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Sindome Quality Moments
Because good shit happens too...

Just want to riff on the opposite of Grizz's post and talk about some of the good things...

Training up faction replacements and competitively yet constructively fostering good rivals so you can retire a PC knowing things are in good hand on both sides.

Finding your rival crawling down the street in a barely alive state.

Casually stirring the pot with just a cell phone and SICnal then watching some faction go crazy and murder a bunch of people because they took your bait.

Seeing the newbie you trained because a legend in there own right.

Getting ambushed/outsmarted by your foe in a new and exciting way.

Thinking you're fucking invincible and dying to a gigantic horde of nobodies.
Playing your character more than a month and not immediately dying.
Getting away with crime topside, and all the adrenaline, tension and suspense that leads up to it.

Finally closing a plot after months of planning.

Massive group combat, especially with high UE characters, and a bunch of immies get all that precious chrome/Xo3.

Being one of those immies who got rich on a lucky day.

Turning nothing into an absolute shit show train wreck of a rivalry that encompasses the entire sector and even people out of sector that goes on for months, making that fear of the mix real for people, pulling off well laid plans, foiling your opponents plans, rubbing it in their faces relentlessly, building your empire, handing over the keys, and walking away from it all just to witness the aftermath and power vacuums, side switching that occurs afterwards.

Good times.

Being hunted, stalked and feeling the OOC adrenaline from it even as you're RPing your PC feeling it.

Plotting and causing havoc and finding out that no one even suspects you were involved.

Setting a goal for your PC and achieving it.

Experiencing something new as a player as much as your PC is experiencing it.

Watching titanically powerful and exciting characters trying to destroy each other with the city as a self-immolating backdrop.

Rezzing someone out of the blue when they thought they were for-sure dead; being rezzed out of the blue when you thought you were for-sure dead.

Exploring the lore and finding out secrets <3

Every single tear-jerking moment!
Killing someone and they kevlar 'flee' over SIC because you caught them by surprise.

Someone attacking you while you're on the phone so you fight them with it and win anyways

killing a wild dog with your friend's corpse that the dog had just killed
Getting looped into high-stakes RP from a young character age.

Capitalizing on big moments of chaos in the game to carve out a space for your character.

Finally catching a long term rival, or solving a open case that's been nagging your character.

Actually making good RP partners through adversity.

Winning fights you don't think you can, or don't have any place winning.

Taking a ~2 year break and seeing immies from that time leading factions.
Listening to blow-by-blow accounts of hilarious crap over SIC. A few really have made my day sometimes.
I guess I'm wired differently than many of you because most of my fond memories are about my character taking hard hits:

A fun PC interrogating, beating down and leaving my character on the street to later be found by another PC that helped him out for a price.

My character being discovered dipping by another PC who was scary strong and manhandled my character and forced them into their service via fear.

My character wandering to a relatively out of the way place, seeking shelter from some strange people who then fed him to their pets which resulted in my character's death.

My PC trying to help half a dozen other characters defeat a raging beast on a busy mix street only to die along the way but fortunately be saved by a Doc and a mystery man who demanded payment for having saved my character.

My character running off stupidly to rescue a friend of theirs only to end up sharing their fate and starting a long lasting, though sadly never resolved feud.

Another character pissing someone powerful off then being taken down in record time while chatting with a friend in the bar, his blood splattering everywhere.

A famous NPC solo taking the eye from one of my characters because my character was impossibly laying the hurt on them earlier.

My character failing in a mission to retrieve an object because another team did it so much better and the, "Damn. That was so slick how they did that!" moment.

And on the flip side:

My character killing a long standing rival in an unexpected fight when they really should have been destroyed in that fight.

Another character finally making in in with a faction I had always wanted to be a part of from an OOC angle but had never managed to make happen with other characters because of IC circumstances.

The first time I ever managed to get chrome. It seems small but having the flash to do it and actually understanding the system well enough to get it done was a huge deal for me. And it was cyberware!!!

In the past, it was being there when The Grid was introduced to the game, along with some of the requisite skill investments suddenly having some interesting RP and value, obviously. Rolling the first grid crack attempt ever, and that char's skills being so high it broke the new backend code.

