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Should I commit suicide?
Unsure how to progress


I am new to Sindome and muds. I am struggling to figure out what I should do next.

So far I have created a character with an approved history, purchased clothing, explored some of red sector, accessed the grid and the employment forum, and completed some of the tutorials. Somehow I have no money (maybe pickpocketed?). My character is 20 days old so I no longer can use coffins. I have been squatting an open apartment in red sector. No luck so far on finding a job.

I based my stats on the fixer template because of my experience with Shadowrun on the console. But I feel my skills don't align with any available jobs.

Strength: active

Perception: listless

Endurance: frail

Charisma: ordinary

Intelligence: ordinary

Agility: ordinary

Luck: cursed

Stealth: mediocre Trading: Ordinary

Pistol: poor Disguise: poor

Dodge: poor Systems: poor

What makes the most sense for me is to suicide and start over with skills that are tailored to a job I see on the grid.

Any advice?


this is most definitely not the place to post this kind of information as it's extremely ill advised to post your @stats on the forum, let alone give out so much IC information that you have. i heavilly suggest using xhelp for this, you are not allowed to share this stuff on the forum
Never commit suicide or post your @stats in public.
solbro, you're allowed to commit suicide ic dude, hes not talking about offing himself. i mean come on, theres a suicide BOOTH
Your stats don't really matter at this point. The question is do you like your character? You might feel screwed, but there is always a way, you just need to figure out what you need to do.
My apologies, I didn't know about the do not post stats rule. Varolokkur, are you saying I can get a job without the stats they ask for? Because I'm not seeing a job that is anywhere near the stats I have.
You're not really given enough UE in chargen to be a master at whatever archetype you pick, so you'd only end up with a slight if at all advantage.

If you like the character you've written and the friends you've made IC thus far, just work towards investing your UE in what you want to do down the road. You can also seek advice IC from characters who do the same thing to help you out.

Yep, agree with Varlokkur. You're going to have *so* many more stat points coming in your character's future than you've used already that you could potentially completely switch direction at this point.

If you like the character, then keep the critter. Ask around IC for ways to earn some cash to get yourself a home you can call your own, there's loads of ways to do it. Including jobs and by working with other players... ;)

Someone will come and say it, probably better than I, don't post stats or IC things for your character anywhere other than xhelp to talk to the GMs.

With that said, I am also a new player who's character is not very old at all.

The best advice I can give you is make connections with people. Find them, talk to them, see where and what they do. Ask around for advice in the game. If you are stuck trying to become something, find someone who's good at it and try to ask them for mentoring or assistance.

I have asked in xhelp if my character mechanically was a mess. Don't ask for specific stat/skill advice, but if you ask in general you probably will get a: you're fine, or you're not kind of answer.

I would try to get any kind of job by asking around people in game. Use @request puppet if you need to talk to a NPC about a job. Your first job may have nothing to do with what you want to do, but will let you survive and make connections for when you get a little more into your skills/stats. Hopefully when you mechanically catch up to where you feel you need to be, you have the connections and RP to make it happen.

I am still relatively hopeless at mechanical checks in the game but feel like I'm making progress to what I want to be and more important I'm meeting people and making connections all the time. Stick with it and develop the social while you are struggling with the mechanical.


first, yeah what the other posters have told you about posting stats. But, in answer to the core question. Think of your character as a baby. Your stats right now are going to be low and there isn't going to be much you're good at. You will have plenty of time to strengthen them and mold them to what you want. And, being a new character, you can change 'mid-stream' and have plenty of time and opportunity to hone your skills towards whatever goals you have long term and even change them and try something new if you decide to.

Suicide is an option if you're dissatisfied with your character. But, my personal recommendation is give it some time. Roleplay. Get a feel for the game and then see if you can't mold this character into what you want.

Also, very few 'new characters' get the job they want right away. You, as the Character, have to prove yourself, find someone to mentor you, get a feel for the new city...if that makes sense. But, it will happen - it might just take a bit of time. If you can be patient, I'd try and stick it out a bit longer.

I'm perfectly satisfied with the idea of my character, my history and the work I've put into describing it. I'm just at a loss when it comes to making any money. None of the jobs I see on the employment board need any skills I have. So I thought it would be a good idea to tailor my skills to jobs I see (although I wouldn't have known them without already having a character).

I will give it a shot, try talking to people to see where it leads and ignore the employment board for now.

As silly as this may sound, do what people with your frustrations would do in Real Life. Go to a bar, bitch about how tough it is and how crappy life is since you got into town. Roleplay your frustration out - because it will give all of us a chance to help you In Character where we can't help you here! :)
Makes sense, thanks Jade.
You have the skills In line with certain jobs. Think what job using a pistol would be useful in. Until you get there, run crates, work in the factory, run errands, deliver pizza, give handy’s in the bar bathrooms. The world is your oyster. You didn’t really pick anything horrible to start with. Im not going to lecture you on posting that to begin with but yea.
I am new here as well and have only been playing about two months so far.

If you like your character, I suggest holding onto them. Your stats will change dramatically as you continue to play and gain UE. You can't really re-use your story or personality though. If you start over again, the odds are you will not make the same connections.

My suggestion is to look harder for jobs. There are jobs out there. Ask around.

Hint: Don't get fixated on getting "the" job that you want. Take any job that you can find, get a steady supply of chy going.

Check out this video tutorial about founding employment -

Also @newbie - 7 (Making Money)

There are probably a number of jobs that you can get without having the skills required. More so in the Mix than topside, but certainly reaching out and giving the people hiring a reason why they should is a great start.

Think about a real life analogue. You probably worked a number of jobs to get to where you are, some of which were just placeholders to pay the bills until you got to do what you wanted. That's probably the path you want to think about.

Asking about employment advice, in whatever communication channels you have available to you is a great way too. There are people who might offer advice to immies, they're wonderful to talk with as well. The job is part of it, find something that you feel like your character wants to accomplish and look at everything you do as a stepping stone to that point.

I doubt I'll ever hit my character's goal, but it's a light to aim for none the less.

I really like some of the advice people have given here. Though I wanna add something just to make sure you got it entirely. Going with the fixer sort of build, even though you shouldn't've shared your stats.. you can make plenty of money without ever getting a formal employment. You can even if you had another 'build' or focus. A lot of people depend on new immigrants for things because they're not as 'tainted' and maybe more gullible. You can probably find a lot of tasks to do to make some easy chy, just keep an eye and ear out and listen to SIC. Ask around. Ask on SIC or anywhere really. Even the Grid is an option to ask people where they hang out or introducing yourself IC to the city if that is what your character would do.