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Character Soundtracks 3
because last post was in 2021.

It's that time chummers.

Here's mine.

New character, new jam.
"Put my motherfuckin' oldies back on, you're killin my vibe."

Been listening to this album on repeat the last month while I play. Greatest rap album of all time, imo.

Sad girl vibes forever.

Pop this on, play some Sindome, get in the 'peaceful' mindset.

We got the moody stuff on lock, good ambient stuff, and someone posted what is 100% one of the best rap albums of all time.

Something to capture the crazy Danse Macabre vibes of the city. One moment you're partying and dancing with the chums, the next moment you're dodging death and playing your ass off to stay alive.


This would seem appropriate for a few people in Sindome:

Yes, you can only get the lyrics if you do enough damage, mix up your combos and moves enough without taking damage aka keep it rolling with Smoking Sexy Style.

The vibes for the Mix:

Walkin' - by Denzel Curry

Papercuts - Vince Staples