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Moosex Guide
Title is clickbait, everything is bait, master the bait.

This is not a guide to prosed Moosex, this is a guide to forming (generally sexual) relationships ICly and some ground rules for how to make those work. It is also written fairly fucking genre neutral because this stuff has been gathered over years of playing these kinds of relationships in various places.

This guide presumes three things,

A: You are doing the MOOsex with other people.

Two: That you do not know how to do this constructively, and with a plot either internally or externally.

Peaches: You may not have had a relationship IRL with which to base shit off of.

So here's my two step method for determining if you are capable of doing this RP constructively to yourself OOCly.

First off, if you yourself are incapable of preventing bleed or at least separating and recognizing bleed, and ascribe intimacy and traits in character to the out of character player. Do not engage in an RP'd relationship. It gets weird for one party, and depressing for the other at the point that feelings get involved OOCly. Basically, if you're not capable of playing the feelings without having the feelings, then you're probably fucked in regards to RPing anything longer term as far as relationships.

This does not mean you, OOCly, can't like the people you are talking too, and MOOsexing with. It just means separate the character from the player and vice versa. Your characters are getting intimate, you are just a scrub behind a keyboard who doesn't know anything about the other scrub behind the keyboard other than assuming that possibly they are also fondling their genitals in their seat while doing this.

Second off, are you capable of communication and acceptance? Because if you are not, then that's another strike for this. People often use online relationships to work through their own issues, kinks, or etc. And not understanding that, and communicating your own desires, should exclude you from doing something like this.

Onto the meat... Here's my three simple tips for making sure this stuff works out in a fun and non-boring for everyone way.

Stay distant ooc, and have a goal IC.

From the start of a relationship decide that you have a goal for your partner in it ICly. Don't expressly communicate that goal, but at least indicate that you are developing your character and there's with plans and ploys. Stay distant OOCly from these plans, because if you are trying to do this OOCly to a person you're a cunt. And also abusive.

Goals are basically flex tape for patching bad RP or sex focused out. Think about what you want to do with their character, and your character and work towards it with RP? Do you want them to be a serial killer? Do you want to reform the Mix Monster? Are you trying to brighten the life of someone? Do you want their character to be dependent on you? Are you manipulating them for a job? Are you infusing peer pressure into the relationship, to generate an addict for your product?

Have a goal. And set it up and work towards it. But be ready for that to fail.

Communicate often.

Setup safe words both OOCly and ICly, be ready to fade to black because they aren't feeling RP today. Be conscious of their schedules work with them to help them Communicate communicate communicate, if you're the type that sleep in the same room as their character, say Night in local ooc as they go to bed or log off oocly. Remember you're a consistent part of this persons ICly life and OOC life, so keep the you and your character separate. Do your best to make both of you comfortable. Because at the end of the day if one of you is uncomfortable with this type RP you are doing it wrong.

Be Dramatic

Don't just MooSEX, integrate the relationship into your character's life, be a dramatic fuck, someone fucks with the girl you're screwing into a serial killer murder pet ICly, make sure that you, if you're more capable in combat are on their side. Visibly to them at the very least. Fuck with the people who fuck with them. Put out the fires they start diplomatically. Integrate yourself in such away that it's an actual relationship or partnership for your character, if it is something like that for a long term.

I think two pages is enough for this for now, I may come in and add a bit more in another post but I don't want to slam you guys with like a full on five page guide here, even if I could probably easily do that on this subject.

Just textfuck if you're going to textfuck and don't think so hard about it.
The wiener goes into the hole.


"be a dramatic fuck"."

why, don't mind if I do.

I know a lot of people are into this, as SD is an adult game. I do want to mention to newer players that this isn't required to be in sexual relationships or encounters. It's totally fine to be, but you don't HAVE to.

Lack of romantic relationships can actually open up more time for crime and being a scumbag in general. (help chastity)

These relationships do however provide good hooks for plots of extortion, etc.

As long as you aren't being rapey and violating consent rules about sexual roleplay you should be good. Have fun!

I mean okay yes it is better to not be a fucking weirdo about SD relationships, and to actually RP outside of MOOsex which is a good point. was the thought train when you wrote this?

What if girls don't like me :(
I was hoping for more clear step by step instructions.
Grizzly got us covered on the step by step instructions.

