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Upcoming Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, April 4th 2015, 3PM to 6PM

The next Town Hall Meeting will be on Saturday, April 4th 2015, from 3PM to 6PM according to Dome Standard Time.

Please note that on April 4th, Daylight Savings Time will be in effect and Dome Standard time will be -7 hours from GMT instead of the -8 it is right now.

We will post the agenda at a later date. Right now is your chance to post topics you would like to see discussed at the Town Hall. Please help us define the agenda!


Sindome has a lot of mechanical depth, especially surrounding combat. But combat itself is for the most part very simple. Location-based damage exists, but not the ability to aim for a body part in all forms of combat. Location-based wounds exist, but in what appears to be a very incomplete state by my understanding. There are very few, if any, direct penalties to having wounds. But if we look at diseases and addictions it's a much more complete and well rounded system.

I'm not a combat-focused player, but I feel that it's so core to cyberpunk and SD that it should definitely be discussed.

Updating the help section?

I realize this is a thankless task. And here it is, but as a newb today I looked through 'help gen-index' and then found 'help full-index'. There are still commands which I just found out about very recently which are useful but do not have entries:



I have to assume there are others?

I would like to discuss player retention in detail.

What common reasons people leave the game for, what reasons they may come back... what are the things that could be done better to keep retention rate up, while keeping in mind theme and our current ability. We can't keep every player, and we shouldn't try to specifically try to keep any single player, but I'm sure there are things that could be done slightly differently that would improve the over all feel and allow us to retain players longer without negatively altering what Sindome is about.

Loving seeing these ideas for things to discuss, please keep them coming!

I assume that this would already be on the agenda, but a big hit of last town hall for me was hearing about all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I think its very beneficial for the player base to hear directly about all the cool things you lot cook up (as much as you can tell us without giving stuff away) and to give the player base an understanding of what goes on and how we can help.

I would like to discuss "the theme" in general, especially where it is used to justify parts of the game that are OOCly unenjoyable, or where it bleeds over into OOC hostility and apathy.
The way you phrased that makes me not want to discuss anything with you.
Also, there's a lot I think needs discussing about how to make sure that people's relationship to the game remains healthy. A lot of the systems in place as well as a lot of the culture surrounding the game encourage and reward players for investing an unhealthy amount of time and energy into the game, as well as shut out people who aren't able to match their investment (I.E. people who can only play a few days a week). Systems that reward excessive / unhealthy play and punish casual play need redesigning.
People that want and can invest more time into something should get more out of it, it's called putting in work, effort and passion into something. This isn't some casual mobile game. Honestly, if you don't like the way sindome is designed or the theme, just stop playing.
Systems that reward excessive / unhealthy play and punish casual play need redesigning.

I don't know what is meant by the idea of "punishing casual play" because it isn't spelled out here. The character has fewer IC connections? Fewer IC opportunities? Is a given hour of the casual player's game time somehow less rewarding than a given hour of game time for a player who's here more frequently? If it is, it isn't because of "a system", it's because of the RP choices the players make. It's true: If you can give more, your character can get more.

Roleplaying isn't "a system". It's the entire game and the entire reason we have a game at all.

[the theme...] bleeds over into OOC hostility and apathy.

Another case of not saying what you mean. Example please? Honestly, unless we're talking about something that happened within the last... like... Eight hours, I would know, and I'm not aware at all of anyone "using the theme to justify OOC hostility and apathy".

It's really not possible to put either of these things onto the Town Hall agenda without the interested party illustrating why they think there's a problem.

Appropriate uses of FTB.
I would like to see a topic of appropriate player/gm interaction and how you guys police yourselves regarding other admin's behavior towards players.
Can we discuss how Cerb is an insufferable ass cancer?
That's pretty much what I was going for without being so blatantly rude.
I was going to elaborate further at the town hall meeting (since positing topics for the town hall meeting is what this topic is for) but I don't think I'll attend anymore. I started to give more detailed feedback in this post, but then went back and deleted it all. It's just not worth the effort.

