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New Player Training Videos
Check 'em out, give me suggestions for more.

Hey All -

I know we have another topic on newbie difficulties, but I wanted to create this separate topic to discuss specifics of 2-4 minute videos that we can create to help new players with some of the more tricky commands and concepts that the game has to offer.

I've created a series of videos to get us started.

Take a look. I'd love suggestions for the next set of videos. As we progress we can get into more and more difficult topics, but for now, think things a new player needs to know in the first 0-3 hours of playing.


-- S

This has been updated with 7 new videos. Take a look. Still want suggestions!
I've added two more videos to this playlist:

#16: Utilizing Newbies


#17: Running Plots for (other) Players

Feedback? Suggestions for more videos?

-- S

These are great! It's easy to very quickly forget as even a slightly established PC that all the biz that keeps me running around initially came from someone roping my newbie self into stuff.

It might be hard to do in a video, but a stumbling block for a lot of new players is getting the 'find out IC' mentality down. I've seen it complained about in a few reviews and it was occasionally frustrating for me before I figured out how to get into that mindset and actually go about learning some of the game's more esoteric features in an IC way. So something along those lines might be good to discuss.

New Video: Finding Employment

@Vera thanks! good suggestion. I will see about doing one.

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to create these videos. They've really helped me even as an older-ish player to reach out to newbies and reinforce the theme. Thank you, Slither!
Yeah, I don't have a good suggestion for topics in mind, but I should make it vocal that I really enjoy these too! Thanks for making them, Slither!
Per request, I have done a video on 'Find Out In Game'. It covers a variety of topics and definitions for things like IC/OOC/OOCly/ICly/FOIG. It also discusses the reasons behind our FOIG rules, and the ban on sharing IC info OOCly.

Questions? Comments?

-- S

I think the most recent videos are great! they helped me too. Good work and thank you.
Way to go Sli

Excellent job.

What are some other topics you think would be helpful to address for new players or older players?

For new players, things that we have to address a lot are good candidates for videos.

-- S

From the new player perspective. With the help of a lot of rum and pounding my head on the desk, I've managed to get a character connected to the grid. I found I needed that, due to getting courier jobs. The problem is that the destinations aren't even hinted at on the grid, and you can't slap more information out of the guy at Acme.

A video on getting around perhaps? I'm trying to avoid marking the character as a clueless victim by asking on sic every three minutes.

Sooooooooo, unfortunately, finding your way around falls under the 'Find Out In Game' umbrella. You can check out the most recent video I recorded for more info on why we do things this way.

Nothing wrong with asking on the SIC.

You know you can change your SIC alias yeah? Try 'help sic' for more info on doing that. Nothing against the rules in changing off your primary alias and onto a random one, asking your question and then changing back-- seems IC to me!

-- S

Personally, I think these videos are not just beneficial for newbies. In fact, in think there are SEVERAL well established players that could benefit GREATLY from watching them.
Slither, thanks for the tip on the alias. I didn't know it, so generated the first RP I've had in the game, when a comment on SIC led to playing find the newbie around Red. Best time I've had so far.
Hey All -

We've got a new tutorial up on the puppet queue / @request-puppet functionality. I know there were lots of questions so hopefully I've addressed them all!

-- S

Thanks for these videos. They are really great. It makes me really look forward to being in a place to implement some of these player driven plot ideas. Very cool stuff!

At the same time, two questions popped into my mind that I have not been able to work out for myself yet. And though I would love to get guidance in these areas much like you have provided guidance in other areas, I am not sure if it is really desirable to provide such guidance or what form such guidance would take. So, I'll just write down the questions and you can decide if they are worth talking about.

1. As cool as these player-plot ideas all sound they all depend on me having some serious chyen to throw around. How do I get there and how can I engage others until I am there?

2. How can a character best contribute to player plots when they are in a middle-ish position? Like a newly hired corpie who isn't really able to visit a big portion of the dome and is not quite as desperate for the small jobs but not really wealthy enough to be the guy paying newbies to do things for them all the time.

Great questions Cnodell. I've recorded a video and added it to the playlist, that touches on some of the questions and points you raised. I hope this helps!

More questions? More suggestions for videos?
I like the video. I'm a new player, but it opens up some possible lines of action for me to consider. Thank you.
I'm always looking for more ideas for player training and orientation videos. We've covered a lot of the basics. What are some other things that confuse/confused you as a new player, or an intermediate player?
What are some other things that confuse/confused you as a new player

I got the "pending character deletion" email today so I figured I'd log on to the forum and have a look around, and I saw this thread.

