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Daily UE notification
You can learn a ton more today...

So, due to my weird schedule, I often find myself online at time that make keeping track of my UE earnings to be sort of difficult.

It would be nice if, much like my weekly automated income, the score sheet would let me know that I have either gotten all of my UE for the day, or if I still have some incoming.

I personally don't really have a problem doing @stats or @assign ue to see if I got any UE, but I guess it can be difficultf or some people?
If you live in timezone far away from US, say europe, tracking what counts as "today" can be iffy. So +1.

It's more a time management thing. My schedule is inconsistent, so I don't always know if i've gotten my 3 for the day or not because there's no discernable rhyme or reason for when they hit.

it's actually not random, there IS a schedule of when UE is given out, but like I said, maybe schedules make it difficult for some people
Agreed. I usually end up playing at an awkward time that tends to be during the UE distribution rollover time, so sometimes it's hard for me to tell whether I got all of mine for the previous day, or, frankly, sometimes I can forget if I spent it/how much I spent out of a given cycle. Basically, I'm only on a +3 timezone and it can throw me off sometimes. It'd be better than throwing out a @stats to see if I got a point. I think this is a great idea.
I think there's way too much stuff on my character sheet already. Just play and you will get your UE or don't and get it later.
Personally, I don't think we need another line for that either. The focus should be on RP anyway and not your the stat sheet or UE.

Early on in a character's time in the dome, 3 UE is a hefty chunk of skill points. Those skill points can DRAMATICALLY affect what and how a character can RP, so while 3 may not seem like a lot to someone who has to spend a minimum of 15 UE for a one skill point raise, it is a ton for a new character.

I think an important caveat for this would be, if there's time enough to implement it (as I'd say it's fairly low-priority, I'm sure, compared to other things and would require coding a reminder): it should be on a toggle, so if you don't care to see it you don't have to. That way it doesn't overload your character sheet, if you don't worry about when you get your UE you can forget about the feature, etc.
It's purposefully obfuscated so that you don't stress over it and go RP instead.
I don't agree that UE affects the way a character can RP dramatically, honestly.
I understand the ask here, especially for new characters.

That being said, the longer I play here, the more I come to appreciate the sentiment that playing Sindome is like a marathon, not a sprint.

Whether you earn 2 UE today or 3 UE is not going to matter in the long run. 0.5 points worth of a Skill or 1.0 worth of an Attribute is not really going to increase your survivability in the beginning.

Just play the game and spent the UE when you get it. Focus on roleplaying and developing relationships with other characters and factions. The roleplay is what will keep your character alive, not their @stats.


It doesn't have to say 'you have 3 UE left to earn today', just like 'You have a ton more UE to earn today', or even a simple binary 'you have earned all your UE today' once you've hit the limit.

It can affect your characters, and it's especially true for people new to RP or those focused on direct PVP with theft, bruising, sneaking etc. And yep, sure RP over Stats, but still those stats and UE matters just as much, especially early on. So can we not have this debate every single time hah?
Hmm. Yeah, after reviewing the "help ue" file, this part really stands out.

"UE is ONLY granted to characters that are online, and not idle, or characters who were online for a period of time (we don't disclose how long) during a particular UE cycle. If you are idle for more than an hour when UE is granted, you will not receive it."

I didn't realize it was undisclosed as a matter of course. Seems like this is a planned feature of UE distribution, and makes sense.

Imho it doesn't affect your character if you earned 2 or 3 UE today.

Yes, it does in the long run, but we don't need another line in the stat sheet for that.

+1 Hek
There are so many things to do ICly that the 3 UE is a good indication of when I should take a break.

As of maybe 3 weeks ago, however, I've noticed UE allotment being a lot more sporadic. I'll see that I haven't earned the 3 UE after 4 or 5 hours of RP and I'll just keep pushing forward to get more things done in a day. I don't understand when the 3 daily UE timer starts, but sometimes I'll put in a full 8 hours and get 0 UE. So maybe it's still counting from the day before?

A counter would help me, at least, better know when to take a break.

As fellow Euro trash, it could definitely be useful for those of us in different timezones to keep track of our UE for sure. We got the automated job indicator, which in itself feels a little weird to actually have on @Stats, so I don't see the issue with having a UE indicator too.
"UE just appears at random, and you can spend it when you like on things you've been RPing."