I've played this game for over a year and had a lot of fun with it, and contributed a fair amount during my stay (see: the map of Green sector, the help file on prog-cloth, a good many clothing items in stores, and several descriptions via the fix-it channel). And I wanted to see this game grow and improve, become a more welcoming and accessible place - and I wanted to try and nudge things towards preventing the kinds of ugly meltdowns the game can induce in people when they get too invested, and there's few healthy outlets for this tension or clearly set avenues of communication.

I'm a game designer - a professional game designer, that's what I put on my taxes and where I get my income - and I've even run RP communities before. Managing and influencing player behavior via design is kind of my thing! I don't mean to imply that I for sure know better than anyone, but I'd at least hope that I could give some helpful input.

But, I'd all but given up hope that there could be change. Trying to bring up these topics for the town hall meeting was about the last of it I could muster, and getting "if you don't like it, then leave" in response to suggesting that there are problems that affect community attitudes (which you can clearly see happening in this very topic) was the last straw. I don't like it, so I'm leaving the game indefinitely. Good luck with managing all this - I don't envy you.

Why give up hope based on one admin's statement?

The whole point is this post is to get your honest input for ideas. If the players feel there is a problem, there is a problem. While there have been agitators, our responses have not always been the best. Humans are fallible afterall.

We've got a new crop of GMs growing and while we're beating the fluffy out of them, they are being great at keeping the player perspective in mind.

I am not deaf or blind. Some of you ARE assholes that don't deserve the attention you're getting, but so are some of us at times. These boards are meant to be the place of contention, discussion, disagreement in the OOC community. Part of the reason the staff can't edit posts is universal accountability. I want them as accountable for the things they say here as you are.

If the community wants to grab their pitchforks and run for the hills, OK, we're not going to stop you. You know were the best RP you've had, you know we constantly work to improve the game and ourselves. I don't accept today as a static situation and neither should any of you.

Constructive Criticism is very important. As is Cooperative Competition. These are themes I have always been pushing. It is just as true for admin as it is players.

Let's keep the feedback and topics constructive. I will be putting together a rough agenda for the meeting over the next week. The basics from last year will be included, including:

1. What is being worked on / has been worked on

2. Progress from last years town hall (things discussed last year that we worked on this past year).

3. State of the MOO

4. Short addresses from each of the Admin 'in office' (Head GM / Ops / Chief Justice / Lore / Quatermaster, etc).

Thanks everyone!


The irony in Linekin's present stance on matters is almost painful.
I'll be giving an update on weapons, armor, gear, economy and all those little voices in my head.
@BattleJenkins GMs don't design the game's mechanics. They deal with players, plots, events, monitor other GMs, enforce rules on GMs, players and all other admin.

There is a need to be short and to the point when time is better allocated somewhere else. So if you want to chat game mechanics and design, chat up Johnny, Slither/Fengshui and me. I'll melt your ear off talking about numbers and spreadsheets.

Can we discuss how Cerb is an insufferable ass cancer?

As much as I have problems with staff I don't see why you have to insult them (or him in this case)

They are just doing their jobs. Don't like it you can always leave you know and not pkay. Priblem solved. Insults are not required to get your point across.

Insults are not required to get your point across.

Unless you're Cerb. I challenge Cerb to go one full month without insulting a player. He may be able to do it, I'm not saying he can't, but he does love to just randomly say some shit at a player while they're right in the middle of public RP completely unprompted and out of the blue. Not even wait until they're idling in their apartment and it wouldn't be a distraction.

inb4 he tries to dismiss it by saying he's never done this to me, when I have numerous players who've echoed the same sentiments to me without prompting. Though I suppose that doesn't mean much since he also claims all of the complaints of the current state of SD come from just four players. Apparently those four players are capable of magical feats, since the game's rank on TMC has declined since Cerb took power.

