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Got a voice? Sindome Podcast.
Don't have a voice? Help write the script.

We are crafting a podcast, which will be done 'in character' by a radio personality from Withmore. We are going to do episodes of it, sort of like a radio program, or an old time radio show and post them on the website and on podcast directories in the hopes of:

#1: Drawing more attention to the game (some podcasts have huge followings, especially ones that tell stories).

#2: Give new characters a new way to learn about the game. The show is being written in a way that each episode builds the knowledge of the person listening. Eventually this person would be able to start playing the game and understand the world of Sindome.

#3: Get everyone involved!

#4: Give everyone something to listen to (episodes will be like 20 min) when they aren't playing the game but want a quick Cyberpunk fix.


What I need is people who are willing to record commercials, be 'callers' that call in to the program, or be a reporter that does a report. All voices, accents, etc are welcome.

If you don't want to contribute your voice.. you can help write! Contact me: [email protected]

Reply with ideas!

Is there going to be a news section, that tells the weather, maybe new news on the Withmore globe, sports news, something like that? It would make sense, since most radio shows have it.
This has my full support. I'll look what I can do.


Advertise the (lesser) known publications of RED, shops in BP and talk about heaven, crossroads and all the cool places new players should know about.

Having some experts 'argue' about badlands survival might also be cool, cause I've managed to play this game for 3 years without ever setting out to conquer the badlands with any character. Except the one time the city shat me out, but that was without survival gear and knowledge I still don't have.

Integrating the GRID, or at least talking about some additional information one might get there is an idea too, cause that might drive more people to actively use it.

This is an awesome idea. I'd be willing to lend some help on both ends, both doing voices and writing stuff.

I like the idea of using current news stories. But then give historical context. For example, talking about an increase in gang violence, but then going into the history of gangs on Red. The founding of the Snakes, perhaps the other gangs as well. That's one thing there isn't a lot of knowledge on; how did the Sinners and the Arts come to be?

A new story involving TERRA could go into their founding. Talk about park spots, then go into how it turned into a no go zone. Heaven, how the fuck did that come to be? Badlands, talk about the founding of the Crossroads, San Mara, the other factions out there. There's so much to work with on this, whether using already known info and then expanding on it.

I'm game.

* Sounds like we should make an intro tutorial ala Bioshock. Maybe we could embed the sound files into the web client.

* Other solid options are pay data. Imaging having an item that referenced a sound byte.

* Deathball radio and UMC radio.

* Integration with the sic ads and automated sic messaging.

Stuff and stuff...

Sounds cool. Seems like something that could be integrated as a radio.
I've got a partially finished version. I need ads done, right now I just have a Nexus ad. I need ads for the major products like Protek, Du-Wear, E-note, QuickTerm, LiteTerm, SHI, Acme, WW, etc. Who wants to write them? Who wants to record them?

I also need a DeathBall reporter.

I've got weather covered.

Wonderful idea, sounds reminiscent of fallout type radio stations. Maybe we should involve CP music, and give small things away. For instance say "Hey you can get a loan above Kro's" or our station hid a briefcase with 10k in it somewhere in the new rose hotel just now.. type thing..

In any case wonderful idea. I can't wait to hear how it comes out.

I've built a basic interface for listening to the podcasts. A demo can be found here, for as long as it's online:

Currently only the demo of episode one is up. The other episodes are just there to demonstrate the listing.

As most may notice, it's looking pretty naked. That's because I'm hoping that it will eventually be embedded somewhere on the webpage or in the Grid. It requires flash for playback, but has a html5 fallback at the cost seeking related features.

I'd be happy about feedback of any kind; be it about looks, features or bugs.

I think it looks awesome. And it fits with the 'retro' Cyberpunk theme of the Grid.
I think its awesome. This is over SIC? Or what?
I just checked this out! This is so cool!
If you ever need a n00b to do some voice work I could do some.
I do think it would be a sweet new IC item. Transistor radio. Have it work like a Liteterm, but allowing those in-room to connect to the audio.
If you need me to do some voice-work for podcast's, I'm down. I think this is a really sweet idea.

I was wondering if this could become a good outlet for game-show style events. Characters could race in a type of scavenger-hunt maybe, following graffiti clues or riddles.

Also, it could be a way that characters could communicate secretly, say set up a street-race without the authorities finding out about it. they slip the talk-show host some chy so that a meeting time and place is mentioned throughout the day.

It also sounds like an awesome way to set up some big-time radio personalities, like Zlata is on TV right now. Favorite D.J's, Talk-show hosts, etc...

Just a jumble of ideas.

Late to the party, but I would be happy to contribute to this project however I can. I did voice over work professionally before disability, and I still have my recording setup in one room of the house. Give the word. :)
I could maybe help write. I am not good, but learning
I could help. I have an interesting voice (a cross between German, African and British accents) and a good story teller. I have D&Md a lot so if that helps get back to me, thanks.

Happy to contribute my kiwi accent. Can prob do an aussie one well enough too.
As fate would have it, voice acting is an interest of mine. I'm happy to help if you need me.
Voice Acting is one of my many interests, I'd be happy to lend my voice as a reporter or anything else you need
Voice Acting is one of my many interests, I'd be happy to lend my voice as a reporter or anything else you need
I'm a working comedian and voice actor, and I wouldn't mind helping out
Voice actor pros: if someone writes you a script, what other info do you need / helps to have in order for you to flesh out the 'sound' you are going to give the voice?

