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Sleepers in apartments on Gold
Is it a problem?

In the Mix you can pass sleepers to WCS and they will get taken care of in an IC manner (placed somewhere safe in case they sign back in).

I've heard that topside there are sleepers in apartments and that it's possible they continue to be there because there isn't a 'path forward' for corpie sleepers. IE: no one wants to hand them off to the WCS because they will end up on Red.

Is this a thing people feel we need a solution for? Or are these sleepers hanging around in apartments because there is hope that they return. Not promising a solution or what that solution would be, but rather investigating if this is an issue.

Keep in mind sleepers who don't sign in for 6+ weeks will be reaped.

Apartments topside, not on Gold. You know what I meant :)
There used to be a WCS-designated spot for sleepers on Gold until the Law/GMs stepped in and dubbed it unacceptable conditions for corporate citizens- I think that might've thrown a wrench in the works for sleeper processing and reimplementing a spot like that might help if that's a problem.
I think it has to do with class divide than anything. You never know if they'll come back (I personally know a few PCs who do that) and handing them off to WCS means even if they do come back, they're instantly going to be in trouble just like you stated.

I've not really seen it as a BIG issue myself but I can see why some other players might.

I think if anything they get dumped in Hab-X cubes now, which, I mean, is not the worst workaround in the world.
It could be that they are club members, too, which means they aren't reaped. I haven't noticed this, myself, unless someone is intentionally keeping an inactive friend safe.
Design a place on Gold modelled after a corporate charity or extension of the clone angels that WCS or the WJF can deposit sleepers that are Corporate citizens and have them moved into a secure room or obscured from vision like the red Coffins lobby.

Can even just copy the design of SCF and just dress it up as a location for overworked and supremely exhausted loyal wage slaves.

This would give WCS/WJF some added gameplay mechanic topside, and give people a way to have long term sleepers moved out of their locations and not have to worry about making an OOC motivated IC choice that could ruin relationships. The alternative of having someone constantly sleeping in your pad to avoid IC consequences with that person is not very fun.

Wouldn't take very long to copy the objects from SCF and dig something like this. Just needs some duplicated Generics that have the corporate lifestyle/theme descriptions/design on the generic so you only need to do it once. WJF station on Green could also be used for this.

Maybe something like 'temporary corporate housing'?

A place explained as somewhere to go when renovations to your apartment are in progress or the place needs extensive maintenance work or whatever else would keep a -real- person out of their place for a short time.

I don't think it would be crazy to have security guards, maintenance staff, manager, grid developer positions, etc .. available.

It could be another right/perk/privilege granted to corporate citizens that those dirty mixers don't have. Make the door so only WCS can go in (carrying someone), should minimize abuse, I'd think.

A few things to know from the GM side:

PCs who are in their own apartments and have reached the reaping limit without being club members will be automatically taken care of. No worry there. If they are club members they are often in their long term pads and also require no worry.

PCs who are in a shared apartment (a friend/roommate/couple) become the problem of the one they share the apartment with. Those PCs still playing are very welcome to call WCS to ask them to take their napping chum to safe places (the prison in Red).

-If the worry is 'But they go to the Mix eee!' The Prison is known to be very safe. And a topside citizen (if they ever come back) should have no problem getting a Skyfox or Chex cab to bring them up home once they're back from their 'Out of Dome trip'

PCs who dislike that there are sleepers in their friends apartment need to ignore the meta of the long-idle character bit. Stuff that roommate in the closet and let them hang there. Hate seeing that sleeper? Tough beans, that is up to the person sharing the apartment with them.


As to the suggestion of making an SCF for topside? That would be a massive undertaking. The prison is HUGE, the scale is incredible, and the complicated layout is nuts. I truly think it would be unnecessary topside just to have a holding location for characters waiting to be reaped. Time should be spent building for you guys that want to live in this world, not those who have left it.

Dreamer, you misunderstood on a massive level. It'd take me a day to copy the processing location of SCF and put it on Gold or Green, even both. Maybe two if the description writing took longer than expected.

