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Making unfun RP fun.
How do others seem to do this?

I often hear of others enjoying deaths and the RP that comes from it and the other series of dastardly affairs that often come with the game. But, I just can't seem to figure out a way to think that makes it better. It's kinda exhausting sometimes. Especially when it's by a seemingly unstoppable foe. How do others manage to do this? Can I get some ideas?
I just tend to make everything so hilarious that you're not even mad after the fact even if you fail
honestly mostly for me it comes from my attacker's rp. im not one of those shitheads that'll just take off when my attacker pauses to do a bit of rp with me and its honestly pretty good when someone takes the time to do that, even though you know theyre just going to kill you after
Yeah, that can be awesome. But then there's the...

Unstoppable badass who has absolutely come to irreparably fuck your shit up in the next five minutes and you can't do shit about it ever and can't make it funny because it sucks so hard comes in from the south.

type of moments. That's what I mean. Funny is great. I try sometimes, and I suppose that works.

You can fuck badasses up in other ways B)
I think it's easier to roll with if you are: experienced and know what you're getting into consequence-wise with a plot and/or successful enough that a single death won't wipe you out financially.

I'm not saying that it's impossible to have a good time without either/both of the above, but they certainly make it easier.

If you go into a situation knowing full well that you'll likely be caught or killed, you should be prepared for the consequences. Also, typically players who have one or both of the above have played for a long time, and I feel that the longer you play, the better you become at embracing rough spots and squeezing the fun out of them.

One suggestion might be to make an OOC plan to fail disastrously ICly and see if you can find an approach to make it enjoyable, knowing the outcome. Alternatively you can make a few throwaway characters and plan to DOOOOM them. See what fun you get out of it and try to steer in that direction on your next one.

Why did unstoppable badass do that? What was the IC reason? Was it because your character was being an ass, goading, or throwing punches, maybe beating someone they shouldn't have? Was your betrayal totally obvious to anyone watching your every move?

Find out what the root cause was, and next time play an immy scared out of their mind. One who takes some time to form friends and alliances.

Maybe don't even invest in any combat skills. See where that takes you?

Hope you find your way.

I've had a countless amount of throwaways and it's more often I end it than they get doomed. It just stops being fun.

Getting wiped financially is constant, as is getting a wiped future. I'm beginning to actually get confused what to do better. Even when I try *real* hard, as soon as I try to do anything on any level it ends poorly.

I want to get better at dealing with how fucking poor that really is and will end up.

This comes up a lot (specifically from you Seir, that's not me making a dig in the slightest, I just mean I see you in particular mention struggling with it).

I don't know how else to frame it other than -- I'm sure you consume narratives in some form, right? I'm not trying to get OOC or personal but like, you've read books or still do, or go to the movies, right?

I don't know what kind of stuff you like, but like....we are as RP'ers in so many ways, all just actors in a really fucking big and weird stage play that's all improv.

When Johnny Mnemonic is getting fucked up in a scene, Keanu doesn't go off screen between takes and complain to his co-stars that it's really frustrating and depressing that his character gets beat up a lot or the plot his character is involved in in a scene is going badly for him (like the beginning of that movie does). Translated to Sindome, he'd have no idea how the plot is going to play out of course, he doesn't know that it'll have a 'happier' ending coming the bad guys will 'lose' blah blah, but doesn't it seem kinda silly that the actor feels that way viz a viz the character?'

Our 'purpose' here, is to find enjoyment of course, it's a game. But it's not a game the way Overwatch or Fortnite or World of Warcraft are games. You're not supposed to 'have fun' by progressing in any casual normal sense.

The only 'purpose' or enjoyment Sindome has ever purported to TRY and offer is a space to roleplay a cyberpunk-themed narrative.

You're here, if you want to be here, to partake in basically a continual improv acting performance with your character, with other characters. Sometimes that means you're in a scene where you get the girl/guy, beat the bad guys, topple the evil corp, get the 10,000 a night hooker, hug the psychic dolphin. Sometimes you get beat up, killed, lose everything. But those 'scenes', to you the ACTOR, are equal, because to an actor, you're doing the same job in both kinds of scenes. You're here to weave a narrative, for yourself and others.

I'm not saying this isn't the game for you. I'm not saying the fact you just keep getting frustrated and offing your characters should be telling you that it's not the game for you. I'm saying you're clearly not framing correctly what the game is here to offer, and you'll have to find a way to re-frame it for yourself, shift it somehow, or it's never going to feel any different for you and it won't be the game for you.

I know. That's what I was looking for, if there was a simple different way to see it. That makes sense.

And yeah, I do. I stop characters completely. Often. It sucks. I just stop liking them. I stop enjoying the RP I do as them and the RP I get back. So I try again. And it turns out similar. Even when I get one that I do like, which is rare, they perm -very- shortly after, even if not by my hands.

What do you mean throwaways? Are you making characters without intending to keep them? That is probably your problem right there.
To what Jameson is saying, "ending it" for your character is a letdown. So you got everything stolen from your and you're crippled at FSMC. You've finished chapter 1 of your character's story. The book isn't over after one chapter, is it? Of course not. You've made acquaintances, enemies that you can apologize to and work for for good chy, immy friends that you can backstab now that you're working for unstoppable badass, and so on.
A character with an excessively short lifespan that starts too much shit too fast.
I have no insight on your RP, but in my experience the players who feel this the most are the ones who play it safe, build up resources the slow and steady way, and then lose it all on one death and feel like they've wasted months of their time.

