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2024 memes

oh i'm sorry did you think it was over?

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (1994)

Immy (ugly mona wearing a canary logo top)

"I hear there's something going on at ViriiSoma Pharmaceuticals - Elevator Lobby on Gold."

Your first shopping trip at Uncle Sungh's after getting fired from your corporate job:

The dome when you're really just trying to run a crate bro.

A matter of perspective and accent.

Career counseling at Withmore High be like:

Career counseling at Withmore High be like:

WCS sanitation - Corpse Cleanup Division

Public Service Announcement

“Who, me?”

Promoting cooperative competition on pubsic

Cat splicers

Felibot (From the movie Lightyear)

This one was lost to time.

Riding the lev

The Withmore political compass.

0x1mm used cyberbully, but it failed.

what am i doing with my life

Meanwhile at the WJF Range
i already posted this in the old thread but i got reminded of it and its funny so im posting it again

When you want to go to the closet but you're already in the closet.


Why did it post so tiny, lame

The bottom says "Admin reading Progia logs" I can only imagine the horrors

When you ask a new Immy their goals

I don't know who you but...

Over here on the other side of my phone snort laughing most of the time. Then laughing that I'm laughing. Its the ugliest most pathetic thing you've ever seen.

It turns out the Los Angeles Koreatown is the Mix. I was also warned to stay out of the (MacArthur) Park at night, met all sorts of gangers and people hawking things in several languages every other corner.

whenever two or more mixers are at Okey Dokey Karaoke

More or less, mix lyfe.

I woke up in a cold sweat and had to make this.

Of course, the image doesn't work. Reposting.
You know what, just take the imgur link.

Please post a bigger version of that!

We'll hope this works. If it doesn't, I give up.

Fun fact. I made this image way better but then it fucking crashed on me and I lost all my progress so I had to hastily remake it.

This makes me giggle.

Came across the short and immediately thought of Sindome.


I really hope this works. If it doesn't I'm going to point at Logic and then cry or something.

Sindome! The anthem.

Alas. Youtube has betrayed me.

A diagram of what peak, interactive PVP looks like:

“Fucking dips.”

My first meme

The mix bartender experience in a nutshell:

How a HR screens for the best Junior Agent candidate:

When you're trying to be hard as fuck, but you're a rigger:

When NLM drops that new nova show.

We all know a guy like this

Only real OG's remember why Pablo Neruda has anything to do with this game

This one made me think of Sindome and I have no idea why, honestly.

When Punk finally catches up with Cyber.

(***MASSIVE SPOILERS***Context for the meme above: Watch at your own discretion, but I feel the video version paints a better picture. From the show Mr. Robot.)
Edited because your post broke the BGBB.

(Edited by Slither at 11:01 am on 6/7/2024)

(AI assisted meme)

When your doubting your corporate lifestyle but your ace kools manage to get you out of the rut.

I'm totally not secretly bumping the fish memes
When you are trying to coach the new Mixer hire into Corporate life

(The quality is kind of bad and you might need to turn the volume up)

When you are watching an old UMC rerun late at night

Winning Surviving: Badlands Edition by Bangkok Rules

When the Corps are trying to prevent you from saving the world but your mastery over disguise is unparalleled

Mixer art.