Two big issues contributed to my leaving the game back when I did: not having anything to do (due in no small part to my inexperience with the game), and other people stepping on what little RP I actually was involved in. I got really sick a day or two after my last login and by the time I recovered I could not care any less about wasting any more time in the game.

The tutorial concerning finding employment actually was posted here right after I quit, which is funny because that might have helped me out and convinced me to stay a little longer. My character hit the pavement pretty much every time to look for a job, but I couldn't get anywhere other than by doing package runs. Often my character's job-getting "contacts" were not around or busy and didn't seem willing/able to help anyway.

I was annoyed mostly by how often my RP was stepped on, though. There were quite a few times when I'd go out of my way to be with people my character knew, only for something to interrupt the proceedings and I'd find myself left alone because "danger." Or, I'd meet new people in a bar, but someone more interesting than my newbie character would show up and then my character would be left out of whatever was going on. One time my character's bartender friend was abruptly killed while they were talking--the RP hardly lasted five minutes before someone announced over global IC chat that they had decided to kill the bartender because... "reasons." Obviously the attacker wasn't going to RP with a newbie, and the friend warned my character to run away before the attacker arrived anyway. I spent the rest of that evening walking around and trying to find something else to do before giving up and going to bed. My immersion was broken when I realized that my character was such a nobody that that person wasn't going to bother trying to kill me too if they ran into me.

Despite all the frustration I had with RP, my character did have two friends, and we did RP sometimes, but it wasn't ever really RP that advanced my character somehow or got my character situated in the game with a job and things to do. It was mostly chit-chat.

I did try talking to NPCs a few times but that didn't do anything. My practice was to stick with one NPC and say something open-ended to them, wait 15-20 minutes, and repeat. I read somewhere that this was the procedure for communicating with an NPC but it never worked for me.

Maybe I wasn't playing the game right, but to me it felt less like an actual game and more like a job. I spend a lot of time at work in real life already, and I get paid for that.

I would love an example of how successful players (players that drive their characters through fun and eventful stories) utilize the @notes system (and it's little brother @request-puppet). Something like a walk through of a play session. Describing the real time interactions and the kind of notes one would leave as they go. I don't feel like I am using these tools well and would love to hear experienced players go about it.

I would also be interested in getting a better feel for the player/gm communication loop. The timing, and form it takes. I am used to real-time PnP RPG sames with a more or less immediate and constant interplay between the players and the GM and am having a hard time getting used to how things flow in Sindome.

I am also interested in how to best proceed if a lot of your playtime happens to be during times with little GM activity. I am guessing that one might have to interact with NPCs via asynchronous means (like gridmail or something) more often than not?

I know that there are a few posts on the matter but I feel that they are a little too abstract to be really helpful to me. I tend to do best with examples.

Don't mean to revive an old post but I'm very very new to MUDs in general but not to RP in the slightest. I think what was asked above is a perfect example of what future videos should be. If you had the ability to have some friends help out. Or even run multiple browser pages with sindome open, you could very easily show how tricky commands like puppet, notes and pose work by showing both our side as a player and what other players or GMs receive. A lot of the times I'm afraid of doing something because I have no idea if it will look the way I want it to or interact the way I want it to on someone else's screen. I don't think this counts as IC, especially if the examples you use are literally useless and nonsensical.
@Brunsauce You can type @tutorials and go into the pose/emote tutorial and there is a mirror there which you can practice your IC commands like say and pose and emote in.

@Grey0 I like the idea, but as I'm an admin and don't have a typical player experience, I can't record these videos myself. It's like a coder testing their own code, you'll always miss something or make assumptions. I wonder if there are any newer admin out there that have more experience with the player side of the system that would be interested in recording a video. I will inquire.

Keep the suggestions coming!

-- S

I need YOU to help ME by giving me suggestions for new player training videos! Is there something that was particularly difficult to understand as a new player? Is there something you'd wish had been explained differently or better?

No wrong answers here people! Also no promises it'll get made into a video-- sometimes there are things we want people to learn on their own :)

-- S

Thank you for the videos Slither and for all the aid/advice everyone else. As a new player I found the videos very helpful. They really helped ease me into the game mechanically so RP could my focus. Not too intimidating, very informative, and still leaving things to explore. The help files do an excellent job as well.

My suggestion for newbie help, and what I am still struggling with is pose. Even after reading help and the workshop I feel anxious using it. Learning to confidently posing is the only thing I feel I missed in the tutorials. An in depth video would definitely help; however, I feel for myself that a pose room would be very useful. A tutorial room where I can see what my pose looks like to others compared to what I typed. Now I'm not sure if that is possible or how much work that would be, just my thoughts.

