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[2019] Year End Improvements Wrap up
TLDR On the Improvements & Fixes We Made in 2019!

Hey Everyone!

It's the end of the year. I've been doing rolling monthly update threads since December of 2018. I decided to take some time and go through the entire years worth of updates, big and small, and pull out the ones that are the most impactful and cool, group them into sections, and post a year end wrapup report for everyone to see. I left out a LOT of stuff. If you are interested in the dozens of quality of life improvements or bug fixes we have done this year, check out the monthly threads. When I combined everything before I edited it down, it was 1500 lines long! I think this is much more manageable.

I'm so proud of the entire staff, from the builders to the coders to the GMs, as well as the Fix-It channel, and every single one of you that has contributed in some way to the game this year. Thank you so much for making 2019 one of our most productive years ever. You all have my enduring gratitude for your hard work and committment to making this the best game it can possibly be.


The MOO now supports 256 colors! The webclient has been updated accordingly. This was a giant effort. Way too much to go into here. Check out the 256 Colors thread for more information.


Admin can now edit BGBB posts, lock BGBB posts, and pin BGBB posts.

There are now glyphs on any locked or pinned posts both on the thread listing page and on the BGBB thread itself to represent if a post is locked or pinned.



You now need to 'inspect' drugs to get an idea of how potent they are instead of 'look'ing at them. This also means that checking for a drug's potency repeatedly will not give you fluctuating values.


It is now possible for us to add scripts which will give players messages when they take a hit from a drug. Currently, these experiences focus on how the character feels, or what they are experiencing. I have opened this up on Fix-It and the Scripting forum for players to contribute to.

Each script has 12 different messages. Each hit of a drug will show you one of these messages. I've chosen to show only one message per hit since some drugs are taken more regularly. As time goes on and you use a drug, you'll start to get a feel for the experience.

I have purposefully not made this a very intrusive or elongated experience. Just one message of flavor per hit. Once folks have had a chance to use this new code-- I'll look for feedback on if it should be multiple messages, or if one seems to be the sweet spot.

All drugs and slap patches now have experience scripts thanks to Fix-It!


All drugs now have custom withdrawal scripts thanks to Fix-It!


We've run through all of the drugs and further balanced their effects. Some drugs had a small benefit that was outweighed by a much larger penalty like some would raise one stat by X points then reduce another stat by twice X, that didn't seem realistic or useful. This wasn't the case for all, some just required small tweaks.

I've balanced all of these so that the positives should definitely outweigh the negatives while on them. I didn't change any of the actual stats effected except for one or two places, and you'll have to experiment ICly to figure out what those were.

Drug addiction has been refactored and updated. See this thread for more detailed info.


Taking a drug will stop a withdrawal that is currently happening. See this thread for more detailed info:


Toxin binders will now reduce your chances of becoming addicted to a drug. You can still get addicted if you do lots of drugs, you just have less of a chance/it will take longer with toxin binders.


I've updated almost all the drugs that were lasting 10-20 minutes to last longer. I've also reduced some of the lengths for penalties on various drugs. I haven't touched what drugs are doing, or what their after effect penalties are, just adjusted how long the drug and the after effects last. This is in an effort to address some of the complaints folks have made about drugs not lasting long, or being difficult to use in combat situations because they wear off. Combat drugs now last a minimum of 30 minutes.



I have compiled all our scripting posts from the past 20 years into a nice guide to help you get started.

Website Updates


Over the years I've recorded a fair amount of audio content for or around the game. Most of the links are dead now, but I booted up three old laptops and pulled the original MP3 files off of all of them and created a new audio page.

It includes a number of admin podcasts, player perspective podcasts, and some of the music (rap) I've made about the game (most of it written ICly and then recorded OOCly) over the years. Don't worry, I know it's not very good. It's meant to be enjoyable and funny.

Check out the page here:

Bounty Hunting


These are pruned routinely.


If you register as an agent, it uses your SIC. Meaning you could technically get a SIC rip and not be dead and need to re-register with your new SIC. Or someone could rip your SIC and cancel your bounties. This was already the case. However, if a SIC is inactive for a period of time (it has been ripped, the person who had it is dead) the bounties placed with that SIC will be pruned after a bit.