Seriously, all I've got to add on this is if you can't handle bleedy-feels, don't get into relationships/moosex scenarios. You're all grown adults, you can handle it

What floored said... Should have mentioned that too. That everything here is optional.

Also this was posted after I mentioned toying with the idea with a couple people on XOOC late at night one night.

Because they were expressing problems with bleed and having issues with IC relationships not working out. So this was kinda purpose built to build confidence and correct the errors that I saw in some of the IC relationships that failed or fizzled as I was watching them from a bit of seperation.


Lack of a Goal

Lack of a Purpose

Lack of a Separation/Bleed from OOC and IC.

And it's structured in that regard to slightly pick fun, and makes some attempts at jokes because, talking about this in a bland way sucks.

Beyond that, I'll admit, I did go too far with one of the jokes, and I apologize if it made people awkward.

I think there are valid points, good reminder to make IC relationships themely and character building. Also, it's a great tool for charismatic characters.
I don't know what is more frustrating to me on the topic of this thread:

The fact that there needs to be a guide on how to integrate cringey fap material with your RP, or the fact that people who choose not to partake in said cringey fap material get constantly and publicly ridiculed for it.

Moosex should be a choice. People who can't decouple moosex with actually interesting plots should be called out on it. Babby mama drama is about the worst form of conflict and RP in this game and.

I hope people can get something useful from this discussion and guide.


1. I find that there's a bit of hostility in your tone that may or may not be warranted. Get at me with the root of this feeling. Why are you in an attack posture about this?

2. I have never seen anyone imply that you need to have sex in this game to not get ridiculed... I find the implication that people are peer pressuring others into sex in this game to be... Disgusting and if you see specific examples of it I'd encourage calling out on xhelp.

3. Moosex is a choice, no one has disputed that. However calling it the worst form of conflict in the game, is purely something experiential to you, and not an objective fact at all. In fact any form of conflict in my opinion, has potential to be the worst. And it all depends on execution.

4. I hope some people do get useful things from this too. As it was requested that I work on it by someone in XOOC and they seemed curious about it.

As an aside, I write a lot and not just in Sindome. These kinda essays are normal for me to crank out at least two or three of these a week. And the majority of them are shit, or don't pass muster so I can them. This was also rushed to be done because of the webclient being down, and because I had someone ask me about it on XOOC about 4-5 days ago. When I mentioned that I was idly tooling with a HOW TO MOOSEX CONSTRUCTIVELY guide.

instructions unclear got my dick stuck in the microwave
that happened to me once Ranger.

but it was the thermobake.

this is the moosex police we've detected illegal moosex in this thread cease and desist immediately

Please be civil to each other. If you don't find a topic interesting or useful, just move on. Thank you.
I don't get the responses here. I think there is some good information here that should be common sense but isn't. At least in my experience.
I feel like there is a whole lot of context missing from this thread. As a person who generally avoids 99% of OOC communication while in game, I feel like there's a lot going on here that is driving this discussion and the varied feelings behind it.

However, what I will say, moosex has certain purposes. If it didn't, I fail to understand why Sindome has PC joys. I agree that it should not be the end all, but significant relationships, whether they are using sex as a tool, or if characters are actually engaging in romance (which has its own place within the theme). I think Rhea hit the nail on the head with the post.

I am really struggling with this concept of why anyone would feel they ever have to engage in moosex at all. In my opinion, no player should ever be giving flack to someone who wants to FTB or avoid it entirely. If it suits your character's plot (and for god's sake, please have a plot reason for it), then awesome. But I think if there is honestly judgment being thrown around, I really don't see what business it is of anyone else who is not involved in a specific character plot.

Lastly, bleed over is a thing. When I was younger and before I was married, I did not engage in romantic RP because I had no background and it was awkward af. Having experience with relationships, I feel like I can play it much more realistically -- both when my character is a total moron on what to say/do and when they actually make a smart choice. I think people just need to take a step back and remember they aren't their character. It's okay to get caught up once in a while. Breaks are important and so is separation. This applies to everything in Sindome RP, not just moosex.

Anyway, thanks for the post, Rhea.

Thank you Dove... That was really well thought out, and I was feeling really frustrated at this thread because the response I expected was overplayed by rampant, for lack of a more polite word, trolling.