Xenode, I won't insult children and call you childish but knock it the fuck off.

Your attitude is not okay and is not the way to resolve anything.

Communication is the key to handling problems and my observation is that the GM's (*ALL* of them) give time to explain, warnings and then up the time from temp bans to perm bans.

The fact you are Permanently Banned speaks volumes at your OWN actions and shows me, ESPECIALLY with your current trolling, that your OWN actions and rudeness are the cause of your own ban. NOT the GM's.

You're rude and it is not okay.

You're ill-mannered and it is not okay.

Knock it off. You're trolling on the boards is not welcome by 9/10th's of the community here. PLUS, it lets me know that you have gone against the group in ways I can only imagine, tearing it down continuously here as well as elsewhere, among other things. That is your own actions, not the GM's and not the community's.

Manners are how you treat others and you have bad manners and the community doesn't want your trolling. Knock it the fuck off.

Sorry group, but Xenode needs to grow up and take a step back and breathe.

Oh, and I'm interested in being there. :)

Thank you to those of you who have kept on topic. And thank you to those of you who have seen the meaningless derailing of the topic by certain people and called them out on it. Let's get back ON topic and discuss things that will actual be of benefit to the game at the town hall.

I am opening this up to specific CONSTRUCTIVE topics. If you want to be destructive, please, find not just a different topic to respond to, but a different game. You are, as I have stated many times, not welcome here.

So, I am adding to the agenda, BGBB behavior / code of conduct / expectation, what is and is not appropriate. When we were a smaller community, the BGBB was policed heavily by player moderators and bans were more easy to levy. It seems things have gotten out of control and 'bitch board' has become less of an ironic, self deprecating title and more of a reality. I will want to discuss player moderators, code of conduct and anything relating to it.

The current draft of the Agenda. Please post comments/concerns/ideas/topics. That is ALL. If you want to get an idea of what was discussed last time, check out last years thread.
DRAFT: Introduction / Opening Statement by Slither

Chief Justice - State of the MOO

Statement from Head GM

->What is the current climate of the game?

->What are we working on?

->What do we have to look forward to?

Statement from Quartermaster

->Weapons Balancing

->Armor Balancing

->What’s next?

Statement from Head Builder (if we have one?)

->Space casino?


->New Areas

->Thoughts on future?

Statement from Loremaster (Slither)

->Where does our Lore stand?

->Helping out with Lore pages?

2. Progress from last years town hall (things discussed last year that we worked on this past year).

3. IC Topics

->State of the Mix

->Player comments + concerns

->State of Topside

->Good things with Corps

->Bad things with Corps

->Player comments + concerns

->Open Discussion (form a Queue)

4. OOC Topics

->Admin/Player interactions

->Cooperative Competiion

->Player/Admin Code of Conduct

->BGBB code of conduct

->Player moderators?

->Open Discussion (form a Queue)

5. Code Topics

->New Code

->New Bug fixes

->Critical bugs?


->Big issues?


->Open Discussion (form a queue)

One things which may or may not be appropriate given my level of newbiness:

Bounty hunting - this appears very stale as an archetype/profession given the state of available bounties on the IC terminal. More NPC postings requires more GM time, so not sure if this is an appropriate area for consideration.

In OOC chat some day(s) ago, there were some Interest in the 2014 log came up before in ooc chat so I figured a link to it here and the agenda might help find it for ppl (especially ace newbs) who're curious to see what was gone over last year.


Thread to Log:


Oh, there's an idea. Maybe a place to view it in Gold as well instead of just in Cash and Carrion in Red? Corporate Bounties for example.

oh, Corporate kidnappings?

How about ways to use bounties / Cash and Carrion (bounty place) for the new (and slightly older) players? (Maybe just a mini tutoring thread instead, like the thread on @notes and how to use them which was useful.)

"not sure if this is an appropriate area for consideration."