If you get a rip and your SIC goes inactive for a period of time (not saying how long) the bounty system will remove you as an agent. This will also cancel all your bounties.


When you don't pay your loans you get added to the bounty terminal. For a 5k loan (paying back 6) it was putting you in for 1k. This has been updated to be 50% of the loan, so if you took out a 5k loan and were paying by 6k, you'll now get a bounty of 3k instead of 1k.


Loansharks will now not give you a loan if you do not have a SIC. Loansharks now capture your SIC and description and use it to monitor you during your time in debt to them.

Loansharks have been passing along bounties to the bounty agencies when someone does not pay. This was a bit meta. It is much improved now.

1. Your description is passed

2. Your SIC id is passed

3. Your SIC alias is passed

4. Your GIVEN NAME (the name you gave to the city when you entered or got your SIC) is passed.

No more 'character name' being passed.

This should make the system much less meta. This is not a retroactive change, meaning old bounties will still show the meta-ish info, while new debts that turn into bounties will not.



We gave forensics a much needed overhaul, expanding what it is capable of and also limiting what those without the skill are able to gauge from looking or inspecting a corpse. This includes having the corpse use the nakeds of the person it belonged to, having gear not drop like a loot chest in a video game, and more. Full details on what you can expect can be found in the Corpse Changes thread.


Cyberware now needs to be ripped from a corpse! An entire system has been developed around this, offering much greater support for those interested in playing a ripper doc character. Full details in the Cyberware Ripping thread.


Corpses now support being disfigured. Currently the only way to disfigure a corpse is by throwing a molotov cocktail at it, which will cause it to burn. This will change its name, obfuscating the gender. It will also obfuscate all the nakeds, the build, the height, the ancestry, the eye color, the hair color and hair style.

The corpse description will be updated to show 'indeterminate' for these items. Inspect without a forensics kit will show indeterminate for the height/weight.

The corpse will no longer show the 'short description' of the person who it used to belong to. It will now say 'an indeterminate person'. This is also the case for when a corpse is very decayed.

You can molotov a corpse multiple times to add to the disfigurement, though that isn't needed to simply obfuscate the nakeds for the average person.

In the future we can add other ways to disfigure a corpse. Like spraypainting it, slicing it up, exploding it, etc.


You can now throw a molotov cocktail at a corpse. This will disfigure the corpse (see update on that below) and also burn up everything the corpse has on them (aside from things that are typically salvageable from fire). That means weapons, armor, electronics, all go up in flames. This won't cause a fire like if it were thrown into the room, and it won't damage anyone in the room. It just burns the corpse with some messaging.

When you can't loot, and you don't want to get caught or leave much evidence, this is a good option :)


You can now 'deface corpse with spray' to deface a corpse with spray paint. This will let you tag a corpse. Great for gangers and solos that want to leave a message! This also has the effect of obfuscating certain nakeds, thereby making forensics slightly more important during investigations.


You can now use a cyberware scanner to check a corpse for warez. It works exactly like it does on alive people.


If you are looking to harvest cyberware from a corpse, certain things such as location can make a difference. It will be easier to detect cyberware while rooting around in a corpse when you are in a clinic or cyber clinic. The same is now true if you are in possession of a cyberware scanner, and the most recent scan you conducted was on the corpse you are about to to harvest from.


Based on feedback, I have moved these reminders to the new read-only Tip-Line channel.

New tip-line message reminds folks to use proper punctuation on the SIC.

Reminder: Your character's charisma stat should play into how you write your '@describe' and '@naked' messages. If your character has bad charisma it is bad form to describe them as attractive. Your character's short description will begin to show their attractiveness at higher levels of charisma.

Reminder: The 'memorize' command can be used to have your character remember things like your cube code. You can view everything you have with 'memory'. How much your character can remember is based on their stats. 'help memorize' has more information!

There is now a reminder for us having '@good-answer' so new players will know how to reward folks with karma.

I've added a reminder that we have help files which will be shown twice within the first hour or two a new player is connected.

A new reminder that you haven't set your skintone is in the $reminder_utils so anyone without a skintone will be reminded to set one.