If you think of this as how the game works instead of worrying when you've earned that last UE for the day, you'll tell better stories. And you should be here to tell stories without worrying about the minutiae of single UE earnings.

Can we maybe just change to ue distribution then to be, well, less finicky and relying on being online at specific times? Best to resolve problem at the core imo. So if you are active daily, you get the 3 ue.
the ue you miss one day is granted another, and is not lost forever. pointless to worry about if you'll still get it in the end
Except that you will fall behind the others. It's a fact, not opinion, and that few ue lost every week will accumulate over few months into a big difference. Hence why people are ue hunting and cares about it.
It's not based on being online at any certain time. Someone is inevitably going to chime in with rulebreaking spoilers about how it does work (even though anyone who groks it should know better), but all I'll say is that if you're playing you're getting UE. People who play more get more.
I'm not gonna talk about how UE is distributed because Vera would beat me with her belt if I did, but I can say that you won't fall behind if you're playing. Unless you're offline for the entire day except an hour or so, you're not going to fall behind.

Also UE isn't a race. Thinking of it as 'falling behind' compared to other players isn't a great mindset.

That's just not true Vera, like at all. I don't need admin view to prove it, just maybe take note of times and experiment.

And what's the downside to just getting there 3 ue on active data, without having to hit slots?


I am going to put this out here once in this thread, even though I am commenting on what I have seen from you over the past couple of weeks and months. I am doing it for two reasons. One, I do care about your mental health and happiness. Two, I'm tired of reading you whining. I am being self serving here, but coming from a place of concern for you.

You seem to be having a really hard time adjusting to playing here. I read what you write and it is borderline playing the victim. Nearly every time an admin or someone who has been playing here for a while comments on your posts, you dismiss what has been said and continue to go on about how you want things to be the way you want them to be.

It might help put your mind at ease if you are able to accept that you are already behind other characters. No amount of UE is going to put you on par with characters who have been alive longer than your character. Even once you both hit max UE, they will have an advantage in gear, or relationships, or other 'rewards' from having been alive longer. It's not at all unlike life in that way. A five year old taking Tae Kwon Do is not going to beat a twenty-five year old Navy SEAL in a fist fight. It doesn't matter how much they optimize their training.

Regarding characters at or near the same level as your character, your character is going to be roughly equal to them until one of you perms. 10-20 UE worth of skill and stat expenditure one way or another is not going to make much, if any difference.

Eventually your character will live long enough that they will be at the point that they are superior to other characters. That superiority will be a natural result of having been 'alive' longer in the game.

To throw you an olive branch here, I will admit to keeping a spreadsheet on my first character (until I saw a BB post stating that such things aren't allowed). I was hyper focused on UE accumulation, much like you and other players in this thread are. I will tell you, based on my own observations that it balances out. I have some pretty serious computer addiction issues, and play at all times of the day and night. I have seen the ups and downs and irregularities of the system. But whoever wrote the code knew what they were doing, and it all balances out in the end.

Now before you respond, go back and read what I wrote at the beginning of this post. I realize that what I wrote is probably not what you want to hear. I realize that you probably didn't "listen" to anything that I, or anyone else wrote that doesn't align with what you want the "answer" to be.

In this case, the answer, whether you like it or not is, play the game and spend the UE when you get it. Sindome is a roleplaying experience, not a number crunching, min-maxing, out optimizing other characters type of game. (At least, not until you hit max UE. Once you get there, take your character re-roll and give it your best shot. But even then, you're not going to be "the best".)

I sincerely hope that you take what I wrote here seriously. You really seem to be having a hard time adjusting to playing here. And the sense I get from the tone of your posts is that you are pretty stressed out and not really have much fun. You are coming across as a victim. A victim of a situation that you are creating for yourself by the way you choose to think about and respond to things.

@hek I didn't read past first paragraph, as you are just plain wrong. Keep your post like that to somewhere else, maybe personal diary. I say this out of concern.
i really don't see how you could gather that he was "wrong" from just the first paragraph, since he hadn't even made any points yet, but okay

Where Hek is he.

It's enough too see tv psychologist babble of nonsense.
Hek is my new fav.
@Marleen Allow me to summarize Hek's points without the psychobabbly bullshit

On occasion shut up when people with more experience tell you, you are wrong.

You'll be equal with your peers so long as you don't take long breaks.

