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excited newbie here. just saying hi
sorry if this is the wrong place

heya! i just wanted to say hi to everyone. im really excited to start in sindome. i havent really every done this before but i cant wait to dive into this world.

currently im still reading..and reading.. and checking out the tutorial videos. character is hopefully safe sleeping lol

so yah. hai!

there can only be one johnny
heya to you too.
Welcome :)
the duel of johnnys

Oh, hey, we got another Johnny here.

does it count if johnny is also my real first name and literally all my online accounts have some form of johnny in it ? lol

jk we love you have fun enjoy your stay!

It's just a joke because @Johnny is the Sindome owner. You're alright, man!
ok phew lol :) thanks all!
Aw, this post made my day. Hi!

Hope you like the game! Don't be afraid to ask for help, since there is a bit of a learning curve. Game-Help is your friend -- and so are the PCs! I found when I started, 95% of my questions were answered ICly!

It's a great game and I'm so happy to constantly see new players joining!

Your local sap,


(Yes I signed my reply, shut up)

Hi ♡ Come play murder with us
Welcome to the shit show!
Welcome to Sindome! If you love RP, you'll love it here!
Welcome! If you haven't already, check out 'roles' and '@newbie' and 'help writing-history'.
thanks all. ive done some rp with tabletop games. but not online. i really enjoyed the rp aspects of the tabletop games so im really excited!!
Welcome to the party pal!

Kudos to you for reviewing the videos and help content ahead of time.

"examine" is your friend. "examine me" will keep you busy for a few hours.

"examine (object)" out in the game world will be a huge help any time you want to try to do something.

Don't be afraid to "@xcon game" to join the Game-Help channel. Just make it your last resort for help, not your first. =)

If you have any questions Stiza13 will happily answer them
Wuzzup breh.

Best of luck.

Welcome to the dome, the happiest place on Earth! Enjoy your stay.

OOC wise, we hope you'll enjoying RPing here. Dont be afraid to ask OOCly or even better, ICly should you have any questions.

Good luck, mano!

I'm new, too! Been playing for maybe a week, and have done barely anything, but I log in almost every day. I've walked around and observed things, looked for work (I heard a certain street contained warehouse work, but I can't find it yet), figured out how to use the Grid and get access to maps, and talked to some folks over SIC and did some ICly posing and chatting with NPCs just for fun. It's going to be slow going for me, but I'm enjoying just reading room descriptions so far and getting a mental map of the city.

Getting a bit anxious about finding work, as I know i can't stay in the coffin forever, but also I don't know how long I can stay there. Looking forward to figuring it all out ICly!


Welcome to your new addiction! Nah, but it's close to it. And, the struggle you're feeling? That's just a sign you're playing the game right! There are a lot of helpful people OOC and IC if you look for them. Things are always slowest when you're new, I equate it to being in a new city in Real Life and sort of learning where the important stuff is. Like the Starbucks, best bar and best BBQ! But, seriously, take advantage of the Help Files and the YouTube vids that Slither created. And, you'll soon get drawn into all the fun!

Enjoy the slowness while it lasts. 😉
Enjoy the immyness while it lasts.
Just to second what Jade said. The youtube videos were actually how I discovered Sindome, when I was looking around for games to play. They are a great resource that I still refer to after being here for a year, now. Very very good to look at

Welcome to the party.

Make sure to ask around ICly for help getting started. SIC is a great resource for that and there are characters in the game dedicated to helping immigrants get started.

Examine is my friend, damnit. You can't have it.

Hi. :) Welcome!

Hi, Rogue! Welcome to Sindome!

I'll echo what others have said; in the beginning, it can be a little slow until your character finds where they want to be. And to echo what ynk said, enjoy it, because if its anything like my experience, you'll have more RP thrown at you than what you have time for!

My other suggestion is, in the beginning, go to public places often. Bars are where my character met most of the people who I share plots with. If there's an event, like a concert or a party, go to it! They're fun and great way to meet others.

99% of all your questions can be asked ICly, so don't hesitate. There's characters in the game whose very job is to answer that kind of stuff. I hope you have a good time and as others have said, welcome to your new addiction!

Did someone say Johnnywars? LIVE THIS FALL!