Your post was very nice to read and thank you for it. Just a little reinforcement that I mighta been on the right track here was a bit nice.

And lastly... My RP when I started RPing this stuff at 16 was likely the most puerile and utterly weird shit I think I've ever written.

People evolve and change over time however, picking up skills and information they didn't have previously. This wasn't so much an attempt to decry or espouse and one view point, but to put my own former mistakes and what I learned from them into words, so that I could help others who may be younger or less experienced than me with issues that may have been similar to mine.

I'm about 70% more chill IRL now, thank you all for contributing even the trolls with a clearer head they are pretty amusing.

1. I find that there's a bit of hostility in your tone that may or may not be warranted. Get at me with the root of this feeling. Why are you in an attack posture about this?

The hostility is not aimed at anyone specific. It's directed towards a culture present in game that perceives that moosex is integral to playing a character. See below.

2. I have never seen anyone imply that you need to have sex in this game to not get ridiculed... I find the implication that people are peer pressuring others into sex in this game to be... Disgusting and if you see specific examples of it I'd encourage calling out on xhelp.

I have personally experienced this in several situations, and I have experienced firsthand others getting this shade thrown at them in multiple situations.

I'll give you a literal example:

Character A: I have power, I have influence, I have flash, etc. You too can have access to these things, if become my mano/mona. (This is 100% FINE- however, I think this would be more interesting if it was decoupled from ERP- but that's my bias speaking.)

Character B: I'm not interested in sleeping with you.

Character A: Why, is it because they have more of the above things, and/or they are a better input/output than I?

Character B: I am not interested in relationships period.

Character A: Well, you must be homosexual then. (Now entering the nope zone.)

>Character A proceeds to go on slander campaigns, take out SICADs, and endlessly talks shit over the fact that Character B won't have sex with them. When in actuality- Character B isn't having sex with anyone. See help chastity.

This is a verbatim example that's been cleaned up that I have experienced personally, and have seen happen to others. When I say relationship drama IMHO tends to be garbage RP? That's one prime example of what I'm talking about. This is a 100% OOC issue, and frankly, I and others should not have to be saying READ HELP CHASTITY on local OOC. It's not our responsibility.

3. Moosex is a choice, no one has disputed that. However calling it the worst form of conflict in the game, is purely something experiential to you, and not an objective fact at all. In fact any form of conflict in my opinion, has potential to be the worst. And it all depends on execution.

There's been discussions recently of OOC and IC cliques. I'm going to tell you flat-out that some of this is related to people grouping up based on who likes to e-fuck one another, and kindred spirits tend to converge naturally. When I say 'tends to be the worst' I mean things like the following common occurrences:

>Shacking up with someone and then auto-trusting them to come and live in your apartment and you buying them clones, loot, etc because you caught a case of the bleeds over their IC situation.

>I mean people who do relationship RP and then that relationship RP taking precedence over other RP that should matter more ICly. (AKA I'd rather be moosexing than going out and causing drama- an everyday issue.)

>People who elevate boo or bae to a higher level than the people who bleed for them in their IC circles.

The list continues.

I'm just going to point out that IC relationships have been incredible for me ooc in realizing some things I didn't understand. RP can be excellent for safely experimenting, almost personal therapy for exposing situations in ways you never realized. In my case I was clueless to why a previous ooc relationship I had fell apart. It was through an IC relationship I had that I came to understand how immature I had approached it and understood my partner's viewpoint.

To totally shitpost: I gotchu fam.


That is the missing context I was referring to. And that list you provided is extremely disheartening. It is something, particularly the cliquing, that I'm not sure how to resolve, if there is resolution at all. I won't address anything that could be IC (such as SIC responses), but I think it is also the nature of many RP-intensive MOO/Mu*s I've played over the years.

Instead of addressing each point, I will agree that no specific RP should be the end all for any character, romantic/sexual or not. These characters live complicated lives, and from my standpoint of working full time and having a family, I can't even get to all the RP I have available at any given point. But I will say that, when played properly, sexual interaction is thematic and has its place in the context of cyberpunk, and can create its own conflict that goes way beyond, "make out with everyone until someone gets mad."

Thanks for this discussion, because it brings to light some things I was not aware of and unfortunately, further solidifies why I don't use XOOC.


