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Corporate Adverts
Cover everything everywhere you look

So recently I have been working on freshening up corporate logos for the website, and as a side project, decided to create some advertisements which might be seen in modern day Withmore.

This was just for fun and also because visualizations are really great to have in a text based game! I just got the okay to share the ones I did create! I will probably keep on making them as time goes by but here is what exists so far!


Oh wow...That's cool!

Makes me want to try now.

Whoops that broke.. lets try that again..

Some logo mockups too ..

@typo Trusight ad: "performance" is misspelled as "preformance" -- VS ad: "Augmentation" is misspelled as "Augmentaion" / "performance" is misspelled here as well

-_-' Spelling. I don't do it well.
They look amazing though...
Chex isn't there! I wanna see Chexie.

Gallery.. since I don't have a proof reader and this is probably easier in case other things need corrections down the line. Stuck some other mockups like Ebola cola and such in here too~~

Also yes I -do- want to make something for Chex. It's probably going to end up a long term spitting out logos at random now that the main ones are done, kind of thing.
This is amazing and you are amazing.
I'm ridiculously impressed!

Can you please make these into some wallpaper sizes?

BA as always wildgiller. Thanks for being awesome and thanks for sharing!
Oh. I could probably make some wallpaper I think.. Let me try something..
These are very good.

Work is too busy for me to be making wallpaper.. but I tried!

Yo, these are cool as fuck, love to put an image to the text I read cause I don't have the best imagination when it comes to visualizing things.
Work is too busy for me to be making wallpaper.. but I tried!

If you link me to the .PSDs and I'll make it happen. We could also more easily remix this into other cool content with them too.


Here's some other (less original ones) from across the net

Well that didn't work. I'll load them up another time.
I love these! Very impressive work.

Here's another wallpaper sized thingy..

This is where everything is (typos corrected too)

So cool, so cool...

Can we please get the PSDs with the layer info? Pretty please? With murder and betrayal on top?

All the original assets (PSD's & AI's) are property of Johnny & the SD Group. I'm just sharing the work that has been developed (with his permission.)
I love them all. Can you do a wallpaper sized Flashboost one? So good!

The SK Flashboost Advert Wallpaper sized has been added!

I remembered I have an actual imgur account.. so this will be where things live now!

Also ... not sure it's been mentioned anywhere yet or not.. But..

Global Map has gone live! It's huge AF so if you download it it's easily turned into wallpaper for any desktop size.

This was built with massive input from SD admin who are doing a wicked job trying to get the timeline all streamlined and updated too. I hope everyone finds it helpful for envisioning the dystopian 2100 universe we all enjoy!

Loving these.

If I was handy in PS beyond scribblin', I'd totally join in

Damn good work dude(ess)

I've always imagined ViriiSoma's symbol to be the Genetic double helix, meeting to make the V. By all means your work is perfect, just thought I'd throw the idea your way.

Very awesome!
If you're interested i'd quite like a Viirisoma background for a phone. something similar to the white VS hexagons, just for a phone background, i'd offer you some money if you needed an incentive?