Thanks again for all the work you do to help new players. I appreciate the mechanical help and heavy focus on FOIG.

Thanks for the feedback in glad the videos helped!

Have you tried the emote and pose tutorial with @tutorials? It should have a mirror in it you can see your posts in. Let me know if that isn't the case.

Having come back to the game after a very extended lapse, the tutorial videos were a lifeline for me. From the game mechanics to the 'how-to' on roleplay and cyberpunk styles, they are really well formatted and easy to follow/understand.

I don't think I would have felt as comfortable stepping back into the game without them. Or at least as confident that I could without looking ridiculous.

New Player Training Video on Service versus Corporate Jobs (and where that allows you to live with membership pads).


I've created a new video 'Players Over NPCs' which discusses why you should always pick a player (when one is available) to do a job/task/thing over an NPC, and tells you why!

Hey All -

I've recorded a new, new player training video. The oft requested 'pose' tutorial. It uses split screen, with two characters so you can see what things look like. It also talks about the benefits (and pitfalls) of pose along with the reasons it's so much better than emote.

Recording it was tough. We had to shut down an entire Red sector bar to keep from being interrupted, but no PCs were harmed in the making.

Check it out:

Feedback appreciated!

-- S

The whole video is great, but tip about "I is" vs "I am" is particularly helpful. I probably should have guessed it, but I 100% wasn't going to without someone OOCing me about it.
New Player Training Video on Finding Information Out In Character:

Thanks for all the player input / tips on this on Game-Help!

Please suggest more ideas for player training videos!

Thank you for the am / is clarification.

.find himself not surprised at what a baka I is.

Not sure if this is covered by any of the videos (at a glance it seemed like it wasn't) but I think a basic disguise and/or ambient population video would be great.

When I first started pvp I thought I was being super IC about spotting a disguised player by paying attention to @lp and stuff, but later found out that it was extremely meta and felt like an asshat. I later learned that matching a "line for line" for @lp was meta (even with my small amount of supporting evidence). A video explaining how to "clinch" an ID (slipped user-ID, etc.) and also explaining ambient population in tandem would be really cool.

A lot of newer players don't understand ambient population, and it's pretty critical to disguise being a powerful skill, besides general IC consequences for when they think they're 'alone'.

If this is already covered please disregard.

floored, yes.

I think 'Recognising people' in general could be covered as a broader subject to include disguise and ambient population.

CHARACTER ID - Knowing people's "real" name by seeing it on the screen is something I see newbies do quite frequently (they're usually good at understanding why not to once it's explained, but it forces an OOC conversation that probably makes them feel bad).

SIC - It is often easy to match people on SIC to a face on an OOC level, but it shouldn't be IC. I'm probably a little guilty of this, but I try hard to pretend I don't know.

DISGUISE - Same again, I've had people ID me by walking past me in the street, when there's probably at least a few people dressed and built almost identically there in the "ambient population".

It's been quite a long time since I watched all of the videos, and I'm sure there is something about ambient population in there, but perhaps a short video covering a combination of 'Ambient Pop.' and 'IC-OOC Knowledge Partitioning' would be good.

PS: I liked the latest video, hope those newbies are watching these, I found them really helpful!
Here are a few tips on meta that could be incorporated.

___ Note meta info ___

To avoid accidental meta, I make notes of what I specifically know via meta so that I don't use that info.

For example: Meta: Fronk is Fromage on SIC.

This reminds me that my character doesn't know this and should never act on this info.

___ Unconnected Info ___

I also do multiple lines for unconnected info. Suppose I know the name Fronk is Fromage on SIC, and he's a bartender at The Sly. I enter The Sly one day and see the alias Fronk bartending at The Sly I see that he has black hair and five earrings in one ear. I have two lines of data here:

Bartender at Sly: Alias Fronk, black hair five earrings

Bartender at Sly: Name Fronk, Fromage on SIC.

I can't act on this information until I either greet Fronk and get his name, or someone says something specific, like, "Fronk is the five-earringed bartender at the Sly." At that point I can make a reasonable assumption to ask, "Is that Fronk?" to a friend if I see Fronk on the streets.

___ Placing a face to a name ___

Another example is identifying people in photos. You've seen the player alias Uriah Irish in person and they've talked to you but never told you their name. You can't make an assumption about the character's name yet! But then this happens:

You see a photo of The Sly.

Frida, Jack, Jake, and Uriah Irish are sitting at the bar.

> .point at Uriah Irish and .ask, "Who's that?"

You point at Uriah Irish and ask, "Who's that?"

Friend says, "Uriah Irish."

Only now can you place the face to the name.