I didn't ever imply the whole of SCF would be moved, only the vagrancy component. Sorry, i thought that was obvious.

Also, I think it's a bit insensitive that you're implying that people should be forced to ICly be left holding the bag for people's OOC choices.

It's the GMs job to assist players out of OOC circumstances that interrupt RP. Not the players jobs to be forced into uneasy decisions to remedy OOC circumstances through IC means.

All good Dreamer, but what about the WJF substation on Green? Considering the topside playerbase I think it has enough room to hold such sleepers -- but again a valid point would be that it'd require Judge PC/puppet attention for every sleeper/sleeper coming back, something that isn't much of a problem with WCS as it's completely player driven. Maybe minor modifications to the substation to give it a sleeper depositing room not locked behind WJF only access?

I'm just throwing out suggestions here if there's a need for them. I think the prison and hauling corpies to SCF is still a valid option most of the time, but if roommates/other players aren't doing that..

It doesn't require any interaction for coming back online. Again, I suggested copying the layout of the vagrancy/processing area of SCF, with minor tweaks to ANY location, even the Hall of Justice lobby if you wanted to abuse coordinate space, you can just make an exit that's one-way and lets people out.

Trust me, I know the MOO blind-folded.

Oh yeah I got that SB, I just meant that if the Green substation was used as it is without any kind of further modifications as the holding room is locked behind a WJF employee access door. I know you know.

If the SCF processing room was copied to anywhere else it'd definitely not require interaction from coming back. I was merely going off of Dreamer saying it'd be too massive of an undertaking to copy SCF.

I want to poke some holes in the bit about SCF being inherently safe/secure... without getting too IC I do think those corpies would more often than not be effectively stranded in Red, to some extent.
Also, there may be a huge misunderstanding how the coffin lobbies work.

Dropping people in the lobby on Red doesn't coffin them. It does something else, something unreliable and open to abuses which make Johnny very mad.

Gold doesn't even do this, even if it did, it's not a 'good' solution, it's quick and easy but it's sloppy and should be done properly.


I think there are clear misunderstandings on both sides:

"Can even just copy the design of SCF" "Wouldn't take very long to copy the objects from SCF and dig something like this"

You stated SCF, not 'only the vagrancy component'. I commented on what you wrote, not what you meant. What you meant certainly does make much more sense.

" It'd take me a day to copy the processing location of SCF and put it on Gold or Green, even both. Maybe two if the description writing took longer than expected. "

While it may take our Builders a day, or two, that is a day or two of Building I still feel can be spent on far more important things. Those choices aren't mine, it was simply a personal opinion

"Also, I think it's a bit insensitive that you're implying that people should be forced to ICly be left holding the bag for people's OOC choices."

I agree here. I should have said that they have the free and open option to xhelp and have the issue resolved OOCly if they wish. We don't mind this at all. What I meant, but didn't say, was that the PC left holding the sleeper has the choice. They can deal with it IC because there are IC ways to deal with it. They can keep the sleeper at their place hoping they 'return'. Or they can deal with it OOC and reach out to us.

Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it.
This would be an amazing change. I've had to deal with the awkward, 'ignore the sleepers in the other room' too much. It's especially weird if IC you would kick them out, but they have been gone for months. It gets more confusing if they come back but they are locked in an apartment. There are more IC situations I've run into that have drained my resources and such and gotten very awkward and annoying to deal with.
Some fancy topside cryo-pods, like the ones in Futurama would be cool too.
Let me state amicably that if you have a sleeper in your pad and you're not sure what to do? Please xhelp. We'll look into it and help fix the oddness as best we can.
As a new player, I've definitely been confused and unsure how to ask about all these naked sleeping people in apartments. (y'all heathens) It was something I was actually trying to figure out how to ask oocly, but didn't know how to bring it up. It's been kinda wonky icly when my character brings it up. It might be helpful to have something I think?
And with what Dreamer said, I'd encourage other players with this problem to try to do something about it, cuz it really is weird. xD
Who are these low-class corpies that can't afford a pad all to themselves anyway? They're no better than mixers, send them where they belong ;)

Seriously though, I think some sort of solution on Gold for sleepers would be good, currently they seem to just get dumped in some sort of storage area before going to wherever all the other sleepers go.