Things like this can always be discussed on the BGBB here. I'd say the Town Hall agenda should be reserved for higher-point-of-view things which really are worthwhile to talk about in the time available with as many players present as can make it.

I responded to the bounty-board thing, over in a thread which was already open, on the subject. Others could too:

In regards to new player retention rates, is there any hard data? Percentages, how many kept vs. how many lost? Not sure if it's helpful, but in RL, it tends to paint a clearer picture on that topic.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to this meeting.

Player retention is kinda iffy as we don't want to retain "bad" players. I tend to have a darwinistic approach to player retention, where survival of the fittest means a better community comes from it.

We've tried lots of different approaches with players that didn't get the theme, the enforced roleplaying, the non dungeon crawl aspect and several other things that takes us apart from your usual MOO/MUD/MUSH and in the end all of them led to these subjects hitting the wall headfirst over several characters until they 'got it'. No matter who or what approach you did, the ones that stuck were the ones that took their time to understand the MOO.

Basically what I'm saying is that I prefer less "good" players than a lot of players with some "good", some "bad" and some "trolls"/"problem" players.

Could we fix that pic button feature that's been oocly disabled on the node edits? I would also like to know if I can send possible potential gifs that could be added with admin approval of course. If there are prereqs and or limitations, having that would be cool.

And can we alter the kwiki to add additional features to our grid nodes? I have ideas, but I don't think I can make the meeting. Sorry.


There was a log last year for those who didn't make it or wanted to review it, so no doubt there'll be a raw log again this year.


Current draft of Agenda -

How about under IC Topics, where the state of the Mix and Topside are discussed, a little bit on the state of the Badlands?

Would be brief compared to Mix/Topside discussion but a little more on how that's come along? I remember something on air travel becoming a reality out there plus there has been some work done on it this past year. An update? :)


"I'll be giving an update on weapons, armor, gear, economy and all those little voices in my head."

Looking forward to that. Little voices can be creative.


I'm not actually maintaining the agenda. I was trying to steer the content of this thread away from narrowly focused matters directly impacting only a few players and toward thinking of things which are of broad community interest.

But I am sure that there will be an update on the new features and areas which have been enhanced in the game since last year, and the direction of this year's efforts.


It is also something that could be brought up during an appropriate Open Discussion if it is not touched upon during other topics or you still have questions :)

-What can the players do to help retain good players?

-What is the line drawn to where new PC's are being ICly helped without being meta/and without driving them away without meaning to? (Players new to the actual RP mud verse the hack&slash games in reference to fleshing out and retaining good players for the community, and is this something that would show unjust favoritism and why the grey area would be so large.)

-Where does freedom of speech on the bgbb line get drawn?

-How can players contribute more (via gameworld as well as helping staff in general)?

-The appropriate use of macros?



-Correct instances to use 'xhelp' channels to contact GMs opposed to e-mail, BGBB, or @notes/@bug (I myself sometimes forget this)

-Red level economy

-Street gangs vs. organized crime (where do the two separate?)

-Player run plots: How to promote more of them without being made next to impossible by GMs. (Limited knowledge on my end, just my perception of the matter)

-Badlands expansion/relevance: How can we promote more badlands excursions, this is a large area rarely explored or used to its full potential.

Side note: I will likely have to be at work during the meeting, so I will look forward to seeing the logs.

Last chance to get your topics in!

@Swashbuckler, I've included some of yours, but street gangs/organized crime is more of an IC topic. FIOG (Find out in Game)

I've seen some notes on hosted 'classes' regarding different in game things. I would love to see something for macros. I'll admit they intimidate the hell out of me but from other posted comments, they seem pretty beneficial to gameplay. Maybe this can be a topic? Experienced players hosting some classes on topics that might assist others?
Macros are on the agenda, which is also available for viewing here:

There is also a spotify playlist for the meeting here: which you should start playing at 2:45PM DST for full awesomeness.