I appreciate and love that you're coming at this from an angle like this. And what that person did, while ICly and within the rules may be acceptable, it is still massively scummy. I'm sorry you experienced this. I am on the side of the people who rail against that type of behavior. And often I find that it's people in those positions of power ICly who are abusing said power which makes me a bit sad. It's slightly disgusting.

I've witnessed similar things occurring within the game. And it is not something that should ever be encouraged, and in fact, there's a degree of communication that could help on this part. But I'm struggling to explain where and how that communication could occur without it being meta.

There is an example I'd discuss but it's rather IC to my character right now, and the whole situation irritated me as well. Mostly because it was one of the most Incel-ish things I've ever seen in a game like this.

Anyway, my point here, is no one should face harassment ICly or OOCly for their choices of MOOsex or No MoOsEx. Hostility from either side is unwarranted. MOosEX is great. MOOSEX can also be not great. Same for relationships. It very much depends on the people involved.


That makes two of us. Why we have a global OOC channel at all makes me scratch my head at times. Personally, I don't want to know the player behind the character- and it's not terribly hard to figure out who's who just based on a bit of active listening and some attention to detail.


Thanks for the feedback. And you're 100% right. There's no rules being broken for being a jackass OOCly in this instance. And it is not something that really needs admin time, for that reason. That said- I did want to call to attention that while we do have this idea of a chastity pledge, people are, in turn, being ridiculed for taking it ICly. And that's dumb. There are 1001 reasons a character does not want to have sex with you personally, or with anyone generally. It's something that might make for good RP material. Or it might not be. That's up to the character and player. I'd just ask that people not be jackasses when it comes to throwing shade at people who don't want to moosex. That's all. I find ridiculing CHARACTERS for OOC reasons to be very poor sportsmanship, and we're all here to collaboratively compete with one another.

Yeah I agree, to me if you're going to engage in Moosex, you have an obligation to be respectful oocly of the other players preferences and that includes the word no. And a bit as ICly of those OOC preferences. Otherwise it just gets awkward.

Now if you're rude as fuck, and be like,

FUCK OFF you ugly cunt, I don't wanna fuck you.

And you catch the back swing for it... That's on you for talking shit to a potentially violent psychopath... But on the same token, that relies on the playerbase treating potentially violent psychopathy with anything resembling a realistic touch. Which most times it doesn't. Other times it does. It's weirdly inconsistent about that.

Thank you RheaGhe! I personally would appreciate a guide for this! 😊

As someone whose character has probably has had waaaaaay more consensual sex than I have in the past 10-ish years, it's been tricky writing things my character would no doubt do but I have zero experience with, including things I've had to Google.

I once had an entire IC discussion about a sex act I didn't even believe was real/possible IRL.

My biggest frustration is waiting like 5-10 minutes for someone to post during moosex and then I get my post done in like a minute and then I have to just... do nothing while waiting. It feels rude watching Netflix or doing laundry, but I get impatient staring at nothing.

I also don't get how folks decide when it's over. Is it like a puzzle and I have to figure out the right thing to do? I've been stuck at points where I just have to OOCly ask "okay what do I do next?"

The worst is when I OOCly ask "can we FTB" and the response I get is "but y tho?"

Like is there even a way to say "This scene is totally fine OOCly but I've been navigating blindly and at this point I legit have no idea what is actually happening" without dying of humiliation?

Also, please type faster. Moosex is where pacing goes to die. I once earned my daily 3 UE before a sex scene ended. That was depressing.

I mean, moosex has overall been a positive experience. I feel emotionally happier for having worked up the courage to go through with it. It also spawns some good RP post-coitus. And phone calls (outgoing or receiving) in the middle of sex is so hilarious.

But yes, a guide for this is sorely needed, at least for me.

Okay well. I'm gonna drop the feels. So skip this now if you cant deal. Or if you think I'm a sap. Because I super am.

I think it's just real important to remember your character is not you, even if you feel some of their feelings by proxy - just like reading a book. Sometimes I put books down cuz I need a minute.

I didnt come here to just be me, and I dont think anyone else did either. Even if your character started out as you, they probably got a life of their own along the way. Mine has, and I havent even been here very long. I am absolutely not my character, even if massive ugly chunks of me are there. Just like in a book you might write, right? And when you read a book, sometimes you project a part of yourself into your reading. It's why literary analysis is so dang interesting.

