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I was just banned by Cerberus for a comment that I made on the BgBB. I will be emailing the [email protected] as well requesting this be countered as I have broken no rules.

Admin Abuse. There's your broken rule.

So will anyone else that has also done this -in the same thread and other threads- be banned as well? Because I did not abuse the admins, I infact was not rude, and pointed out that I was not being rude and trying to be constructive.

Trancer is already permanently banned from Sindome.

E-mail this. Not BGBB.

This is something between you and whomever, not for the group. In my opinion.

Just put the data in an e-mail and not on the boards.

Well I will still be attempting to repeal this ban as I have done everything in my efforts to not be rude. If you took my comment as offensive rather than as a joke like it was intended then I apologize, but this random and sudden banning is wrong.

Trancer has been permanently banned because he dared to point out Johnny has let some moron destroy his MOO from the inside out without a second glance. That's his right, though.

Just for public record and fairness, how long exactly have you been part of the Sindome community, Cerb? It seems a fair question.

Knock it off!

Take this up via e-mail and not over the bgbb boards.

These are the bitch boards, if people want to bitch they can bitch. If you don't like it don't read it. However it is a fair question because if I remember right Cerberus has only been here a couple months longer than I have.

9 months and 27 days

And I want to be really clear here Trancer, you're banned because you decided to get drunk and get very insulting and disruptive to the community over OOC-Chat.

Your inability to take responsibility for your actions and inability to satisfy the requirements that Johnny set for your return is 100% your problem and have nothing to do with me.

If anyone is having a negative effect on the MOO and the community is people like you that can't control their drinking or their rage on the forums.

Please don't make us waste our time banning you from the forums as well. Grow up and move on, please.

As far as Stryder goes, Stryder has consistently been disruptive on both OOC-Chat and the forums in the past. He's had several situations that fall under the Admin Abuse rule and if Johnny decides that his past events shouldn't be taken into account on this matter then the ban for him will only be two weeks in length per our policies.

It gets progressively worse from 2 weeks on for every instance of Admin abuse that is counted against him.

Good luck.

Stryder, participating in singling out a specific admin for negative attention is not a 'little joke'.

I can't believe you're surprised at the negative reaction.

If you want it not to be permanent, I suggest not intensifying the behavior.

And Trancer, if we find out who your new ban-evading character is, we'll ban them too. You weren't banned for expressing your opinions, you were banned for expressing completely inexcusable personal insults. Just as disgusting as the one above. If the game is that distasteful to you, I can't imagine why you keep coming back.

Okay so I'm only banned for two weeks? I thought it was a permanent ban. If I get repealed sooner then that I'll see you folks in game. If not I'll see you in two weeks. As for the disruptive OOC-Chat, when it was brought to my attention that I was so called "disruptive" I have quit using that channel all together to soothe those that found such things disruptive.

Well true, that is the boards, but really, since you have a grief about it, an e-mail would be best.

And it really doesn't matter how long someone has been around if they understand the purpose of a group and seek to help make it better. It's a team. Not one person. And the Admin work together as one. A lot happens among them.

It would be good to gather your thoughts, write it out, what happened, form, time, what was said & replied and then e-mail it. A complete record and report. Leave out the make wrongs and keep it neutral to state your piece.

E-mail it and then look for the reply. And do keep in mind, it is a game. Email and it'll go from there.

Ten years from now SD will only be, quite literally, Cerb playing with himself, the only person he can deem worthy of his attention.

I have think I have an ingrown asshair older than Cerb's admin bit. Johnny will come around eventually.

Linekin, I have no current character, as it goes. I chose to have a life instead. I check in because despite the scuttling that has occurred with Cerb at the helm, SD remains important to me. I'm not actually sure how many players have to flame out before it becomes apparent that he's the problem and they are not, but the tally seems to have grown by one tonight.

Sorry but Trancer, grow up and take some responsibility for your actions. Manners are how you treat other people and you have bad manners.

Stryder, we'll see you around in a couple weeks. Take care.

