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SIC etiquette

So I get that IC is IC but...

Recently a lot of people are making me uncomfortable with their excessive sex talk on SIC.

It's really ridiculous especially after a character known for making absurd sexual comments returned.

May I ask people to tone it down and stop treating it like a hot masturbatory chat room? Maybe go read help chastity or go talk about something slightly more CP.

It's funny to a point but it does tend to grate when it's all extremely graphic horny chat 24/7.
There's the command ci chat, mate, if ye don't like such talks. It works for me.
I'm not going to opt out of one of the game's biggest mechanics just because a group of players can't run one off to let down the steam before they login.
Many characters are by dint of their profession not really able to ignore SIC.

It comes down to 3-4 players who seem to make it the sole focus of their RP, often in what appears to be a blatant attempt to get a rise out of people. Again, funny to a point, but come on.

There's a code of conduct when it comes to sexual content in the game.

Getting triggered over lewds is odd in a setting where room descs have women getting kidnapped for god knows what, where literally murdering children is commonplace, and seeing someone you don't like and just chopping their head off is perfectly normal is really odd.

If it's really an IC problem, then by all means, take initiative and start some IC drama over it. Hire killers to silence people. Start a plot to have someone's chip ripped and smashed. Kill their output, & etc.

You do that and they just come back and ask for more and it gets old.

Sex is on theme. People getting stuffed into vans and seedy strip clubs and joys are great window dressing. Daily ten minute discussions about asshole stretching for the express purpose of trying to get a rise out of players OOC probably crosses a line and at the very least I think people could do better with their RP.

I think the problem isn't specifically about sex and just people not taking SIC very seriously. It's almost like SIC is this place somewhere between IC and OOC and people feel the need to have entire coffee table conversations on there, even though millions are listening.
Bounties! Think of the solos out there desperate for work! Don't like someone? Have the keeeeeeled.
Have them***
I might be totally off theme here, but I think that for many characters, SIC banter is this cathartic place for them to go and get some kicks in when the reality of the life in Withmore is pure ass, you know? It's escapism.
There's a clear difference in both tone and content between dildo jokes/selling ass/etc and someone copy+pasting the nastiest shit they can find on google into their client to troll other players.
I'm with Sly. I can tell though when the older players try to combat it. It's noticed and appreciated!
I think something to consider here is that there's no fade to black option for sic like there is for sex and torture. Telling people to ignore sic or handle it ICly works in a lot of situations, but not necessarily for when people decide day after day to give us intimate and detailed breakdowns of extreme fetishes or what one can do to genitalia.

FTB options are allowed to prevent play discomfort in specific scenarios. Maybe we need to consider some limits on an OOC level about what's appropriate on sic when it's entering certain territories.

I don't know that rules are needed so much as people should be reminded to consider boundaries and theme.
While I gleefully encourage taking things out IC where you can, it's not as effective a theme correction as you'd imagine. It also misses a larger problem, which is setting the scope of what's believable in theme. Sex being around and accepted in theme doesn't mean it's believable if nine players out of ten can't stop yammering about sex all day. If things are excessive, which I'd agree they probably are, it's time to discuss it and establish that the behavior's probably grown out of bounds.
I'm not attempting to justify some of the stuff people are saying is going on, as I'm apparently out of the loop on some of the goings on, but I think context matters, too.

Corpsec dropping big dick comments on SIC is odd.

A surgeon talking about fetish shit openly on pubsic is maybe strange.

The owner of the Red Canary talking about triple XL dildos is probably par for the course.

Still, it seems like people are really uncomfortable, and I apologize if I'm the cause of this, in part or in full.

As for the taking things out ICly not being effective, I've not found that to be the case personally. Having been the arbiter of many such interactions such as 'stop talking on SIC or else' or 'you're waking up in a vat for ____ reason,' I find that generally, they can be pretty effective. If not, then that's a no-selling issue, which is another beast entirely, and needs to be addressed with staff as appropriate.

It's also meta to expect people to take it IC. My character is not some arbiter of theme outside the particular sphere they operate in and may not care about the shit that bugs me OOC. Suddenly they have to behave in an out of character manner to intervene because I personally think the penis bifurcation chat is running a bit long?

It's also a contributing factor in sucking some of the theme out of the Mix IMO. Sex is cheap and desperate for people who are supposed to be living on the brink of disaster. You shouldn't be talking about eating ass with your polycule, you should be relictantly turning tricks for food money. If you want comfortable depravity, go topside.

Sorry Vera, I completely disagree.

