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What would you add?
If you could add one thing, what would it be?

Looking into a lot of things considering options in Sindome, I’ve realized that, while there are tons of different choices for players to pursue for their characters, many of these are very limited within themselves. So I’d like to hear everyone’s two cents on this, but if there was one or two things you could add to the game, however big or small, what would they be?

I know personally what my top two would be, and that would be a stronger variety of musical instruments and more choices on how to use makeup.

Lately I’ve noticed how limited the musical career is for players. Other than singing, the only instrument I’ve seen IC is a guitar, although I have heard of pianos. But there is so much more than just those choices, and it’s very limiting to players who want to expand the musical performance aspect that Sindome has.

Additionally, while I love the use of makeup in game, I wish there was more. Sure, we have the basic eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc, but there could be so much more to it, especially in the case of costume and stage makeup. Especially in the case of Halloween, more ways to use makeup would definitely make things more interesting.

These are just my ideas of course, that I would love to see expanded on. What do you guys think should be added, even just small tidbits and such that would help expand choices or the environment of the game?

More disguised NPCs.
The matrix 😁

More moar moer chrome

Different guns.

Republican space rangers

Oh, medshield emergency solo emts
More styles of cyberpunky shades/glasses for style!

More chrome/ripper doc function.

I know, like chrome, they're somewhere on the pipeline, but more drugs.

Disposable weapons/tech.

The matrix

More weapons for martial arts



Tools to modify melee weapons

More apartments

Less restriction on job slots, seeing that many jobs are filled.

Power tools that run on ethicol like chainsaws, etc

Robot PCs

NPC robots that you buy so they'll carry heavy stuff for you, kinda like dogs but more handy.

More disguised NPCs on the streets


Oh yeah trucks and mini vans and shit.

Soo much to want for lol

Crime van, please.
Docwagon or similar service

Psychosquad for the WJF (or could be mercenaries, would be fun flavor)

More truck like or van like vehicles

Whoever said crime can all I can think of is the generic white van with candy
why are people acting like combat emts arent a thing
Why are people acting like you have a piece of chrome that sounds the panic alarm and an AV swoops in and mini guns the entire city block to recover you?


but if people had that i couldnt mdk them
Mdk finds a way, Vera.

It finds a way

The matrix
The color pink as a tailoring option.
I'm sure this has been brought up in other posts.

But tattoo coloring would be ace fuckin cool.

Sparring that only damages stamina

A command to check if there's ambient population or not for certain

Eye chrome that doubles as a progia-11

More applications for shock weapons like the Ingram's electro blast

Camo tents to sleep more safely in the badlands

Quick transfer of bulkloads of items between PCs

If glance people showed you the ambpop messaging on a room I would flip my darn lid with joy.
The color pink as a tailoring option.

Voice chrome that lets you sing people to death.

I can't believe no one has said AV rappelling yet. Guess I'll delete my source code for it.
A native way to compare heights to other characters, even in the vaguest terms.

JoeBaka is quite a bit taller than you.

JillBaka is about your height.

The color pink as an option, 'Brilliant fuchsia' shouldnt be the only option

Tattoo's being colored sounds better than them all being just yellow

A command to check if there's ambient population or not

being able to modify melee weapons being an option all seconded!

Av rappelling. More explosives. Race circuits or something passable like it. More racing crews. More visibility from them. More cars. More areas that double as garages to wrench out of. More car parts. Radio stations. Radio personalities.