I've added two new reminders based on feedback from the Townhall. These messages will be shown twice, as part of the reminder onboarding.

1. Where's the party: this tells folks that we have this feature and how to use it

2. What's the chatter: this tells folks that we have this feature and how to use it



There was a weird bug in guarded posture where if you counter attacked while dual wielding your weapon would switch, but then get silently switched back. This was due to an attempt to fix a bug where guns were shooting to counter attack instead of hand to hand. It may now be possible for guns, in some rare lucky situations, to shoot someone when you counter attack. This won't be common, but it could happen and I'm OK with that. GunFu and all that.

In general though, this bug fix makes it so that you will correctly switch weapons when you execute a counter attack while guarded.


Up until now, if someone was guarding an exit, be they PC or NPC, you would have no idea unless you tried to walk through the exit and got pushed back (or let through if you were a friend).

This has changed. When you enter a room you will see, similar to how you see grapples or people aiming or in combat, those who are guarding an exit, and what exit they are guarding.


These two cyberware weapons are pretty underutilized. After talking with the staff, the common theme is that because they cause you to take damage when you block they are subpar compared to a regular knife or brass knux, especially when you consider the cost and the PDS. So, we're experimenting. These will both parry without taking damage now. Same as if you were holding a butterfly knife or scalpel or brass knux. We'll see if that causes their usage to pick up.


Aiming is a hostile action that stops people from moving / taking certain actions. Newbie PK immunity meant that someone who was being aimed at didn't have many options while being aimed at by a newbie, and it was possible for combat to happen without removing PK immunity as well due to aiming.

Aiming now removes PK immunity when someone does it.


When you attack someone or attacked, both you and the attack will become aware of each other in the same way you would if you 'address '. This will ensure that you see actions they take after the combat begins (such as flee, get, etc). Up until now, on crowded streets, even if someone attacked you head on, you might miss them picking up your weapon that they disarmed, or not see their attempt to flee and only see them head west after the fact.


As many of you have heard we have newbie protection that prevents newbies from being attacked, etc for a period of time after entering the dome. This can be removed by certain violent actions. However... uh... when I added the code to broadcast to game-help that a new player had entered the city, instead of 'reading' if they had newbie immunity, I uh... was removing it. So, no one had immunity. It's been fixed. Sorry about that new players from the last... /shrug amount of time. That's my bad.


This will now cost you a combat round if you do it during combat. Includes verifying for retinals.


You can no longer aim through exits that you can't see through. For the purpose of aiming, these exits are now treated just like closed doors used to be treated.


Dual wielding now offers a penalty/neutral/bonus depending on your skill with the off hand weapon.


No more handing live (pulled pin) grenades to people.



We have a variety of SIC substitutions for our randomized SIC messages. You've probably noticed them. Things like '%person just shit all over %corp, they the best %archetype. Heard they love %bar.'

These were a bit out of date. I've updated them with recent important people, places, bars, clothing types, corps, etc. Thanks to Mobius for flagging this to me.


I've reviewed and updated all ambient population messages except Blue. I've toned down the ones about gangers murdering each other, and toned up the messaging around crime on Gold to better represent that it does exist. I've fixed some typos, and added a few additional flavor texts.


I've refactored our ambient population editor to make it much better, easier to use (though it's still difficult due to how many different classes of message we have) and made it something that Builders can do and not something that has to be done by coders. This should allow us to better edit these messages and update them on a more regular basis.



The alarms were going off inside the vehicle only and not being shown to the surrounding area. Whoops. That is fixed by the same change that fixes shouting in vehicles.


The following applies to certain vehicle security systems (the non bargain basement ones). When you attempt to break in or hot wire a vehicle a new check will be run for if you are able to do it without tripping an alarm. If you trip the alarm, you may still succeed, but the alarm on the vehicle will go off, notifying the area. It will also broadcast on the SIC with the fact it's being tampered with and its location. In the future we may make it so Judges or gangers auto respond to situations like this.


You can now deface vehicles with graffiti using the deface command.


You can now use solvent to clean vehicles with solvent. This requires skill. Same as cleaning other defacements.

All of these changes apply to motorcycles as well.