When my own future oldbie demi-god was only a mid-tier trying to grow their rep and they found that a current oldbie demi-god had...left their apartment door open, and suddenly I was thinking of who to call, who to trust -- I -had- to rob them silly, and I needed help carrying it all, but doing so would almost certainly have gotten me permed. The intensity of the 20 minutes that followed...incredible.

More present day, but not super recent (don't want to run aground of anything too ICly detailed), and nodding to what Grey0 said, taking hits can be such amazingly fun RP. When a past character had to endure a particularly public and grating humiliation that would make or break their life (they thought), potentially for nothing or to backfire a hundred times over...roleplaying that anguish and intensity was very rich, and was enjoyable I hope for anyone observing or involved.

SD should always be a rollercoaster...if you're not climbing and falling, something's wrong. Never plateau, never be on even ground.

Meeting badass oldbies is really an amazing rush of excitement.

Also, those moments with immies when I'm the badass oldbie to them.

And most importantly, I want to copy this from the other thread about hopelessness...

There's an overwhelmingly positive theme in SD: always push forward. Through all the death, tragedy, losses, and more, this sticks out the most to me. We're survivors, and we can survive again. Even if your character crashes hard and has to start over from scratch, the world still shouts at you with resounding calls of "Get up, baka!"

Storm yelling at us to read help chastity.

Finding an ace cool, and then realizing that ace cool is maybe betraying you, and then realizing that that ace cool isn't betraying you, it's just complicated, dying a couple times, living life for a few months reconnecting with ace cool, and realizing they a bad ass now.

Dying! I gasped, swore, laughed, and then got the chills. I'm so so sad I didnt save the log. But maybe it's better that way. Sorting through the after of that was really crazy. Thanks asshole ♡ xD But I think thats when I realized I liked this game.
The feeling when both my character and I myself learned and developed to not be so stupid and actually getting some amount of respect.
Good point from a few of you, while I don't technically enjoy getting shot/beaten/robbed/killed...

I certainly have enjoyed the associated threatening/patronising/confusing RP provided by the perpetrators almost every time it's happened! Kudos to you all, keep up the good (bad?) work :)

Admins slipping up with SIC aliases and going 'Please ignore that.'
Seeing that immy you greeted move on to be an important and powerful character. 😊
When you succeed in a hilarious powermove from two blocks away but can see what happened via SIC or moving characters.
Your lowkey utility character gets called up to the big leagues.
This seems like it was a fun thread, too bad it got forgotten about. I got one thing or two in mind.

So many times snitches get caught, but sometimes you're the one that doesn't, and that payout isn't so bittersweet, just sweet. :^)

Learning how to balance your SIC usage is another one that can take a lot of time for a lot of people, but when you find that fine line you can actually get away with shit talk sometimes, and that's also a nice feeling.

Unexpected NPC puppets coming to life and scaring the bejeesus out of you and making the world feel instantly more alive!
Master necromancer extraordinaire.

I only started playing the game four days ago and have had simple interactions so far.

I didn't want to make a thread just to say that the community here is cool and people have been very patient with a brand new player to MUDs/MOOs. I've played one or two in the past but really only looked at them, not diving in any deeper than mere minutes.

I've been roleplaying for years, just not in this type of medium. I mostly do text based roleplay but it's online in computer games. I also solo roleplay with pencil and paper games.

This one though, is exactly the kind of roleplay I was after. I love cyberpunk, the scrabbling for chyen or jobs/connections. The immersion of walking around Red sector trying to learn the place and find what I want to do with myself.

I was expecting to get shanked and bleed out very quickly but even my first interaction was a ganger checking me out and when he learned I was new and since he knew I would have nothing, didn't mug me. Very simple but no less entertaining.

Then another interaction of walking around with a delivery crate like a headless chicken or deer in the headlights, until someone took pity on me and led me to where I was supposed to deliver it. Then following me around all over the place which demonstrated how lost I was until they dragged me to a bar and filled me in on a few things, messaging a greeter to make it official and some of their other friends showed up too.

The big, epic weaving narratives are great but it's the small simple interactions that can make a world or setting feel more lived in and organic.

Here's to hoping I live long enough to see some more cool things!

Oh and that strange creepy character who was almost more rat than man! May or may not have been a GM, wish I knew a bit more so I could have interacted with him more but I was distracted by all the things going on and oooing and aaaahhhing at the city.