If it's fancy enough that should be a suitable solution to apartment sleepers from the higher up sectors, if you care enough to make sure your sleeping chum's safe, you can afford the flash/effort to arrange transport for them down to the Creche on Gold.


Hey, shit, that's a good idea. Pay to store your chums away safely. I mean, topside ain't a charity, y'know?

I also like the idea of cryopods. I remember there was a character that supposedly came back from several years of inactivity, ICly from a cryopod. This should be more possible, I think. Sorry for double post. Should've included this, but forgot.
"Welcome back, you have been in cryo-storage for 3.48 week(s). Your outstanding balance is 17,482 chyen. Your prompt repayment is appreciated, have a good day citizen."

Honestly. It would also bring seriously interesting roleplay if you have to pay a shit-ton of debt. Else maybe you get fined or something, I don't know. Corpies don't like having criminal records.

The problem with cryopods is that it puts a forced IC burden on a player who might actually be unable to play regularly or log in at all. Special RP hooks like that should be reserved for forced GM involvement, and with player consent.

A simple player managed vagrancy system topside lets players turn the burden into a gameplay mechanic to keep them focused on IC and Sindome. More things for the associated jobs/roles to do is best, usually.

WCS used to be so boring when alls they had to do was pick up corpses, especially when the MOO went into a lull where corpses were few and far between.

SCF's vagrancy addition really gave them something to do to keep them logging in and feeling like their job is a job.

The problem with that is it doesn't always work IC. Generally it's just assumed that they had to take a little trip or something along those lines, especially if you're dealing with a significant other.
Yeah, maybe not quite as much debt as I suggested there, but making corpies pay for the priviledge of not winding up in some mix-side drunk-tank would make IC sense.
I think the game isn't really designed to hit Corpies in the wallet as much as people think. Their real benefits and richness are associated with not being subject to the potential of death and robbery every hour of the day like the Mix is supposed to have.

Hehe, yeah, totally agree SB. Just a suggestion, and probably a bad one, I can imagine it being a bit demoralising if you log after a few weeks to find you've just got random debt from nowhere on an OOC level as well.
It'd certainly make them decide to log back off if you ask me, especially if they're freshly disassociated with their SD addiction even a little bit from having to be logged out so long.

That is true, but everyone costs more because of it. Also why their jobs pay so well, I guess.

Either way, dropping them off to a location could potentially be a cost for the friend who wants their sleeper friend to be safe, was just something that was suggested and I thought it sounded kinda cool. Definitely capitalistic, so I'd think it fits topside.

Everything costs more*


I think it'd be cool if WCS or WJF charged a fee for in-home pick up, that's for sure.

More chyen exchanging hands is always good.

What I thought was more a one-off payment for the caring friend. Would be less of a guilty feeling OOC too, if you're able to do something without having them lie around doing nothing in your apartment.

Yes, just like that! Especially since, if it's WCS doing it, well.. levs cost money, and time is money. If WJF has to do it? They got more important shit to do if you can't make it worth their time.

Sorry for all the extra posts, people posting sooner than I can react. This topic got popular, alright. :P
One additional consideration is to place the holding on the same level as the sleepers. The WJF station on Green is a great idea.

Most WCS employees do not have access to vehicles. Dragging sleepers on the levs sucks. And it's dangerous. Fatigued WCS employees might /drop/ them on the tracks.


Build a spiralling waterslide from Gold to the prison in Red. Drop sleeping people there and it chutes them down to Red.
Or have the slide dump into the maglev tracks.
I retract my previous thoughts on the matter. I, too, would like a vagrant chute.
Based on personal experiences, dealing with topside sleepers is a real pain in the ass. Especially if you're on Green. Plus, a drunk tank topside could be themely. Perhaps add an area for drunks/sleepers in the Hall and one on Green at whatever WJF facility is up there (forget what it is). Or, an addition to the WCS headquarters.