The amount of locker availability has been increased in the game.


For a while we've had a set of standard price modifiers for places like Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Space, Badlands, etc. But they were not being applied across the board because it was a manual setting on each shop or purchase terminal.

We've standardized and centralized this so that all stores, and all purchase kiosks now have a set of sane defaults based on the level / location. They can still be overridden, but this way when we set a new place up, it will automatically have the default modifier for the sector it's set up in.


Based on feedback from GMs and Players, we have adjusted the payout for gangers buying weapons they want from 100% to 75%. This should give fixers who buy these weapons at the market the ability to still make a profit, and anyone coming into one of these weapons by nefarious means, will also have the ability to profit.

Previously we had these set to 50%, but that was too low, 100% is too high. We'll see how 75% does.


If you own a bar and you can 'manage bar' on the actual bar object, you will now see a list of authorized users when you run the command. Kinda crazy that this wasn't a thing already :)


Per Dreamer flagging to me that employment terms hire the new person at whatever tier the job was last at, I've updated the terms to do the following things:

1. You will get prompted when you hire someone, as to what tier you want to hire them into. This will include the salary info for each tier.

2. When you fire someone the position will reset to 'Junior' or whatever the lowest tier is, and that is what will be displayed in the list of jobs.

3. There is now a prompt when you fire someone to confirm you want to fire them.

For GMs this means that there will be less demoting people after hiring them.

For players it means that $chatter won't be all wonky with demotions after hiring.

It may take a bit for some of the old jobs that are vacant to reset to 'Junior' but I didn't want to manually fix them all since regardless of what they are set at you have the option to hire them.

Let me know of any issues.


Players will not be able to stock more than 99 items on a shelf in a store from now on. If there are already more than 99 items, you won't be able to stock anything new on it until its 98 or less.


Player run stores can have up to 5 shelves in total. No More. :)



Rental units that are vacant and available to be rented now communicate their relative size (along with the price and how frequent you'll have to pay) when you 'check' a door.

The sizes are communicating that the unit has:

A Small unit will have less than 3 rooms,

A Medium unit will have more than 2 rooms and less than 6 rooms

A Large unit will have more than 5 rooms.

Please note that this is not a measure of quality. Quality is generally reflected according to where in the city the rental is.



We made a ton of updates to disguise in late 2018 and early 2019. You can check out all the updates and more information on the new system in the Disguise Updates thread.


There is a new set of code that will run each time you move while disguised. It will run a basic skill check to see if you meet a minimum requirement on your skill roll (which uses stats as well). If you do not meet this requirement / fail the roll, your disguise score will be reduced slightly. Thus, folks who are able to disguise up but have no disguise skill will be more likely to drop their disguise more quickly. This is a result of folks using disguise a lot without actually having the skill, and us balancing things.



They will now properly guard exits when bossed around, and will auto unguard after 30ish minutes.


Ganger NPCs will now say a message to the person that just tried to walk through their guard of an exit, if they are allowing them through it will be a friendly 'go on by' if they are being blocked, it will be a 'fuck off'. This gives a bit more feedback when NPCs are interacting with the room.


This system has been completely refactored and is now in line with current standards and practices. NPCs will react based on a variety of things such as liking/hating/faction standing/location. Much more themely. Check out more details on this in the NPC Reaction to Dipping thread.


This code has been overhauled and will now ignore space and badlands. It will also tell you parties based on level. So if there is shit going on on multiple levels, your bartender friends who got those connections, can tell you.

The code is also smarter now-- it will include puppeted NPCs.

It will also ignore locations that do not meet a specific minimum (not saying what that minimum is as it could change. So if there is one dude at a bar on blue, you aren't getting notified.


NPCs should begin spawning more often now, and in higher numbers. I'm keeping an eye on the stats but we are looking to get all our groups filled up to Max on a regular basis.

Reducing Bloat


I have finished converting all photo colors to the new system. And have dumped them to disk. They are now lazy loaded when needed and not stored in memory as they were up until now. Before the photos were written to disk we were a FAT 142 megabytes. After writing photos to disk we are a slim 115 megabytes.