If you put yourself out there and take a lot of risks and go for every opportunity, you'll die a lot more, but you'll either end up with the resources to soften the blow, or perm. Either way you'll have a lot of fun.

I'm the opposite. I try to do things quick. Then I lose all of the things and get told to stop fucking doing things. So I perm the character and try again.
Dogg I hate to break out that misattributed and medically incorrect quote but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
1. Lose all the things

2. Get told to stop

3. Perm the character about...

1. Lose all the things

2. Get told to stop

3. Offer your services to earn the things back

4. Get fucking shot and lose your backup things because who the fuck would hire such a pre-established failure.
Yeah you lost me at perming yourself. What's the point? No character has failed hard enough to warrant that. You can recover from pretty much any loss in this game with time and moxie.
pre-established failure doesn't mean nobody will hire you

people actually do, and I am speaking from experience here -- maybe you're just not putting yourself out there as someone who wants to NOT be a failure anymore

Some people take pre-established failures and mold them into semi-successful people for their own reasons.

There are a number of characters that have had that happen 10+ times and are notably infamous.

Don't perm when you've just begun.

This isn't a hack and slash game, it's about political intrigue and plotting. If you can't think in the long term then you're going to end up back here wondering why the world isn't lying down so you can walk all over it.
It's like you're ten feet into the Boston Marathon, notice your shoe has come untied, look down, shrug, and go, "Why bother?", and turn around and go home.

Give your character a chance. I guarantee 9 times out of 10 unless you RP it like you absolutely just want them to perm you off, other characters will give you one too. :)

Alright. Not...really what I meant, but I appreciate it anyway. Thanks for the replies.
You might not be grokking one other thing, and I'm saying this from a place of genuinely wanting you to have a good time here.

Losing is fun when it's a part of a narrative that has a lot going on with it. Characters build up dramatic relationships over time that change based on the decisions they make. People who suffer big losses and are amazed and intrigued by what happened enough to keep going are not just sticking their face into a meat grinder ten seconds out of chargen, they're generally engaging in deeper plotting with rivalries that have enough meaning to be interesting whether this character or that one wins or loses.

Help power-level might also be useful to read over. A new immy isn't anything to anyone. They're basically cockroaches and are rarely able to bring much to the table in the short term.

So...there's not a magic button that makes losing like four hours of work instantly more fun?

Well fuck...

Kidding, but...thanks. And yeah. I get it. Cockroaches and useless. That's probably why I keep perming. Might think that that could change or something. It don't.
It sounds like playing character after character who, despite their collective best efforts, still end up poor and dead is pretty on theme.

In my experience all the failure and misery makes the rare moments of triumph all that much sweeter, that's what keeps me coming back.

Sindome is a place where success is relative, and short term success is often dependent on how well you play the long game. If you're going through characters quickly, you're not building for the long term.

Yeah, sometimes the character concept or personality or the 'feel' just doesn't work. I get it. I've been there myself. But that doesn't seem like what you're describing.

It's easy to be ultra-focused on the short term, the here and now, but that's not always going to be productive. Yep, characters are going to screw up. They're going to get robbed, and beaten, and extorted, and more. Welcome to Withmore. 2 steps forward 1.9 back.

When first starting out, the goal, is to survive, to endure, to get to the point where you have some street cred and other characters look at your character as someone who's survived a bit and not as one of the countless (hundreds? thousands?) of really, really new immies that die in Withmore every day, and that's going to take time. is a very good read and has some ProTips that I think will be helpful.

Whether it's your current character, or the next, make it a character you love and know inside and out. I can't say this often enough, but -be small-. Be nobody, but have big dreams and a massive chip on your shoulder. I'm not sure what kind of archetypes you prefer, but tip 6.x seems like it will serve you well, regardless.

Commit to playing that character for -at least- 3 months, no matter what. That means making sure you don't do anything to cause another character to perm your character and no suiciding.

Lastly, has a few more ProTips that seem like they might be useful.

Hope that helps.

Just want to say, if you give up when you lose, you're robbing your rival of fun RP as well as yourself. Loss happens, please stop perming your characters when it does.
Protip: stop perming your characters.

90% of current successful characters (gauging success as street cred instead of chy, since there's always play to win archetypes) died dozens of times, lost 500K in gear over and over, and they just rolled with the punches.

So do that and roll with the punches.

Also you seem to have the mentality that the end goal of the game is to grind your ass off for new gear, clothes, or guns. It's not. People with better gear will always, 100% of the time, lose it. It's about the journey and not in destination, so with that in mind, make the RP to get the gear the focal point of your experience, and not the gear itself. Once you have it, enjoy it while you can.
I'm no oldbie or anything, so probably take what I say with a small pinch of salt.

I've found my character's back story and personality have a big impact on how I feel OOC about what happens to them. I had one character that took loss hard, they didn't deal with it well, and as a result neither did I.

Playing a character who sees loss as inevitable makes it a lot easier for me as a player to get down with. Not saying I just accept losses and move on, but I can just step back and think "Okay, that happened. How do I deal with it."... And sometimes the result of that thought is just "Nothing to be done", other times "I need to go see Person X about this"... Usually the latter. Even if that does eventually fizzle down to the former, at least I got to go RP with some people about the tragic loss of my chyen/chum/gear/soulmate/progia/etc.

Aside from how I feel about events happening to my char, I've found I feel differently about the people around me and treat them accordingly, and I have also been treated very differently by the characters I interact with.

tl;dr: Try rolling a char with a completely different personality, it might make you play completely differently. Worked for me!