You'll always be unequal with someone who's been around longer.

10-20 UE means nothing in the scale of 2.8 years.

Shut up, stop thinking of systems, and play, as much as the systems are a metric of progress, only you can measure your own IC progress.

So umm, back on topic, I sometimes have to play for 8+ hours before I'll get my daily UE.

And sometimes I'll get 1-2 UE when I'm not logged in.

I don't know what changed but it's messing with my ability to determine whether or not I'm participating enough.

sometimes i get all three of my ue for a day in the span of 2 hours because im rping a fuckload

just do that

exaggeration, but i look one second, i only have 1 ue. a scene or two later, bam, three
That's not you getting UE when you're 'not logged in'.
"I don't know what changed but it's messing with my ability to determine whether or not I'm participating enough."

UE has nothing to do with this. You're participating enough when you're involved in RP, part of plots, making peoples lives awesome, making peoples lives miserable, or are generally part of the story. Please refer to my post before this thread went crazy-go-nuts off the rail.

UE is a tool that provides progress for those who are online and playing. If you ignore it as a primary reason to play, and think of it as something to use when it makes sense, your life will be better.

Yes, I'm saying I do that. I don't think I've ever successfully had a day where I've gotten to a pausing point in less than two hours.

Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to not pass out with my phone on my face, feeling like I haven't contributed enough in a day, simply because I've either miscounted UE, or I don't fully understand UE meting.

Is there some amount of time where you haven't earned a UE that it's safe to assume you've gotten all of them in a day? Yesterday I was RPing for nearly 3 hours and got only 1 UE after 2.5 hours.

Dreamer is saying that you shouldn't feel like you 'did not contribute' because you didn't get UE/miscounted it/forgot it.

Have I said it's a primary reason for playing? No.

I see it as a good gauge of whether or not I'm contributing enough to the world.

Apologies, but I thought you made it clear it was a very important part by saying "Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to not pass out with my phone on my face, feeling like I haven't contributed enough in a day, simply because I've either miscounted UE, or I don't fully understand UE meting."

I was trying to tell you that the amount of UE is in no way related to how much you contribute. If you are an incredible contributor, you probably get max UE a day because you're online a lot, or maybe not. Its very possible to push plots and drive story playing a few hours a day, or only a fe days a week.

UE does not equal contribution.

Apologies, but I thought you made it clear it was a very important part by saying "Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to not pass out with my phone on my face, feeling like I haven't contributed enough in a day, simply because I've either miscounted UE, or I don't fully understand UE meting."

I was trying to tell you that the amount of UE is in no way related to how much you contribute. If you are an incredible contributor, you probably get max UE a day because you're online a lot, or maybe not. Its very possible to push plots and drive story playing a few hours a day, or only a fe days a week.

UE does not equal contribution.

UE gains are also intentionally obfuscated to avoid people logging in exactly when they need to each day to "farm" it. Of course, people figure it out after a while, but it's not advertised so it builds habit forming to RP and not to "farm" to git gud.
Yes, RPing is addictive. The issue is that I was using UE as a way to reason with myself to call it a day, when I should be using external factors to know when I should @quit.
Just as a simple hotfix, if you look at your UE when you log out for the day, you will know what tomorrow's cap is. If you have 4 UE when you log out, when you get to 7 tomorrow you'll have maxed out.

My problem is that I'm usually online stradling the daily 'rollover' . So I don't know if I'm on yesterday's UE or tomorrow's UE when I log off. Thank you for the suggestion though.

i plan to start spending my ue weekly, and just counting each sunday or monday before spending. easy way to track
Agreed. I can never trust the number I go to sleep with any more.

But I'll set alarms to go to sleep, and learn how to end RP faster.

why do you need to track it just play sindome

Some skills don't allow you to 'accomplish' anything of note until you're at a certain point in learning. Without getting into specifics, I got hammered for something I didn't think involved a certain skill, so now I'm racing to dump UE into said skill to fit about two months of prior RP.

Just as a one off example.

@Vera: I already explained myself. I could easily play Sindome for 18 hours a day without ever having a dull moment. I used the 3 UE as a reason to stop instead of, you know, being smart and setting a go to sleep already alarm.
Red: Did you get hammered or did your character? And you don't raise UE to retroactively make things make sense. Your character was full of shit and overestimated their talents. That happens a lot IRL and IC. Sounds like RP to me.