If you think something is annoying ICly, then that's the perfect vector to be taking that frustration out ICly. It's not even a 'should I be taking this IC' question. This is directly related to people being uncomfortable/disliking other characters roleplay. If someone is dumping OOC metabombs or talking about RL politics or whatever on SIC as if it's no big deal, then that's a case of people having problems getting taken OOC.

It's also super inappropriate to be calling out players on a IC keyname like that here, what the actual heck is up with that?

My character is a different person from me and feels differently than I do. They are not aware that they live in a world that's supposed to be one way and not another, and it would be out of character and therefore meta for them to take IC measures to shut people up when they do not care but I do.

I'm not sure what you are referring to with the IC keyname thing. I didn't bring up a SIC key, you may have misunderstood me.

"You shouldn't be talking about eating ass with your polycule, you should be relictantly turning tricks for food money. If you want comfortable depravity, go topside."

Seems normal for me for there to be depraved sex attics in the mix just as much as topside. They may be poor but that doesn't mean they can't be lewd and ridiculous. Someone could be reluctantly turning tricks and end up really liking it to the point that they're getting into a mindset that we've been discussing on here. If anything, given their lack of corporate rep to worry about, they'd have no reason not to go full bonkers.

I sort of get where people are coming from on this, but I don't know where you'd even begin to draw the line from an OOC perspective. If someone's RP'ing a freaky perv that likes to push the envelope, that seems in line with their character.

I personally don't do any romantic RP or moosex at all though. SIC is just a lot of chatter for me. Sometimes stuff can get overly gross or whatever but I just let it wash over me. I think threatening them on SIC is a fine idea, or through IC means. Sure you may not be your character, but if it's bothering you a lot there's no reason why you can't build that in to improve your experience.

You shouldn't be talking about eating ass with your polycule, you should be relictantly turning tricks for food money. If you want comfortable depravity, go topside.

There's literally a key called $polycule, and it might appear like you were targeting specific players in your comment. Seems like just a dumb coincidence.

In any case, if someone's being super graphic and triggering, then pop a XHELP or @add-note and leave a OOC message with staff, you know?

Regarding overall sic chatter and it being on or off theme, in my experience, SIC comes and goes in waves of 'serious rp' and is largely correlated with what is or is not happening in the world at the current time. If there's a lot of bored people and not a lot of chatter, we always seem to wind up with tons of silly and inane stuff on pubsic. When the game world is (literally) exploding, people get quiet and focus on shit talking and scheming. When people don't have a hell of a lot going on in their IC lives, then you get lots of random bulldrek on pubsic.

I personally do my best to try and drive a lot of RP, plots, schemes and dirty deeds on my time in-game, but it's mentally exhausting going from meeting to meeting with characters and discussing murdering XYZ and robbing ABC and blowing up JKL. It's fun to blow off steam and get a rise out of people on SIC when it's all over. I'll try and be more of a theme ambassador on SIC going forwards, but really and truly, some of the banter really is IC banter and should be 100% treated as such.

That's my final thoughts on this. RP police threads are no fun, because there simply isn't a cutout shape that cyberpunk fits into, let alone the SD take on the genre, which is very much it's own original thing.

A polycule means a group of people who are in a polyamorous relationship.
There's literally a key called $polycule

Well now who's outing IC details.

"Polycule" is a regular-old word and for Vera to have used it in this context was innocent.

Nice going.

So, Hi, short introduction, this will be my one post in this thread, this will be long, basically a short story at this point, I encourage you to read it all, as I will not get involved in protracted arguments on these forums as it has been the bane of my enjoyment of the game many times before. It will contain advice on how to deal with most complaints I've seen thus far. I have attempted to inject levity into it, but ultimately it is a 4 page rant. And you have been warned.

Onwards to the meat.

First off, if you are OOCly upset or offended by something that happens here, in a game that literally and in almost every aspect, embraces murder, homicide, loss, torture, control, consequences, death, dark, evil, shit, and yes, sometimes sex... You might want to seek to distance yourself from that a bit. As that is a textbook definition of bleed.

There's a few arguments that have no teeth in this thread.

1. An explanation of how we have features to deal with when SIC gets overwhelming, and how you should use them.

Can't use CI chat because of the profession you're in.

use a CI chat filter, BOOMSHAKALAKA. For 90% of the situations where this matters, you can make do...

For gangers, filter for Back

For Medics, filter for Doctor, or medic.

For Fixers, filter for Fixer

For Runners, filter for Runner.

For people with work encryption, the encryption name I think works

Handy list there made it just for you folks who might be on this list, for everyone else, put your proggy number in your tag with a warning that you've CI'd and to Private SIC or call.

2. A blunt ramble about the nature of RPing abhorrent people who do abhorrent things, and how Sin is not supposed to look pretty.

