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Neverending Story Forum Game
On and on and on and on and on and on and on...

So, I saw this forum game a while ago where each person contributes two words to the story, and it can get quite hilarious.. Basically, I start it by saying something like "Darth Vader" or "This fucking" and the next person will say something like "smoked weed" or "potato won't" and so on. So... I'll start!

There was...

incontrovertible rigomrale

about cats

who tortured

the fuck

until he

ate plaster

and jerked

a child


Then realized

his casserole

was sentient

and tasty

but couldn't

sleep right

So he

took a

long walk

on the

short pier

to find

the majestic

flying dildo

which was

made of

severely lacking

Bowtie kittens

. Just then

they swam

across the

dark lagoon.

Hidden under

a giant

volcano that

explodes only

was made

dammit.) With candyfloss.

in China where

little people

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