This is a special system which calls special verbs on many different objects. These verbs prune things from various objects. For example: the text that is stored for gps displays-- basically forever, after they are generated. It's not needed and it takes up space. Another example would be photos that are in memory. It prunes them back to disk. This code isn't new, we've been working on it and improving it for about 3 years. However, we were running it manually now and then. It's now been $scheduled and will run automatically once a week.

When it runs you'll see a notification on game-help as it might cause a tiny bit of lag since it's writing a lot to disk (and it uses a fair amount of CPU while it's running).

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner is running... cleaning the MOO up like a boss. Could cause a teeny bit of lag while it's running.

[-][Game-Help] [SYS-MSG] Autopruner has finished running and cleaned up 535 bytes

It'll probably prune about 2-3 megs each run-- mostly photos. But it will keep us nice and healthy.


Brand new event streaming system available to some NPCs. This system gathers info about the IC world and makes it available via various NPCs, provided you meet the requirements/skillchecks/pay money depending on the NPC. This was a big addition to the game world this year and has quickly become a goto tool for people to gather information. Also, it reduces meta by reminding people that the wider world is watching! Please see full thread for more details.

Misc Improvements & QOL Updates


@options proom will no longer be used when you enter a location. This will now use your skin tone (if exposed). @options proom will continue to control how people appear in a room description when you look. You can set your skin tone with @skin me.


You can now view your pending puppet requests in addition to having the option to cancel them.


'speaking' has been updated to show the language in red so that you can more easily identify it when you use the command.


You will have noticed that we have lots more shrouded folks wandering around, and we added code today that will update their look place messages to a number of different ones.


We've added a new tutorial for teaching new folks how to move, including sneaking and basic overview of doors.


Socials can now be personalized. Much cool.


@giphy and the new GIPHY-gifs channel should be where folks put that sort of thing if they’re just sharing random stuff, but it’s ok to post links and image/vid shares in ooc chat still


You can now use the 'expose' command for two purposes:

1. Break your disguise. You can do this using 'expose face' or 'expose myself'. This will make it easy to change your hairstyle or use makeup without being 'disguised' if you want. Or to reveal your identity without removing the disguise item.

2. Quickly show an @naked off without having to undress. This is done using 'expose PART/S'. 'PART/S' are typically @naked names like 'left foot' or 'head'. But it can also be things like 'hands' or 'feet' or 'legs'. When exposing something under your clothing, this is essentially your character moving the clothing aside long enough for others to see. Using expose this way does not break your disguise.


You can not deface security gear with spraypaint. Read more about this in the Defacing Security Gear thread.


The new @personality command is now available for all players to use. Please consider it a tool to help you further define who your character is for yourself and for staff. Other players will not see this information.


You can now ONLY transfer funds from account to account via a SIC alias. This means:

* no more knowing someone is disguised because you can't transfer funds to them.

* no more transferring funds to people without a SIC

* no more using someones 'name' to transfer funds even if they don't actually use that name and your character doesn't know it.


This now has an alias of 'fh' to make it easier to type and harder to typo. Help file for hands has been updated. Dreamer's idea.


Glance or gl typed on it's own will now default to glancing at yourself the same way 'ht' does. Dreamer's idea.


There is now an alias for this: 'stop att' will do the same thing, but is easier to type in the midst of battle. Dreamer's idea.


Anyone joining OOC-Chat will now be given a unique alias 'Someone1234' where 1234 is a unique integer for each new person to join. This should lead to less confusion where people have the same alias of 'Someone'.


When you attempt to 'steam item from person' and they have multiple of item, it will now pick a randomized one (if possible) and have you attempt to steal it.


In an effort to curtail dumping a bunch of UE into any single skill or stat to become instantly a badass at something, we have put a new restriction on how much you can raise any given stat or skill by in a 24 hour period. We'll keep a log of what you've raised over the last 24 hours and prevent you from raising anything too much too fast.

To be clear, you should still be able to save up enough for single adjective changes. We wanted to preserve the possibility of this sort of 'sense of progress'.


The game will now generate weights based on your height and build. This means that the weight range for thin, average and husky characters varies based on their exact height.