There's a really weird complaint here, and that's that it's not "Themely," to have these discussions, constantly...

You entered into a city, stripped naked, where upon entry into the city proper you face a club directly referencing sexual wants, and along the same street, called Sinn, you have a brothel, a park that will kill you, a strip club literally named after people's holes and a shop full of one brand of outlet clothes. You are constantly harassed by nudity, naked men and women are everywhere in the corners of the mix. Honestly it would not be the same game without the fucking nudity, and yes blatant sex.

Sex is as much a part of the theme as violence is. As drugs are. Does anyone complain about the 2 hours of drug talk that often occurs on SIC? Drugs mildly disturb me OOCly, I have a family history of addiction? Should I be allowed to call for a discussion to stop when I'm oocly disturbed because I've legitimately *SEEN* people inject chemicals into their tearducts IRL? And it's left me a bit scarred? Fuck no.

2.5 Let's talk about Sin, it's in the name of the game.

As a person who grew up as a world of darkness player who liked nWoD, I tend to define my characters in terms of virtue and vice, namely of the seven heavenly virtues, and of the seven deadly sins.

For instance, my first character, who I played some two years ago now, was a person with a LARGE degree of Gratitude, and Charity, and at the same time, an extreme tendency towards Sloth, and Envy. She gave and she gave, was very thankful for anyone who gave her the time of day, but lacked the will to make it back, and envy'd the aspects of other people she saw that she didn't have.

So, let's talk about how to express Sins...

For one expressing sin, is not supposed to be comfortable for other people. It's a deviant behavior, something that goes beyond the norm. All the Seven Deadly sins are meant to do is codify a grouping of behaviors that were and still are in the large degree deviant when taken to their extremes.

For two, it's supposed to come off as slightly abhorrent. And if you're discomforted by it, OOCly or ICly, then congrats, mission fucking accomplished by the person on the other side of the screen. Lust just happens to be the Sin that IRL we least consider a Sin these days.

Someone snorting a line of marcy off a joy bartenders pierced nippled breasts, is not supposed to come off as purely enticing, and clean, it's supposed to come off as ultimately unhealthy and slightly debased, but innocuous, and tempting enough that it could lure you in. If you are prone to the sin of lust.

Someone ICly talking about fetishes on SIC, generally, and using the assumption of best intent that slither normally encourages. Isn't seeking to get their OOC jolly's off, and that claim honestly feels like a bit of an over-assumption, and a MASSIVE predication of intent. For all you know they could be doing it to show how demented their character is becoming as they are slowly swallowed into this world of sin. While they are trapped like a rat in a space that is dark,, dirt, cramped and crowded, and most of all, SEETHING with boredom and beyond all of anything, powerlessness. So that it's possible that their only aspect of control is to LASH out on SIC, with grotesque statements and knowledge.

Finally for this one, in reference to some of the xooc chatter that happened throughout this thread.

Fuck people who make assumptions and attempt to tell people what the right RP is. Or to tell people they are playing the game "wrong."

The only wrong way to play the fucking game is if you're actively breaking the rules. Or cheating.

There are certainly ways to play that are more INTERESTING ways to play the game. But the amount some people vehemently attempt to justify their own successes in this game with arguments basically predicated on the elitist view of "Clearly -I've- done it the *Right* way..." Makes me fucking sick.

3. Lines OOC and IC, and how to avoid meta.

If you find something OOCly grotesque, it's quite likely your character would too, they'd just be more desensitized too it.

There's a certain degree and classification of morals that are pretty definite. Cannibalism is typically something amoral that people will resort too, but only in dire straits, however, once it becomes the norm for a locality, it can become deeply entrenched rapidly, either for religious, or sociological reasons. In those societies that embrace cannibalism. Or which have no flesh bias. There was a Soviet gulag on an island, called Cannibal Island nowadays which rapidly descended into overcrowding, the guards got overthrown and cannibalism soon followed, it's a spooky thing to read about ,because of the otherwise normal people that became rampant, torturing cannibals in the course of a 2 month winter in Siberia. These kinds of things are normal. There's a reason why being in bloody clothing or dirty on Gold can get you fined for "Inciting a Riot." And it's exactly situations like these. Another fun thing to research regarding cannibalism is headhunter societies.

The reason I mention all of that, is that, YOU! Yes YOU! NO NO NO, Not YOU you!... YOUR CHARACTER! Is a -RAT- ... they are A FUCKING -RAT-! And they are trapped in a cage with 60,000,000+ other rats, JUST LIKE THEM! AND JUST LIKE RATS... They need a release of some sort, whether that's fitness, fucking, or MURDER...