I was one of the people that agreed with Trancer's permaban. My age in the game is over 10 years, if that matters at all, I can be way more infantile and a lot more of an asshole than new admin can. Game age has no relation to maturity, as you have proven yourself, Trancer.

Can someone fill me in? I feel kinda lost.

I can see why.

I shouldn't have said "above", the reason I did was because the comment I was talking about was made about five or ten minutes before I wrote my statement in this thread, but it was made in another thread:

Scroll down to where MrTrancerToYou singles out an admin for abuse (this player is already banned indefinitely) and stryder follows up with "me too but I'm not swearing so haha". In other words, reinforcing Trancer. Yes, stryder was banned for that.

If anyone has any questions about where the fuck this kind of reaction comes from, read what Cerberus says (above) about this being this player's last chance in a persistent pattern, and @Rule 2.H and the Admin Abuse post from late 2013

It didn't come out of nowhere.

Yeah, I can definitely see why they were banned. Seems like the right move.

It was not "I'm not swearing, haha!" It was "I agree that I do not like Cerberus, however I am not going to be rude about it like you are."

and for my willingness to share the opinion that I do not feel Cerberus is a fit Admin and doing so without being blatantly rude or throwing around insults (but agreeing with an insult) I was banned.

I've seen you share that opinion more than once, but never base it on any fact or otherwise support it. Therefore, it seems like you are personally attacking an admin.

Exactly. Keep calling him 'unfit' and see how long you remain @newted.

I do not think calling someone an unfit admin based on the way they treat quite a few players to be considered admin abuse. If I was throwing names and being incredibly insulting like Trancer has been I could totally understand being banned. However when there are other players that share the same opinion as I leaving the game silently or openly I think the person causing these people to leave should be the one looked at, not the people that are being itched and rubbed raw by the abrasive my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

No one should fear being banned because they have an opinion that they share publicly that an admin is not being the best they could be to the players in the community. If they go over the edge like Trancer, then it makes sense.

Don't leave silently. Make the problem you have clear, instead of attacking the person you believe to be causing it.

I am not attacking anyone, I am laying out the problem clearly. Some people have taken that to be an 'attack' which I do apologize for, but that is not what it is. If it needs to be clarified more than it has been already then I'll do so now.

I believe Cerberus has a very rough and negatively impacting attitude in which he tells several players 'Don't like it? Tough break, quit playing then'. To many people this has been seen as 'I don't care, I'm not wrong, you are. I'm the boss, deal with it.' and it is very abrasive, nerve rattling and hurtful.

If Cerberus was willing to come out and say 'Okay I understand I have been overly heavy handed and abrasive and can understand how my tone and words have been impacting people, and am willing to work with people and mend bridges.' I would be more than happy to acclaim him as a worthy administrator here.

But, you haven't stated he's a 'bad' administrator. You've simply stated that you don't agree with how he approaches those he deals with. As far as plots, GMing and handling puppets, he's done a very good job. His job. That doesn't make him a 'bad' GM. It simply means you don't like/agree with how he communicates. But, we all have various manners of communicating. And. I would add. That many of us, players and administrators, have said that if someone is unhappy with the rules/playing environment/format/theme et cetera ad nasueum to stop ranting how unhappy you are at something that you aren't going to change. Meaning...if you don't like any of those above areas (which most of the rantings have been regarding), then don't play the game. It's not rude. It's simply a point of fact.

stryder, there's a big difference between saying what happened which you think needs attention, compared to just being insulting, which you have admitted to doing.

Insults are uncivil and no volunteer admin should have to put up with it, and that's what 'Don't Be A Dick' is about, stryder.

Learn and live.

I said it to you before and I'll say it again: If you can't manage to come off the way you say you intend to come off, you can't be surprised when people take the way you DO come off seriously. "That's not what I meant" gets extremely tiring to hear after ninety times, when what you actually said speaks for itself.

What he/she said.

I meant Jade.

Everyone has an abrasive side.

People don't want to be told "no." And, Cerberus is only in the lime light because he has to say no to things. People want to be coddled and Cerberus doesn't coddle either.