___ Eavesdropping ___

Here's another one. Suppose you're hidden or disguised in a lev.

Frida enters from the north.

Jack enters from the north.

Jack [to Frida] "Frida!"

Frida shouts, "This is my turf!"

SICPuppy says to Frida, "Obey the law, Dreamer!"

You can connect the name Frida to both the face of the player alias Frida and the SIC alias Dreamer. (The SIC info may be completely inaccurate though! Frida may have jumped SIC aliases before SICPuppy said its "Obey the law, Dreamer.")

___ Your character's memory ___

Some things that are unreasonable for characters of limited Perception to remember.

Suppose you talked once on the phone briefly to a character named Canadio who has a "fast and bouncy Canadian voice."

Three months later, you get a call from Canadio and he still has a "fast and bouncy Canadian voice." But he doesn't identify himself.

Is your unperceptive character really going to remember that it's Canadio, or even have a suspicion it could be Canadio? I'd say it's reasonable that your character may wonder, "That voice sounds very familiar!" But immediately knowing it's Canadio because the voice is in your notes from 3 months ago? That's a stretch. Others may see it differently. I choose to err on the side of caution and not recognize the voice.

Let me know what you think of these topics!

Phantom items!

I think posing/@lp-ing items they don't have is something a few players fall victim to when they start here.

Not a big deal really, and not a *regular* occurance, but just think it's a shame to have to interrupt a really good new player's first RP on the server with ooc explanations of that... They tend to be much better writers than me :'(

Maybe some kind of big, CP-neon warning of "if you don' t have it mechanically, you probably need to find it before you pose with it" somewhere would be good?

I think I'm confused on this one too... I have always taken the stance that if it's in the description of the room, you can use pose/@tp to interact with it. :-P
I'm talking about more personal items. I'm sure you're fine as you are Grey0 ;)

I get the impression a lot of other MUD/Moos don't have coded cigarettes/drugs/etc, so some people are used to just emoting that stuff.

Question from a VERY new player extremely out of his depth, having never played any form of MUD or MOO or MUSH before.

These tutorials are nice and all but they do show a mechanics side of things more than anything else, as far as I can tell. Is there a video that gives me general examples of player-driven stuff I could get involved in myself and how I would do so?

Like, I walked around Red for like two hours total or something, looking for trouble to get into. Spotted things that I could maybe investigate, but have no idea how I would do so, or what avenues could even lead towards something to do. For example, if I find a superficially scarred corpse in an alley or parking lot or something, but one that is not missing any valuables or equipment, how would I call the authorities to look at it? Could I get a doctor to examine its injuries and fine a Cause and Time of Death? Is it possible there to even develop a plot or is it just "a thing" that's a bunch of flavor that has no real impact? Would me doing anything ever lead to something in a situation like that?

So I guess I would definitely like a better look at how plots start, develop, end, branch. What avenues I have as a completely new player with no contacts or flash to use my own character's knowledge and proactive nature to get into trouble and cause some damage to either goodies or baddies, and leave a lasting impact?

This post became a bit of a rant, so I apologize in advance, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Also I just realized how what I wrote up there makes me look like a group/category A player, not the image I wanted to give off, sorry.
Hehe, "authorities" on Red...

Seriously though, Red is pretty lawless, but that doesn't mean nobody cares about that stuff, you'll just have to find them. Best advice is probably to use whatever IC communication methods are available to you to just be like "Hey I'm new, where's good to meet people", that should net some good answers, and probably some random insults just for good measure.

Players will be the people that teach you most of what you will or can learn within the game, so it's networking with people that's going to get you into doing the sort of stuff you're talking about (most of what you mentioned can certainly be done by someone).

Also, check out this recent tutorial, I haven't watched it since when it was first released, but I think it might be relevant to you:

Good luck out there ;)

I really enjoyed the Sindome podcast and in the same light - I'd love to setup "Master Class" tutorials for people who understand the game but are looking for best practices with things such as: SIC Ads, Node Design, Being a Player GM, etc.

SIC-Ads is the one that jumps out at me the most because understanding monotype fonts and what tool (Jave) is best.

Thoughts on any other high-level tutorials?

Accents: how to speak and how to listen

Please share your wisdom with the masses on how to make accents natural and believable sounding :)

I've noticed a pretty big increase in the number of people using heavy accents on their characters over the course of this year, so perhaps now's a good time to drop something about this into the learning files?

Might be able to drop some useful tips for people who get irritated about accents too!? Should they drop a local OOC with advice (I personally don't think that's a good idea)? Perhaps just point people to this tutorial assuming it gets made?

Just irritated at accents full-stop? Not sure how that can be handled.