Should you judge anyone for their vices? Sure, but just think of what you, yes, you, no no no, not you, your characters, have as vices. Because really, if you're playing a character without vices, you're not playing a character at all, you're playing a Stu or Sue, of the Mary or Marty variety.

So draw your lines ICly, not OOCly, however make them lines you can cope with being in place OOCly. Don't stomp your feet about it oocly and whine. Because that's going to get you nowhere.

Sex is the oldest form of relief on the planet. And people have been bashing each other open with rocks about it since about the same time it was invented. So go beat that bitch mixer, but don't beat them off if you don't want too.

4. No one is perfect, but that's the Mafia.

If you're looking for ways to curb this, it has to be done ICly. Because OOCly, having definitively set rules that allow someone's OOC wants or disgusts to trump someone's character, is a stage for inequality and massive amounts of grief to take root RP wise. There's sensible limits, and then there's limits that impose onto freedom of expression.

So you know what you do?

You smack that bitch mixer till their behavior is in line with how you want that bitch mixers behavior to be. Whether that's judges smacking down with actual fines, or that's players putting out bounties on the worst offenders.

And if you can't ICly find a reason to fucking do so, then fuck off with the complaints, you're having a bleed moment, where your OOCly limits aren't congruous with your IC limits and it's irritating you.


1. Learn your tools, CI chat, ci filters, breathing exercises IRL.

2. Learn how to properly characterize and not make assumptions about other peoples characters, and players feelings.

3. Don't fucking stomp your feet and cry. Enforce it ICly, or not at all. If you made your characters lines beyond what you're willing to cross OOCly? Then you've made a character that will make you have bleed, accept that it's your problem, and that the offense here is taken not given.

4. You can't have SIC remain functional and be from an OOC level moderated by anything other than the OOC rules.

Thya-thya-thyat's ahll fyolks.

I just think it gets to a point where it's gross and distracts from theme. Calm down.
I don't like the idea of people using IC constructs to justify - what is in my estimation as well - unnecessary sexual chatter. There is a reason admins block rooms to avoid seeing moosex. It has weight. It is private. I'm not saying it has no place in theme - I am saying it's gone up to Eleven. No more, please.
I was online most of yesterday... and apparently I missed it. Which I am not sure what that says about me :)

However, this does seem like a US cultural thing where talking openly about sexual topics is considered disturbing while discussions on graphically killing people are just normal and okay. Same with drug use and any of the other vices that are routinely used in game.

I'm too new to really comment on what should and shouldn't be done, especially since as a new character I've avoided PucSIC as much as possible, but it does seem like a trope discussion... especially if you don't come from that cultural perspective.


I believe you're taking this extremely personally.

I'm simply asking people to stay on theme, and stop making me uncomfortable on an OOC level (ICly it doesn't bother me so I'm not going to meta by forcing my character to give a fuck) with their extremely graphic sexual descriptions.

There is crime and torture but nobody goes around writing paragraphs about extremely graphic torture scenes because it can make certain people uncomfortable.

Everyone should have the right to enjoy the theme within their own OOC bounds.

If you can't do that that is the equivalent of ignoring a player's request to FTB.

If you're asking me to deal with it ICly why can't we just remove the rape rule and make it a 100% IC situation? Oh this guy just raped someone, hire a solo, because I am against rape in real life. That's not how it works. There are OOC rules for a reason.

Knock it down, and stop treating Sindome like a chaturbate stream chat room.

help chastity

but real talk, there have been a pretty gross rise in sexual/perverted shit on SIC, and in IC in general. i get it if you think text and rp is hot because you can't have a studdly irl, i'm in the same boat (guys pls help) but to a certain extend you need to keep that shit behind closed doors and in private, because players are not their characters.

my character might be a 7'8'' solo from miami who grew up with children being tortured out on the open streets in front of him while he was eating a dog, but i am not. and if you're just being gross on SIC for the sake of being gross, you're affecting other players negatively.

I maintain you don't want to slippery slope the sinful theme of the game away. Any sort of sex talk rules we have to enforce will be slippery sloped by someone who chooses to take offense down the road. All the random quotes about sex or dicks would go away and eventually someone would make the argument that Sinn St itself would have to change.

Folks continually try to apply the No Rape Talk rule to anything sexual and any sort of OOC ban of sex talk on the sic would end up with folks doing the same shit.

The game is called Sindome. Deal with it ICly.

