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Finding/Generating Conflict RP Naturally
Coaching required.

Hey all,

Thanks for stopping by. Really appreciate any and all help offered and I hope other people find this thread useful if it comes to something.

My situation is this:

I as a player quite enjoy conflict rp when it occurs and would love to experience more of these situations in game. My character however is in a position where it is very rare for them to be at odds with other characters to the point it could be considered a conflict and generates substantial rp. Furthermore I as a player am stuck in a thought trap where I find it quite immersion breaking to then try and engineer situations which would spark a conflict as it requires a conscious intervention on my part rather than the usual thought process of "What would my character do?".

The challenge is to take my character to a point where they will naturally find themselves at odds with other characters from time to time and substantial rp is then generated off the back of that.

What ideas do folks have that might work around the thought trap I seem to have locked myself in? Any and all ideas, advice and suggestions are welcomed. Is anyone else finding themselves in the same situation? Let me know.

Join a faction.
Join the conflict of your allies.
Get petty!
if you think your character is a naturally passive person, i'd suggest doing IC things that would change that

for example, do a lot of drugs. or get a lot of chrome. altering your character's state of mind will give you an excuse to act out, guaranteed

Roycethe59 makes a good point.

PCs in the game are meant to be the oddballs that stand out from the rest of the ambient population. Finding the reason yours does and building off that is a great way to find motivation.

Just have your character decide that people who are drawn to conflict are stupid. Then ridicule them publicly on SIC for their stupidity and poor impulse control.


I have always played Sindome for the exact purpose of starting shit with people. If you can’t create it naturally, Villa has the best input: join a faction.

Every faction, be it a gang, syndicate, corporation, has a rival.

You will be expected and pushed into fucking with your rivals.

Honestly, yeah, be an asshole and make enemies. Don't be afraid to just be an outright dick to people IC and stoke some rivalries. Don't worry much about being well-liked and coming off nice. The low ground will almost always work out better for you.
Try giving people more opportunities to fuck you over. Give out some loans, sell some secrets, look for a roommate..
1. Find someone you don't like on pubSIC.

2. Hire someone to start rumors about said person.

3. Hire someone else to provide fake data on who the rumormonger is.

4. Sit back and enjoy.

It has sort of already been said, but just to echo the group:

Pick a side.

That could mean any number of things, maybe you like Chex and think Skyfox is for snobs, or you think the Sarz are the best gang to hit the Dome since FUCK YOU I SAID THEY'RE THE BEST!

Whatever it is, pick one that fits your character's current progression. When someone from the other side of the fence is mentioned, have an opinion about it, and be ready to back that opinion up no matter the repercussions. If they show up, talk some shit. The rest should follow.

Good luck!

There were some really helpful suggestions in here and I appreciate you all taking a little time out of your day. Sometimes what seems obvious to one person can be a little obscured to someone who has got set in their ways.