Going forward there should no longer be any height/build/weight combos generated that are unrealistic or out of the box. On the flip side, if you don’t like the exact numbers generated you have but one recourse: Get change them ICly.


You can now use @options pose to turn on an echo of your pose. You will see it as an uninvolved observer would see it.


The 'hide' command has been updated to prevent hiding your person in situations that don't make sense. You can no longer hide yourself when grappling, being grappled, sitting, guarding, recovering, or riding.

The 'hide ITEM' command has been updated to prevent hiding an item in all the situations above plus when handcuffed. Also, there was existing code that was supposed to make you hold an item you wanted to hide that did not work but this is fixed. You have to hold a thing to hide it.

As this change has the potential to be pretty impactful and involved a fair amount of refactoring, please be sure to let us know if you notice anything odd. Provide any feedback you may have. Thanks!


Based on feedback from the Town Hall, we have added the ability to change your SIC color. @options sic will will bring up a menu of colors you can choose from, picking one will change all SIC you see(ca, cm, cc, cr, etc) and all incoming SIC to this color. It will not allow you to change individual SIC function colors, all SIC traffic will be changed to this new color.

help sic-color has been created and contains how to use this feature.


This will turn on temp_place emoting which means when you change your temp_place it automatically emotes out the change for you. This feature is beta, and in testing. You can use it, but if we end up not liking it, it might be removed.


When you @trust someone it will send them an OOC notification that you have done so, this should reduce the awkwardness of someone not being sure if they have been trusted to do an action that ICly they obviously have been trusted to do.


SkinWriters now allow the proper removal of most tattoos - with one notable exception that should be discovered ICly.



When an admin updates a help file it will push a notification out to Game-Help.


Polished the way help files are presented, including flagging forwarder help files, columnizing, and coloring.


A LOT of new info here, please check out the help files for more info.


I've updated the door help file to be much less confusing. You can 'help codelock' to view it or 'help exitname' if you are at your door.


Before now it was impossible to tell what help files were updated when without looking at the help file itself. Now we have a handy list of recently updated help files.

'help recent' will display the 25 most recently updated help files.


Updating our helpfiles is important. We need to keep up with changing code, changing policies, and a changing level of information that players require both at the start of their Sindome journey and at various points along the way. Here's a list of all the help files we updated in 2019.

graffiti, drugs, deathball, codelock, advantages, xhelp, summary, style, @sleaze_action, sell, pickpocket, @quit, sex, sit, health, guns, staff, disease, sectors, social_class, disguise, channels, ansi, colors, client-colors, @skintone, logos, @shortdesc, expose, painting, subterfuge skills, drive, chatter, socials, support_gm examine, player examine, intuitive, feeler, perceiver, introvert, personality, stop, combat, hands, death, shi, computer science skills, creator, respec, pickpocket, membership, ooc-chat, metagaming, support_gm, pose, aim, roleplaying, social_class, bleed, membership, weather, chatter, sic, sic-color, job, @describe, respec, props, support_gm, watcher, agent, creator, @vote, ooc-chat, staff, health, feeler, flee, FOIG, forbidden, game-help, game-mechanics, glance, go, grab, grid, gridmail, guns, hairstyle, help, home, hotel, immigration, introduction, inventory, jump, karma, languages, leasing, notes, loot, expose, tip-line, subterfuge skills, membership, deface, painting, dcd, help, tattoo, writing-history, player, switchto

Bugs Backlog

We reviewed the bugs backlog which was at 575 items and reduced that to 130. This was done by fixing many bugs, closing a ton of duplicates, marking several hundred from 2017 and 2018 as obsolete as as they were fixed previously, we have more recent submissions about the bug, or they are so old that we won't be able to triage them properly.


We are done to 76 typos. We were at 200+ at the start of 2019.

That's it! You did it. You read the year end wrap up. This thread is unlocked. Feel free to comment. Thank you so much for checking it out.

Happy Holidays, Mixah.

-- Slither

(Edited by Slither at 11:41 pm on 12/27/2019)

(Edited by Slither at 11:48 pm on 12/27/2019)

I can't imagine Sindome without all of these amazing updates. Thank you everyone for making Sindome the best roleplaying experience ever.