I don't know that anyone was asking for rules, just that players exhibit some respect for each other and theme.
Hello, newb AF here but so far last several days SIC has given me the impression that some people treat it as OOC shitposting. I saw someone make a reference that was CLEARLY out of character (by referring to the concept of our characters). I personally like the idea of public channel where people chat, troll, advertise, etc, ICly but it is really obvious some people treat it less IC than they should be doing.
why can't we just remove the rape rule and make it a 100% IC situation? Oh this guy just raped someone, hire a solo

Just for history's sake:

The rape rule didn't exist before the above quoted situation in fact did happen. It went on for days and triggered RL rape survivors. There was no way to avoid it because certain people do not have the option to just silence SIC.

The rule was created as the one and only line SD would not allow to be crossed, because of how this can bleed outside of private rooms and get in front of people who genuinely do not need to have their traumatic experiences re-lived or trivialized.

"Urethral sounding" (just to continue with the example so frequently discussed) isn't inherently traumatizing in that way.

Just hoping to fill in blanks for anyone who wasn't around before the rape rules or the IC situation which birthed it.

I'm with Johnny. I want players to be a bit more considerate of what they use SIC for, but I don't think censoring players is ever the solution and sets a bad precedent. And to be frank, in a game filled with depictions of other sensitive subjects and with the theme being centered around violence and degeneracy... Players should expect extreme content, even if it's not wanted.

And I also think those who think the 'deal with it IC' response doesn't work haven't been trying very hard. I doubt the players will make a new character and do the same thing again, get my drift? People perm for less. If it bothers you and not the character, well, just deal with it. That's par for the course in roleplaying, I do plenty of things I don't enjoy because my character does.

I think Vera acknowledged that the issue can't very well addressed by new rules. That doesn't mean we can't exercise discretion personally. It's more about just being reasonable and polite (within theme).

I find this sort of stuff less believable than other aspects of the game, but it doesn't bother me too much otherwise. That being said, it sounds like more people would enjoy the game more if we tried to be a little better/more on theme, so I'm all for that.

I see both sides of this.

On the one hand, i'd be opposed to moderating this channel OOCly. The theme is why we are all here and the slippery slope is real.

On the other hand, it does kill immersion to see people (especially those in positions of power, higher ups in corporations or whatever) talking about ridiculous, crude scenarios on SIC and referencing current time (2020) pop culture. It does feel like OOC shit posting at times or like it's the OOC chat of the game.

Discretion is the best way forward!

This one is a tough one, because you have players that don't already have OOC etiquette and ICly their lack of etiquette goes to 1000%.

Now that being said, when the OLD Pubsic script chatter used to run HARD...the things you would hear were definitely sexual, violent and a bit gross, but not overly detailed or extended.

Also even if its is very minor, just acknowledging something like an IC key name is breaking rule #1 & #2 of fight club, never forget.

Players should try to act in good faith and moderate themselves a bit, remember this is an ADULT game...there are ADULT themes and everyone expects that you will handle them with the MATURITY of an ADULT (at least try).

Clearly this isn't happening as much, staff can't take sole responsibility for this and should not.

The solutions I would find to this problem is either, report the player/character in question and then as much immersion breaking as it might be for the HARDCORE RPers...vent your OOC frustrations ICly but try not to bleed about it.

When people break immersion for me with improper RP because they don't know any better or behave like trolls, I try to self-correct this by enforcing the theme via my PC.

However, don't perm people over stuff like this...that would be lets say unsportsmanlike conduct...but you can make their life difficult (destroy their REP, pay their ACES to fuck them over, etc) and hopefully they will take a few step backs and not go into a tailspin.

Its not a perfect solution but this is not a perfect game and remember it is a GAME and you are playing with other PEOPLE.

COOPERATIVE COMPETITIVE, burn that drek into your brain over and over and over and a Buddhist mantra.

It's unfortunate that people have qualms with the talks on SIC, but I do think it's themely and I do think it's within the rules. If it bothers you as a person, maybe stepping away from the game or 'ci chat' for 15 minutes might help. As nasty as it is sometimes, having those types of people populating the SIC chat with themely chatter is useful for different kinds of players, whether that's a Ron Jeremy or a Patrick Bateman, if you catch my drift.
I feel that this thread needs a bump. I'm going to put my caveat right up front: sex will always be a part of theme. There is nothing all that wrong about sexual content or discussing it in the game. However, recently, I feel things have taken a major slide backward after this thread was first brought up and SIC has recently been sort of a 24/7 stream of thirst.

It isn't funny, it isn't cool, there's nothing that cyberpunk to be gleaned about constant graphic discussion about everyone's bits and what you want to do to them. I feel it's gone to a point of excess where it drowns out the game's theme and runs the risk of turning people off from the game or giving them a skewed representation about what the game is about.