My favorite book is my favorite because it was the first book that made my heart beat faster. Now I'd like Sindome to be my favorite book. Romance is totally a part of that. At least for me? It's how I'm built. I love the swoon. Carla and Liz Linshaw from Market Forces. They pushed Chris's story. Through romance and sex. RP is cool that way - you build the story how you want, even though I know I'm just really getting into it.

Rhea's points may seem common sense for some, but not everyone comes here with roleplay/writing experience or a strong sense of personal identity. I've done a heckin ton of analysis of other peoples writing. This is my first time being brave and writing creatively. And I've learned a lot from you all. ♡ You have a special part of me my regular friends dont, and I give that because we all agree that we're writing a *story* together. But I really really dont wanna marry you. It hurts my writing when I cant trust my fellow writers and that's the whole reason I'm here anyway. If something stagnates the story, we should edit it out or take a new direction.

Smear campaigns based on who is sexing who/ or not is dumb. I can only think of one scenario where it is a good way to antagonize someone but even then it is a soft shove when you are out of moves.

Go get laid irl or something if you got the rejection feels ya nut job.

I read this entire thread and followed all your directions and girls still hate me.
This thread is making me uncomfortable for just so many reasons but here's a piece of advice someone here said once that I think is appropriate:

Go do evil fucked up greedy rude shit until you stop closely identifying with your character.

Protip: If your moosex can't have Lacrimosa playing over it, you're doing it wrong.

This isn't a joke.

I know how you feel, Pinklepop! I've actually stopped reading books at emotional moments just to enjoy crying over it longer and emotionally digest it, really feel what the characters have been going through. It's the best.

And in the same degree, Sindome is quickly becoming one of my favorite literary works of fiction. 💚

You've just never put love into your moosex, Vera. It's okay, I was as blind as you at one time. Someday you too will understand and grasp the concept I like to call MoveSex, moo love sex.
@HolyChrome yesssssss!

It's so weird when moosex happens without IC reasons. Like...why?

So I'm not even going to take a position on this, just going to point out that I used the word "rape" In a joking context, not even kinda vaguely seriously, like some sorata -yer mom- type thing. Was immeadately told that that's not allowed. But ya this whole conversation is cool.
@Vera who's to say I don't do that kinda stuff, and fuck bitches at the same time.


That's just like you're opinion, chummer.


I think that that kinda stuff is great, my favorite moments in the game are the moments where I've made a connection sexual or not, and my hands are shaking OOCly because of the potential consequences of situations that the characters are in together. That degree of tension, whether it's RP or combat, that heart racing bullshit... That's what makes the game for me.


No one said this was a hookup guide, it's not a guide on how to fuck, it's a guide on how to do it without being unthemely.

In otherwords, maybe you're just a cunt, love ya bae.


Most I can say to you, is a long ramble, that can be summed up as.

Confidence is the soul of relationships, just as brevity is the soul of wit.

If you aren't confident in a partner and their willingness to accept you own hangups. Maybe don't approach them.

Chill out, remember that it's just game, and that you aren't the character.

Seriously I sat here and spent about four legit paragraphs saying that before rewriting in in what amounts to one.

Can brevity be the soul of moosex?
Actually, it can...

Moosex can be witty and short, find the right partner and if they enjoy it... Try for like a two line/sentence limit on your poses, keep it short, limit it to like one or two movements.

A lot of the problems with 5 minutes post writing comes from people trying to fill space, or describe long stretches of text.

No examples... But keeping it too one action at once per emote is a good idea... Keeps things moving at a fast pace.

I literally use speech-to-text and it bloops out a post in one lap around the indoor walking track.

I feel rude being like "ooc: post faster pls"

Best advice then...

Stop Moosexing with that person, if you aren't enjoying it, if you have IC reason to stay connected with that person, then... Keep contact, but let them know, you're not getting anything out of it... And that ERP would have to be limited in the future. And if they have a problem with that... See about developing a mutual reason to not be with each other.

Or just start murdering them and taking their stuff.

This thread has gone as far as it can, and nothing can be gained from further contributing to it.

I do not want to have to delete this thread if it keeps on going off the rails, but I will do so if I have to.

Consider this thread to be officially closed. Do not contribute to it further