile with an edit button. You seem to be getting the public view instead of the owner view. Try logging out of the website and back into it, see if that fixes things for you.

Apologies for the multiple website restarts today as I rolled out more changes to profiles.

We're now caching values a lot more, so things should get a little more responsive.

I've coded up a 'Twenty Questions' feature that you can chose to take part in on your profile. Should be fun I hope.

The 20 questions is fun! It does repeat questions sometimes. And closing a question doesn't give you a new one. But if you save your profile, then hit the button to add another question it will change thing sup.
Figured out a workaround for my issue. The only thing I'm seeing now is that my occupation isn't displaying and I can't seem to figure out how to change the photo from the placeholder.

The twenty questions feature is nifty. Thanks for the tip on how to get it to give you a new one when it repeats, Manywaters.

Love the 20 Questions and favorites section. Lot of fun there.
Nevermind. Photo's a larger version of your BGBB icon and I'm a baka. I think occupation not showing up is a legitimate bug, though?
Occupation field is fixed now.

Also, the website knows who dafuq has a profile you can view or not, so no more links to dead profiles from the @who.

Annnd, your forum post name and icon will link to your profile now too while viewing a thread like this one. No visual indicator, you gotta mouse over the icon or link for the moment.

More fixes to come. (Especially for the more than 20 questions thing.)

With the old @profile function, I could see how many days old my character was. It would be nice if there could be some way to see that again!
Agreed with Ghost. I'd like to see how long I've been playing my current character, just for reference. It was a neat little feature.
The 'Add Question' button will now be disabled when there are 20 questions. Random questions now excludes questions already answered as well. These were annoying, right?

There are still some bugs with the 'Delete Last Question' button. It will work in some cases, but it still isn't generating a new question when you then try to add a question back. Apologies.

You'll also find an approximation of your character's age shown on your characters page. The value is based on when it was updated to the website, so its not accurate. I am working to get the more accurate value exposed from the moo to the website though.

I noticed that this morning! Happy to have it somewhere!
Play times are now shown in a pretty timetable.
When saving your profile, it will now properly remember whether to show your age and how long you've played the game. Previously, everyone was getting set to 'show it' when they unchecked the checkboxes. Apologies!
When I entered my play times nothing appeared in the graph.

Play Times:

Monday 2200-0700

Tuesday 2200-0700

Wednesday 2200-0700

Thursday 2200-0700

Friday 2200-0700

I then tried to split it up thinking it was because of the whole wrap-around bit but then only the second entries appeared.

Monday 2200-2400

Monday 2400-0700

Tuesday 2200-2400

Tuesday 2400-0700

Wednesday 2200-2400

Wednesday 2400-0700

Thursday 2200-0400

Thursday 2400-0700

Friday 2200-2400

Friday 2400-0700

What is the proper way to enter this information. Also, I entered all time using Sindome time, not my local time.