Thinking long term, if one person halfway around the world is writing something which you and another actor will both voice, in two different places, at two different can we mesh it all together.

I would be SO fucking down.
Heck I might even pay chyen to promote my PC's services
To answer your question, Nips, I at least would only need to know the intention of the script. If it's an advertisement, I'll use my advertising voice, and so on. Also, is there a place we could submit "auditions?"
Lena: It depends. Of course, you want details such as tone for the piece. You also need to know the mannerisms and quirks of the character scripted, unless you're being given free rein to develop them yourself. You'll always add something of yourself to your work, or else you won't get into it sufficiently to make the character feel real. Still, some writers are more strict on that than others.

Pacing can also be an issue. In animation, which is where I did voiceover work, we used a tone system in the headset. It'd be timed so you'd hear three beeps, an imaginary fourth beep, and that's when you speak the line. It ensures that your timing matches up with the lip flaps, but in something like a podcast, pacing is still important in considering desired length and just the general sound of it.

Lastly, equipment is important if you want it to sound really professional. You need a professional quality microphone, very preferably with a pop filter/wind screen to filter out the punctuating breaths in your speech and any other background noise. A nicely isolated room helps, too. I did this out of my home years back and it is an investment on the professional level.

I meant Lena, not Nips. Fuck.
Yeah, wasn't me that asked ;) To answer Lena's question, just like any acting job (or RPing in a place like this, for that matter) the more background and descriptive info the better, but I've worked with everything from a full bio to "this guy sounds old, and has one of those accents, you know those accents?" But the more information, the better, it helps you really dig your teeth into it.
Is this still being done? The link in the beginning is giving an error.
This is still being worked on. Players that want to work on it can hit me up on Skype 'SevenEcks' and we can discuss!

I'm not always on, so add me and make sure you put that you're a Sindomer, and your character name in the initial message so I know who I'm talking too.



I'm also interested as a "voice", I was born and raised in Hungary so I have the accent if needed. (my Sindome name is: Mehex)


This this ever happen? I feel like it would be an awesome thing to have. Welcome to Night Vale could be a good inspiration (not in the tone or theme, but just the writing and the style is pretty cool).
Sorry for the confusion. I meant "Did this ever happen". I think there is no way to edit posts... so yeah. Nice first post from me.
There are several episodes linked from other threads in the BGBB.


The IC podcast has not yet happened. I don't want to do all the voices. I have my parts and some commercials recorded for the first IC podcast though. If you are interested in contributing your voice, I can give you a script and you can record it!

If you want to be part of the OOC podcast / player perspective or the Cyberpunk podcast, you can also contact me.

Best way is Skype @ sevenecks


What ever happened to this? Did it ever happen?
Id totallu submit my voice if you can put up with a dorky english accent and if this is still a thing.

I got so pumped when I saw this.

Then I was immediately crestfallen when I saw the OP post date. :p

If this ever happened, I'd totally volunteer for things like callers and side-characters.

YEARS ago, before I ever created a character on Sindome and was playing another game, I came in as a guest and could have sworn there was an actual ic DJ who was using a streaming music service to make it real in real life.

I may be wrong, but I could have sworn this happened, I'm guessing it died out.

Jago, this was happening in at least two places as recently as when I came back to the game this past December after a 6-7 month break.

Any other info would be IC.

After five years I have resuscitated this project and am moving it forward. I've got a draft of the first episode, which is actually a recreation from wav files of the original first episode, because I needed to move it from Acid Pro (PC) into Audacity (Mac).

Check it out and let me know your feedback. If you're interested in helping out with this, I'll be posting some scripts of stuff I need recorded, like ads and deathball results and possibly other stuff that we come up with.


-- S

I'm definitely interested in helping out with this.
I'd love to help!

I'm constantly told I have a radio host voice, every place I've worked. So I'd be more than willing to lend it. <3

Email me if you're interested in helping out and I'll send over some ads / random things to record. It's the ads + weather + intros + outros + news updates that add the most flavor.
I could give it a go :)
Some coverage of the Globe I think would be neat. Could do past articles since they're general knowledge anyways or in the future offer news on the podcasts.
This has been resurrected and now lives here: Check out the page here:
Audio link looks broken. Can anybody give an update?

If nothing else, I'd like to continue to help organize some of the volunteer actors to do audio format versions of the community's bgbb short story posts. Easy to read & publish that way.

Would be up to staff to let us know the IC/OOC left and right limits for anything generated either for IC dissemination or using IC info (names, grid posts, etc).

I'm warming up to doing some audiobooks for my own series and would be game to take a crack at this. I have most of the gear I need.

Lena, how do we coordinate on this?


Please reach out to [email protected] and ask for permission for us to connect with the community on this one. They have my contact info already for another project, and if they approve of the project they will give you my email. They might have another direction they want to take it.

I practice voices all the time for live tabletop. It's fun and I love language. That said, I'd be MORE than happy to be a voice for this.
I'd love to help with this, too! Would give me an excuse to try my new mic and play with audio.