Do your thing, but I'd like to humbly suggest dialing it back a bit and putting some consideration into whether what you put on SIC is really adding to the game or pleasant for others. Cooperative competition, bakas.


SIC is generally a very poor representation of theme, but sticking to themes of excess, consumerism, material obsession, and other forms of THEMELY depravity is ace.

Lately it's been more like this:

SIC has been terrible the last few weeks, it's hard not to notice the timing with academic terms ending in a lot of places and a distinct uptick in... maybe call it low-investment attention-seeking.
Sexual depravity is most certainly a cyberpunk theme, but I agree with Kiwi. If you were in a chat room you would not want to listen to two people in it talk about what they'd do to each other unironically, and at the end of the day that is what SIC is from an OOC standpoint, a glorified chat room. An integral part of the game meant for helping along roleplay shouldn't be used for flirting almost exclusively.
Please let me CI chat without muting my encrypted keys so I can dodge this stupid sex shit but still work with my chums IC to kill every1. ty ty

One more upvote for SIC is a cancer. I'd love to see how the game works for a month without SIC. Maybe people will actually do more of that in-person storytelling stuff. Crazier things have happened.

SIC could be steered around some or change lanes, but let's not go full reverse here and try and act like SD is Call of Duty: Text Warfare and you're off to get your killstreaks going. There's a significant population of slice of life players that play, work IC jobs, and would rather make love than war. They add to the experience, not detract from it.

Before we go full puritanical here, remember, one of the first things you see walking in the city is gangers getting blowjobs by mix joys working for their next lana fix, right when you come in the gates. Sex, drugs, murder and PAWNK RAWK are just facts of life here. Sometimes SIC is DIE DIE DIE for two hours straight, and other times it's talking about Uncle Chan's Weiner Enhancement Supplements Hour.


People who butt in with meme references constantly are worse than people being horny over SIC 24/7

Why not put the encryption thing in the Ideas forum?

I'd do it but you should get the credit.

Just a couple of quick notes- first off, while I think broadening CI chat would be useful just in general and not a bad idea, I don't think it's the solution to this problem specifically. Considering how many plot cues, events and context for IC happenings plays out on pubsic, it's impractical and also not very fair to just insist that anyone not wanting to hear about ERP all day just mute themselves instead of moderating the game. As to Puritanism, adult content is never not going to be present in the game and nobody's asking that it not be, but I do feel we need to take several steps back from where we are not. I log in right now and I wouldn't say the game really takes me to Akira, Ghost in the Shell, William Gibson or Bladerunner. It's basically just an adult chatroom and tantamount to masturbating where everyone else can hear you.
You can't put this back onto staff. It's too prevalent, too difficult to monitor, and would take too much of their time... for something kind of dumb. I hope I'm not getting too IC here but it seems like they've already put it back on certain player jobs to monitor this kind of lewd and lascivious behavior, and that's great.

@Talon there is a HUGE difference between a ganger getting a blowjob at the bar while a dozen different players watch (one of the first things I saw as a new player years ago was a PC in this exact scene and it was the thing that made me stay, oddly enough) and five people talking about which orifice they like having fisted on SIC. Very rarely do I look at SIC and think 'man, that's some gourmet themely shit right there'. Love it otherwise though, very cool, and a very themely way to have a gamewide chat.

@bean thanks chum, will do.

I dunno why it's not been mentioned in this thread before, but, more fines.

A lot more fines.

People want to be stupid and annoy everyone? There goes your weekly paycheck. I think way too much slips through on SIC that could be dealt with simply and quickly with fines. Especially with how heavily policed a city wide chat would be.

There's no downsides. PubSIC is less cluttered and has more meaningful content, mixers hate judges more, people meet in person or use keys more.

Repeating sentiments of others here, but I don't think anyone is asking for a completely puritanical good wholesome sterile SIC. Just maybe not snowball your obsession with femboy asses for hours. Or not have the same conversation about catgirl genitals every day. Or yes, keep it more inside the venues that allow for it rather than have it be the overarching tone of SIC every single day.

If that's what you want your character to be known for? So be it. But to paraphrase...

"Talking about making out with everybody until someone gets mad."

Is this the best SIC banter you can come up with?

I agree with the overall sentiment but please don't turn this just back into a "make the people who have roles to handle this ICly just bap everyone on the nose until it's fixed."

Doing this turns those people into playing babysitting moderator roles. Which can't be fun long-term.

So... Sorry to text wall.

The problem with issuing fines for every Lewd and Lascivious interaction from a modern perspective, is that it's going to create a negative feedback loop, that will over time, crush SIC as a chat medium. As well as some other things that are more themely.

