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Why Do You Play Sindome?

Out of all the things you could be doing with your time, why play Sindome? What keeps you coming back?

For me it's the sheer scope of the PVP, whether it be straight-up combat or verbal sparring. Losing, winning, I love getting people to react and seeing their character's reactions. It's my amphetamine. Knowing that I'll keep seeing these same people over and over is a big part of that: the social aspect, building stories over time.

What about you?

I like small personal roleplay and watching the story of the characters close to my character unfold and play out.
Murder and such.
Because I RP or play on text based games, a lot. Such as MUCK, MUSH, MOO, etc
I love the shared storytelling aspect, both discovering (or passing down) old stories and watching new ones unfold with unexpected twists and turns.
Roleplay... really. That's it. Not really any other games in this setting with its depth. Even if I haven't explored most things in this game yet.
I'm probably in the minority that thinks combat is one of the weakest parts of Sindome. It's just too UE-centric for me to find it interesting (I don't consider social combat to be combat).

I personally really enjoy the secrets, lore and hidden corners of the game. I like to find out about factions, NPCs and their history, despite doing so not really being encouraged. To a lesser degree, the same thing with PCs, but only a handful stand out and get that feeling of 'I have seen/done some shit' or have really creative personalities/plots.

i like Sindome because it's the only public roleplay medium i have found that has properly enforced consequences and rules for conflict resolution.

yes, that's a fancy way of saying PVP, but i have had to deal with so many kindergarten playground-esque arguments about who'd win what fight or do what skill better in other roleplay mediums, while in Sindome there's very little of that, if any at all, because the PVP is enforced by code.

I love the utter depth of things in this game. Nearly a decade here and I'm still discovering things both with the system, and old bits of lore and stories and places and people. The community, for the most part, is amazing OOC even if IC they are enemies, and it creates an incredibly dynamic world
In the past? I enjoyed it a lot more.

These days? Mostly because there's nothing better or with more active people. It's the right combination of gamey and roleplay-y to keep stuff interesting. Still wish a lot was different, but it's alright.

I will say lately has gotten a lot better as I used to play very non-violent characters, and I've started to enjoy the feeling of being able to make an impact. I avoid most OOC interaction because of the amount of toxicity I've experienced, IC is much better in my opinion. Socially flexing in-character is fun.
I've played a bunch of RPI games for a long time.

Sindome has the best mix of:

- staff I trust to do the right thing (remembering that no one is perfect, and everyone will have off days). This is number one for me, because games rot from the head. All RPI games have had a checkered past with this, including Sindome. But this seems to be the place that is trying the most to have staff accountability and integrity. Staff-player relations seem pretty good and mostly consistent.

- the playerbase seems pretty reasonable and not toxic. Every game will have its bad apples, but overall, I like the people I imagine are behind the screen. (This may be because I never use the OOC chat channel).

- interesting roleplayers

- active development. Sindome's additions in the last year have been amazing.

- a functioning economy so that in-game resources are meaningful (I think this holds up until the late game for characters), which promotes conflict. Other RPIs do not compare favorably here.

- a permadeath system that isn't overly punishing, which promotes conflict and risk-taking, while making IC sense

- a skills system that does not reward brainlessly practicing skills all day to raise them

- probably the most support for IC player content creation, like art and music (both in terms of relevant faction positions, and in terms of the playerbase enthusiastically supporting it). See the point about active development. Radios will contribute to this with some more work, and they're brand new.

Sindome struggles in some areas, and has gotten some big things wrong in the past, from my forum archive reading. But it gets a lot right.

Seconding Geigerbunny and Batko's posts.

Sindome is my first persistent-world RP environment. I've tried others to see how they compare, and they just don't. Things I would expect in any text game are only present in Sindome.

And then there's the amazing staff. I haven't seen staff anywhere else care so much about their playerbase. They're calm and understanding; they're patient when you make incorrect assumptions or remember things incorrectly, and they're open to learning from mistakes they themselves make. I had no idea this was such a foreign concept on other games. (I'm not naming any other games I tried because that's not the point of this thread or this post.)

Sindome has things I perceive to be flaws, mistakes, or frustrating elements. There are systems I desperately wish would get some love. But overwhelmingly, the good outweighs the disappointing. And there's more good being introduced every week!

I hate to make it sound like Sindome is the only option out there, but it's definitely the only video game I've ever liked.

Wow it seems people really have opposite experiences with staff>player interaction. Usually it's because those who disapprove don't dare to voice it. In my experience I've often felt creatively supressed by staff and that if you question anything you're put in a corner and any disagreements are solved with "don't like it, don't play it". I enjoy the game a lot more when I stay IC and with minimal OOC interaction both staff and player wise. Not to make anyone feel bad. A lot of players and staff are great. A lot aren't. This is my honest experience and the only reason I've ever in the past left the game or considered to.
@Veleth Keep it to the complaints forum.
First as a form of escape from real life. Now I like creating and participating in the storylines and having an impact in the world.
I really like how in depth the game is, and there are a lot of great roleplayers here. The game world is very interesting, too.

Honestly, sometimes I just like the human connection, too. With COVID and still being somewhat new to the city I live in, I haven't had much opportunity to make a strong group of friends. It might not be the PVP stuff that the game focuses on a lot, but I like the personal roleplay.

When I was very actively playing it was because I enjoyed the challenge of the PvP. Over time, as I joined staff and played less, it's been about developing the game, growing the culture, smoothing out rough edges, and creating, empowering the community and the staff, and telling interesting stories.
Having a great time meeting everyone! I've always watched some friends play Dnd and whatnot, tought to myself no way i would be interested. One day i saw this on google, read through everything and was intrigued so i decided to give it a shot. Best decision!

Honestly just talking to people, evolving my character and seeing the story that unfolds is just amazing.

I read the scathing reviews and got curious.

No such thing as bad publicity.

Sindome was the first MOO I ever really played. I picked it because I adore sci-fi and cyberpunk genres and this game was the first to have a playerbase to hook me in and make my character a part of the world. Discovering the setting and feeling as though I could have an impact on where the story went was mind blowing to me as a new player and I can still remember how incredibly immersed in the game I was for the first year or so of play.

I've continued to play for lots of reasons, some good, some bad:

+ Sindome has been incredible for me over the covid isolation period. I live alone far from family, and so this filled time and offered some simulation of a social atmosphere.

+ By living vicariously through characters at times I've been able to explore aspects of my identity I perhaps wasn't comfortable with in myself. Go Sindome LGBTQ!

+ There can be elements of sunk cost fallacy keeping me playing when things are a little dull or frustrating. I've gone too long to pull back now!

+ Story, when it kicks in, is amazing. Not only can they be incredibly rich stories, but you've a stake in it too and -boy- can that be a thrill. I still have distinct memories from the game that make me feel intensely be it happy or sad.

I've been playing on and off for seven years, and I've fallen in and out of love with the game during that time but it -always- pulls me back eventually. Nothing beats Sindome.

A note to add as a P.S. The difference between the game when I first arrived seven years ago and the game it is now is phenomonal. The average playerbase has -doubled- and the staff that are on now are amazing. There have been times where yellow xhelp text appearing was genuinely a scary experience. No more.
adrenal glands go brrrrrrrrr
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