YNK: I usually go to sleep when I'm tired and that works for me so maybe try not letting a computer game dominate your life.

Thanks Vera that's solid advice. 🙄

I can't help that Sindome is the best game ever. 😁

Yep, to second what Vera said in response to RedSteelButterfly's post, if your character has been claiming something IC that they can't back up mechanically...

Option 1: bullshit your way to success.

Option 2: politely inform your loyal customer that you actually aren't as shit-hot as you thought you were and go do your UE spending until you are.

Either way, that's down to your choice of UE spending, and I don't see a daily UE gague helping. Find an IC mentor to teach you how to be a good (insert role here).

In general though, just play and let the UE roll in. A few UE really will not matter too much to your RP, and if you do find you fall behind your nemesis or whatever, well... There's ways and means of dealing with that without even looking at the stats screen.

It was more of an OOC disagreement on what skill applied to a particular thing, and me acquiescing to a GM's opinion.
You make it sound like that's a two-sided argument.

No such thing with a GM if you want to stick around.

That’s not true. Argue like an adult and have a point.
Good to know Grizzly, what is my vehicle to do this? Here on the forum is obviously a poor choice because of the lack of specifics allowed. In the middle of the RP amidst other players seems like a poor choice as well. Would you suggest xhelping and hoping the GM who is puppeteering the NPC you're interacting with is the one who picks up the call?
You wrap up what you are doing, go somewhere like a cube, and initiate your grievances in a calm and reasonable manner. You are allowed to do this. Trust me.
Just to space, using the OOC command, and pray? I'm not sure I understand.
Take your character to an isolated spot where you won't potentially be bothered. It can be an IC place or you can use the @ooc command. Xhelp and ask to speak someone with a brief explanation of why. Wait for an answer. Sometimes different staff need to talk with you. Sometimes there isn't time. Be calm and reasonable like Grizzly said.

It works.

Nevermind. Do you.

I am legitimately asking, no reason to be snippy.

It’s hard to explain something most people would find to be common sense.

Your reply of just hit the command and pray comes off as someone who is not receptive to the suggestion, but if I misunderstood that for sarcasm I apologize.

I argue with the gms all the time. Everytime they xhelp me I imagine them gearing up and getting ready because I am prepared to argue my point of view if I believe in it. The key is not losing your bearing and go right to to “wtf you got this all fucked up fuck you motherfuxkers reeee” (I have been staff side and have gotten these types of xhelp before)

If you calmly and collectively present your points in a manner which is reasonable, you will get far. The GM’s are mostly reasonable adults. Even Cerberus, the guy you were all afraid to chat with, was reasonable with me. It is all how you talk to someone. Some of you guys can’t talk to the gms because you can’t compose yourselves. If they are acting like keyboard warriors to you for no reason, then utilize the email and air your grievance with the head admin. This is kinda normal adult behavior stuff.


The reason for my response is the lack of information I perceived in your response. I was uncertain if you were implying that the staff who I had been interacting with would still be watching me explicitly, so using the ooc command would be preferable, or if Xhelp was the way to proceed, or perhaps some other command that I am unfamiliar with (or even a way of knowing who and communicating directly with the staff I had been interacting with).

Based upon the clarification in this reply, and those others have provided, it seems like xhelp is indeed the way to go, so thank you!

Oh yeah you can totally xhelp or leave ooc notes if you have concerns or need things explained. Staff is cool like that.
Just because it seems like it might not be the impression of some people who play the game, my impression of Staff has been that they're very nice and very helpful. Be nice to them and they'll be equally kind back.
Thanks for the suggestion. This is not something we will be doing. I think the reasons why we will not do this are covered in the help file. I apologize to anyone on the line of when the days turn over, but based on the way the code works, you won't be getting more or less RP. UE is distributed evenly over time, and the 'day' is an artificial construct. You will have the same opportunity to gain UE if you play all morning, or all evening, or morning and evening, regardless of if your morning is Sindome morning, or Sindome afternoon or Sindome evening. UE is not distributed 2 an hour. Anyone who checked and had 1 ue and checked and had 3 ue five minutes later, got UE from Playtips and didn't realize it. It's a number of hours between when UE is dished out.
Thanks for the reply Slither!
i still want to try and find all the playtips no matter what