The present warn and then fine system is fine. It normally puts a stop to all but the cockiest of idiots. However, I do think that more than just the small amount of players presently enforcing it need to do so. But that's more an issue of IC policy making. It could also be a job for IC job givers to lay a smack down on people who are known workers for an agency. Not docking them pay, but basically threatening to kick it up the chain for juniors who misbehave to get weeded out quickly.

But again that's something that relies on an IC motivation.

Beyond that, I am against any deliberate censorship OOCly. And these threads come off as moralizing to me especially in context of the universe characters in this game exist in. Sex is mentioned everywhere in this game... I've heard corpies derogatorially refer to a certain massage parlor topside with the epithet "Those Whoria's." There's naughty weather women who harangue you naked outside of train stations. There's a show called Porn Puppets.

Even looking at L&L charges. In a world like this, it would be far more permissive than say an indecent conduct charge in the modern day.

Hell I'd argue that even streaking wouldn't really be considered a problem, given the hoload's, unless it was done in a lewd or presenting fashion.

For those looking at how to CI-chat without losing contact with friends...

CIGNORE filter will let you filter for the name of a key in a SIC message, I believe at least, I haven't done this in awhile.


Nobody wants to police SIC. It's boring, rote, and usually not effective for people who are already dedicated to no-selling and attention-whoring. Which is what I'd categorize this increasing trend of 'SIC Shock-Jocking' as.

If JaneSolo decides that she's had enough of someone being a dipshit (In a very OOC manner, as we're discussing) and goes and necksnaps that person, suddenly they're causing a lot of RP (hooray!) but for entirely wrong reasons (Boo!)

I'd like to remind people, or perhaps inform them if they're not in the know, that while at surface level, typing 'kill X' doesn't EXPLICITLY cost a character resources, that there are many, many IMPLICIT costs associated with doing so. Going and doing heel things to say, a immy-thread wearing character for the purposes of IC enforcement doesn't net profit the player or the character doing so, and it's largely being done for OOC reasons (community expectation management/enforcement.) We can slap some window dressing on the matter, but really, we're talking about ICly punishing players for OOC attention-seeking behavior here.

If people are really having a problem with shock-jock characters, and it seems that yes, we are, then perhaps we should be discussing this in the context of this activity causing community harm, which is something OOCly actionable. I would argue that SIC being 24/7 "OW MY BALLS!" and "POOPOOPEEPEE!" that it is, in fact causing community harm simply in the existing people we're driving away, as well as the prospectives that come in to dip their toes and then immediately flee.


My comment was in response to Sly who specifically seemed to want more IC babysitting of the issues we're all talking about here today.

I think there's some important distinctions to make here.

I think the majority voice is that no, there doesn't need to be OOC repercussions for IC action. Everyone's largely spoken for self-policing and consideration on what you portray or add to the frequency of. Marking it as community harm when this is largely a discussion of social standards and etiquette, as the title suggests, is a rather foolish approach to what are perceived as problem players, when etiquette and acceptability are such fluid and ill-defined things.

Majority has no problem with people taking a crude or even juvenile approach -in character-.

What seems to be the issue is rather awkward hyperfixation on fetish material like it's a Yahoo chatroom circa the early 00s. Dipshit ganger says they want to kick someone in the balls so hard, they make a sound effect when they hit the roof of someone's mouth? Please. More of that, if anything, in comparison to people treating SIC like f-list.

So if we could all hold hands and sing kumbaya, that'd be amazing. The saying goes: wish in one hand, and shit in the other, and see which fills up first.

Self-policing clearly is not working, because we keep having this discussion.

I'd like to quote the following:

Folks continually try to apply the No Rape Talk rule to anything sexual and any sort of OOC ban of sex talk on the sic would end up with folks doing the same shit.

The game is called Sindome. Deal with it ICly.

By Johnny at Jan 16, 2020 7:59 AM

We have limited options here. Take OOC attention whoring into the IC game, as suggested by Johnny -or- ask that staff start taking action against OOC problem behavior -or- use the OOC game tools at our disposal to mute what we don't want to hear, as Rhea gave several excellent examples of beforehand.

Finally, I am again finding myself largely ignorant of people having long conversations on SIC about anal prolapse or whatever the fuck it is that's triggering people here. I fully admit that that might be a failing on my part, or game mechanics preventing me from being generally aware. What I do see is aforementioned attention whoring, and people using gratuitous crude language in a pejorative manner to character assassinate, slander, trigger or otherwise upset their target in a themely IC manner.

Maybe we could obfuscate names and give a few direct quotes? Everyone has their own level of comfort with things, and maybe I just have a higher tolerance than most, I don't know.