That said, Cerberus puts fuck-tons of work into this little game. A game based purely on text, without inflection or voice to determine the sentiment behind a word. If you don't like the game, leave. If you don't like a specific admin, [email protected] and say so. Running to the forums to bitch when a consequence is received? That's a classic tactic to incite rioting against the target. In the real world and here, the idea is the same.

So, you're mad that you got a consequence. You feel wronged or whatever, you ran to the forums trying to point out your target and achieve what? The only possible achievement are those showing their support for or against the target. This doesn't resolve shit for you and makes you look immature and makes everyone else head shake.

You rub people the wrong way too, should I be begging for a public apology for your attack on me some few months ago over xgame? I don't think so and you probably don't even think you did something wrong.

Perspective. We're all abrasive. Take walks, drink water, get adequate sleep. That is all.

And now I really support Mythologique. Well said.

If you feel that I publically attacked you on xgame, and asked for an apology. I would do so, I've apologized several times since I've been playing here because if you felt it was a personal attack, I at the time would not have realized it at all, that is correct. But as several admin know (and can be seen on several postings) I do apologize publicly for misunderstandings. I do admit to being wrong, I do admit when I've ruffled peoples feathers with or without meaning to.

Stryder, actually Cerberus HAS mentioned he can come across short and is willing to work to work with players.

And it's as Jade put it, not everyone communicates the same let alone well. We all communicate differently. To communicate something well and clearly is a skill. Frankly, he's short and to the point but fair and this is not a thread to go into all that so here's what you do instead of making generalities.

Do as you mentioned in the first post and e-mail what happened. Keep it neutral.

But here's my 2 cents, it takes a lot to even be considered to be banned. There is a lot of patience the GM's have. You don't like one? So what? It's a game. Like any tabletop game or mmorpg, you don't like it, go find another game group. It's not rude for a player to say that or a GM to say that.

It's a game. The GM's do a hell of a job. For FREE. So, e-mail instead of griping without specifics on the board. Put your specifics in an e-mail. Otherwise, it's just plain rude. It would be rude to make generalities about you and it's rude to make generalities about other people.

I shared this on OOC and was asked to do the same on the boards, so here we are.

Truthfully speaking, I couldn't disagree more with some of the negative opinions I've heard have been raised.

The first was something about the game being pay to win. I can personally assure you that this is anything but the case. Two donations have been taken from me in the whole of my time on the game, and despite offering more (even at no want for in-game gratitude), those contributions have been politely declined. They are vigilant towards the notion of people paying to win.

The second matter is that of Cerberus. Yes, he can be abrasive, and he can give you a solid kick in the ass. There were times in the past when I felt that he was overly rough. However, he stated that he realized people were taking him a certain way and that he'd try to be more mindful of that. I believe that to be the truth.

Most of you who hang out on OOC know me as Sybele. If you do, you'd know that I'm almost never *not* on the game, thanks to my physical condition. This leads to a lot of admin interaction, and in my case, I have a past which was not considerate toward them and their efforts. I'd like to hope that they now see me as a changed and better person, but whatever the case, this leads back to Cerberus.

I've long wanted to be a GM, particularly due to an interest in animating as well as a lot of building work I'd done for the game and enjoyed. Never really thought I'd get the chance, but lo and behold, Cerberus acknowledged both my availability and desire and gave me a chance. He came to me with some concerns during that period of consideration (and I was shocked at the time to hear that he was considering me, given that we'd butted heads), and ultimately chose not to bring me on. However, he emphasized that it wasn't an eternal no, and there would be other chances. I was grateful for that, and I think it shows that he upholds his promise.

Truthfully speaking, at one point or another in the past, I've clashed with most members of the staff. I try to do a better job about it these days so that it need not be an issue, but they gave me my chances to speak when there were issues and they always explained their side of it if I was being punished. I've seen temp bans (one particularly long because I missed the game so badly as to be bothersome), but I've never been given the feeling of being told to get out if I didn't like their way of doing things. To the contrary, I've felt as though they've given me chances to better myself, and I hope that I have.