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Cerberus Stepping Down
Thank you for all the RP and hard work

Hey Everyone -

I'm posting to let folks know that Cerberus has stepped down from the game staff. We appreciate, greatly, all the work he has done over the years and all the roleplay he has brought to our community. Sindome wouldn't be where or what it is without him. Many times over the years, staff members have stepped down from their responsibilities for a variety of reasons (lack of time, loss of interest, game direction conflicts, staff member conflicts, wanting to just play) and while it can be a hit to the game, it is also understandable, as Sindome is just that, a game. During my tenure on the game I've had to step down several times, and Johnny, Glitch, Jinx, and other staff have had to step down or take long breaks. It's part of the life cycle of running something for as long as we've been running Sindome. The door is never completely shut to a former staff member returning.

Many of the plots and builds that Cerb was working on have already been wrapped up and the staff has plans to wrap up remaining plots in a themely and IC manner. The builds he was working on will be completed by the rest of the builder staff under the direction of Glitch, with myself and Johnny supporting.



Thanks for everything.
Many thanks for all the good work.
o7 Thank you Cerberus, for your devotion and work towards the game.
Thanks for all your hard work Cerb, really appreciate your time and devotion to the game!
I'm thankful for all the great RP I've had because of you Cerb, going to miss you. Hope we get to see you on the game again sometime.
Ugh. Thanks!
Didn't really get a chance to interact with Cerberus in anyway as Im still fairly new, but I can sense the tremendous impact that he's had on the community. Thanks for helping make this game the great and immersive environment that it is today, Cerb
*salutes* Thanks for the hard work!

Wonder what will happen without our Bob the Builder. :I

Thank you for your dedication to RP and making the game great! Hope to see you again!
Cerb - enjoyed all the RP that you've brought to the game and all the work you've put in to make the community and IC world all the more enjoyable. Best of luck in whatever you do and hope to see you around again!
big big sad. <3 cerb
I may not know you personally (or ICly for that matter), but I feel the effort you put into making Sindome what it is today. Thank you Cerberus! And best of luck for what comes next
I hope you stick around as a player my guy. Appreciated your help with re-integrating back into Sindome after my long break even if we argued a bit 😊. I think me and you actually can have the most level headed conversations about things. Take care hope to see you around the game.
Thanks for all your hard work, Cerb! I'm sure you have more terrifyingly scary characters to give us :)
Thank you for all the work you've done. we had our disagreements but I enjoy what you've done for the community nonetheless.
I hope you stick around to play, even if you're not volunteering on staff.

If not, I hope you enjoy whatever else you've decided to move on to. c:

Thanks for all your hard work Cerb, good luck!
You were my biggest headache, most deaths and funnest time here in Sindome.

Keep Carolyn. <3

Thank you for everything, Cerb. I hope you’ll stick around as a player.
Thanks! Hope to see you return!
We had clashes and shit but at the end of the day you did your best to make the game an enjoyable experience. Adios.
I may have argued with him constantly, however, his presence was in general a good thing. And it was personality conflicts that made him a problem for me.

Which is a personal problem on my part, and a communication problem on his part.

I think I'll remember most about Cerb is that he had a wicked sense of humor, and also gave me one of my favorite AMV's

Linked here for funnyness sake.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
You will be missed, Cerb. You and I didn't always agree on things but you had a lot of positive impact on my character and I felt like we could be frank with each other.
Didn't think of mentioning this 'til now.

Best quote I ever got from Cerberus, when asking him to finetune my character's height after he already adjusted it some. 'You're killing me, son'. And then still finetuned it for me.

Will be missed. x

Thanks for everything that you did to make the game that it is today.
Hey Folks -

Until very recently we kept Cerberus's account on Slack active because him and I had paid the bill recently (we were splitting the cost, so as to not burden the Sindome Corp with it. I'll just cover the cost out of pocket for now) and Johnny, Glitch and I were pinging him directly with questions about ongoing builds or plots that he had left before completing. That access has now been removed. We continue to appreciate the work Cerb put in, but with everything transitioned and the time he paid for Slack at an end, the access has been removed. If we have questions about things moving forward we'll have to use other (slower) means to communicate. This does mean there could be additional turn around time on anything that he directly had knowledge about, if we need to reach out with questions. So if that situation crops up, we ask that you please be patient, as when someone who has been with the game as long as Cerb was, steps away, a lot of knowledge can go with them.

-- S

You could also self host RocketChat. It's a wonderful open-source slack alternative that is feature-packed and simple to setup and admin, and has web and mobile clients. Beats supporting discord or slack.
I understand and respect his choice to resign when he originally did, but is it wrong to still hope he'll be back one day? :P

How me and cerb interacted captured on video

Slack gives us an infinite searchable history. RocketChat was shit sadly, Discord is a cluster fuck of an interface to work with. Working with Slack leveraged existing integrations. The infinite history is what we're paying for, as we used Slack for free long before we started paying. :)
I'm not sure I follow, RocketChat has infinite searchable history, global and channel?
RocketChat was shit sadly - I found it inferior to work with. Also, its a server you install and maintain yourself - that stops working at the most critical times. A service is a must for this. Did they fix the problem with slow searches on large data sets?