Few quick clarifications:

-I'm not advocating banning people because of their IC/OOC lewdness. What I'd envisioned when I mentioned community harm is conversations/coaching with those players OOCly.

-When I'm saying self policing, I'm using it in the context of individual self-policing, not community self-policing.

Apologies for any misunderstanding caused by ambiguity.

I think this discussion is fine to have semi-regularly. It's been a few months, and it started popping up again. Like you said, community self-policing... which leads to regularly self-policing.

Character assassinate away with crude language, by all means.

Joy offering their lewd services? Go right ahead.

Attention whoring? Hell, I don't mind that for the sake that it creates RP. Go right ahead hating someone for it.

Jumping back to what I said about hyperfixation on sexual content and general etiquette/social standards, I'm trying to be polite as possible here in these posts because I know that some people don't pick up on them as quickly as others.

I've personally seen the same 3-4 characters constantly talking about femboy ass and what they'd do to it in detail nearly every day for weeks. I don't care you like femboy ass. I don't care what you want to do to it. But that's the whole point.There's a line between being themely and just being straight up OOC horny on SIC. Where is that line? I couldn't define it for you. Not going to begin to. Which is why I'm trying to position this as softly as possible.

Time to bump this thread again.

When your character's life is basically spouting memes, recycling twitter content or verbatim quoting trending reddit/youtube ICly then you really need to hit the pause button and consider what it means to role play in a Cyberpunk Roleplaying Game.

This thread started because of horny chat and lewd content on the public SIC network, but I don't think there's anything more instantly immersion breaking than hearing people ratting off today's hottest memes from whatever social media on SIC.

It's not themely. It's not RP. It's not IC. And it doesn't belong on the IC communication networks.

I'm not the RP police here, but again, this is extremely immersion breaking to see what amounts to joke characters on pubsic day in and day out. Get a little gritty and grimy and crime noir going in between cracking jokes, please!

I'd agree and ask to please tone down the modern references and popularized/meme'd phrases. It's a little disorienting and makes me feel like I'm browsing twitter or reddit.
Hard agree. It's something that seems to sort of come and go at times but it definitely feels like it's been pretty bad lately, and while it might be jokey it's legitimately immersion-breaking.

Organic, Withmorian, themely memes that crop up are one thing and can be enjoyable but let's owe each other to keep the IRL memes out of it.

I've noticed an uptick on absolutely disgusting SIC chatter and it's hard not to notice that some of it looks to be coming off the chatter scripts.

It's deflating trying to create immersive RP and events and when SIC is going off on tangents about bodily leakages of various explicit kinds.

Chatter scripts for sic are not a thing. There are @random sics but all of these are things someone said on sic in the past and we captured for future randoms. We don't add new randoms that often theses days so I don't know why there would be an uptick in how many of these you are seeing, if they are indeed GM sent.
I've noticed this too. Maybe its people just replicating things, but there have definitely been times on SIC where in a span of a few hours, I get the same SIC chatter seeming message about varying sexual or disgusting things a couple times, which just repeat a cycle of them happening. Might just be players repeating things, but I definitely noticed that it was more than normal, or at least the same script/phrase said multiple times in the span of a day.
If it's random, that's why there feels like an uptick, because it's been randomly picking the same phobic ones day after day, whereas in the past we haven't seen them as often.
The random file might not be getting more new dirty stuff added to it, but GMs can trigger random SICs all they want - or not. It's not far fetched to me to think that there are ebbs and flows in this.
There are a little over a thousand quotes.

Sometimes they aren't quotes, sometimes they're GMs sending them.

That said, I don't particularly believe there is a repetition of things that are being said manually. @randoms, though, is totally possible it repeats itself.

I don't really think the SICs are as "nasty" as some people here are describing and if there's SICs with homophobic or whatever comments, I remove them myself after they're seen.

Some of them are pretty nasty - and mysogynistic.
As was posted elsewhere. We did a review of all of these, and have updated many. We made sure to include misandry to offset the misogyny. Please remember this is an adult game, with adult themes, and it is not intended to represent a politically correct utopian future.

Some of the content in the game may be shocking to some, that is the way it is. It's a game about murder and death and betrayal and everything in between. This includes lude sexual acts, shitty opinions, graphic descriptions of violence, misandry and misogyny, ageism, classism, sexism, racism, and more. Some of these are not central themes, and are there to be pushed back on (sexism, racism are good examples).

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'It is what it is' lol

'...are there to be pushed back on' is a pretty nuanced take, vis-a-vis what new players will observe and perceive as 'what the game is'.

Pushing back on things like that happens every time, though. People pounce on it like woah.