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[December 2018] Improvements Recap
Recap of this months game improvements all in one place!

Welcome to the December 2018 Game Improvements, Bug Fixes, and New Features Recap Thread! We will be creating one of these each month to recap all the improvements we've made to the game throughout the month, and to offer a centralized place for folks to come check out, instead of having to dig through a bunch of different BGBB posts. It's also great because we/you/everyone can tweet out, share, FB, whatever, this single post.

Sindome is a Cyberpunk RPG, and we are constantly making changes to the MOO code to improve the game. Here is what we worked on in December of 2018.


To provide a foundation for future improvements, we have centralized skill checks. A repository with each check given a useful yet succinct label and set of parameters that define how that check should be performed. Each Check Configuration lets us declare what skills it can leverage, what stats will be tested, if there are modifier inputs, how those are determined, if the check defines its own difficulty, or if it knows how to calculate the difficulty, and so on.

More Info


We've added a new message when you look at someone, which shows you info about their clothing. This info is an indicator of how nicely/poorly they are dressed as well as the condition of their clothes. It is not STATIC. If you are in the MIX you will see different messaging than if you look at someone topside. This should help enforce the divide. Someone dressed expensively in the mix might be a garbage person topside :)

This is an amazing improvement and should really help everyone better understand and enforce the divide, as well as provide consistent work for tailors, and a reason for tailors to continue to improve their skills. Also, material matters a lot.

More Info


If you inspect a piece of clothing before @finalizing it, and then again after, you will get a new inspect message post-finalization now.


It's hard to do a TLDR on this because there is a lot to cover, so we really want everyone who is interested to read the post linked below after the TLDR.

Disguise has been completely overhauled and now instead of a single score you get for wearing a disguising item, you can build a disguise up with multiple disguising components like hair styling, wigs, contacts, helmets, masks, shrouds, ponchos, and more.

And tailors using special machines can create custom wigs and contacts which have custom tailored messaging for the @nakeds.

More Info


The inspection on this to show if it's armored, along with other details will now work properly.


You won't wake up with your eyes/head disguised if you die with these on (Thanks to Meph for the fix).


You can use a mirror to see how 'in place' your disguise is.

More Info


Shrouded NPCs will now spawn on Red and wander around before unspawning, thus making it harder to meta who someone is/is not.

More Info


NPCs will now call for and take player taxis.

More Info


To better support NPCs taking Taxis, we needed to allow PC taxi drivers to eject people from their cabs. This is something NPCs could already do so we're just allowing PCs to do the same thing.

More Info


Previously you could set secondary codes on doors for apartments, but they didn't always sync to the inner door, per popular request, this has been fixed.

More Info


You can't shoot through bulletproof windows that don't open, anymore.


If your window (actual window objects like at AC) didn't have a view, it should now have a default view. This view can be changed per sector or window, as we see fit, based on the type of view you should be seeing. This is for the case where there isn't an actual room to show you the view of (like the southern most apartments of AC don't have anything actually behind them, despite the Mix really being larger than is shown in the IC world).


From now on, when you install security equipment and decide to hide it, it's going to use the same code as hiding an item in a room instead of the same low hide score across the board. This won't effect already installed stuff, so you'll have to go reinstall that if you want it to be more difficult to find. This means if you're really good at hiding stuff, your hidden cameras will be harder to detect.


You can no longer hide a camera/mic/whatever in a room that is too small to hide something in normally. We missed a check and were allowing this when we shouldn't have been!


Your wallet acrobatics should actually work now. Taking stuff out of a wallet in your pocket successfully will actually take it out.


This was out of hand. People had like 5000 tolerance. There is now a max of 250 which will set anyone higher than that to 250 on the next drink they take. For those of you who were drinking with impunity, please now realize you will get drunk if you have like 10 vodkas.

More Info


This was a fun one. Due to a previous bug fix with unintended side effects, you could trash a spiked drink (like a moloko) and the drug it was spiked with would pop out magically!

This is no longer the case :)


You can no longer look at items in containers (scabards, holsters, wallets, briefcases) that are not open.


Makeshift barriers and manhole covers and the like will now require both of your hands be free before you can move them from the side where they were set up.

Nothing has changed about charging through them though, this is still setup such that you can have stuff in your hands, like a pick axe or other tool.


Type 'help immigration' to see our policy on corporate immigration.


Thanks to player help We've forwarded several help files to the proper place, so people get the information they want when they need it.


We've updated 'help jump' which was forwarded to from a variety of topics, to include more information on how rooftops work, and how to use their various commands like jump/shove/attach.


We've added yellow text at the top of the help command that shows you the help you searched for.

We've also added a line that tells you that you are accessing a forwarded help file. So for instance if you type 'help edge' you will see a message about help edge redirecting to jump. This should help to better inform everyone about what help files they are looking at!


We've updated the messaging when someone is OOC from a room such that it just shows a count of how many people are OOC from the room rather than showing who. This is less meta, and doesn't mess with disguises.


Previously, due to an oversight on my part we were only showing you people who were OOC from a room that were non club members, since the club members go to a different lounge. This is fixed!


The OOC Lounge for non members has lots of cool information in it, like vote links, and other stuff. This was missing from the club member OOC lounge. We've brought the two in line, so that they can have individual descriptions but still have the cool OOC info about voting and other stuff we may add.


Some wardrobes with lots of items in them were TBing when looked at, We've fixed this.


This now requires you actually have the skill to process a cyber scan when you scan someone with a tac-comp. Previously this was not the case and a Judge with none of the requisite skills would just be auto allowed to scan for cyberware.


Canteens and other water holders can now be filled in any room with a bar/kitchen/etc. This was already the case for some rooms like generic apartments, but not every pad had this as a parent. So making it use the bar/kitchen/etc means that like, you could fill a canteen in a limo with a bar, for instance.


Lockers have strict height/weight restrictions which determine if something will fit in a locker or not. This makes sense, as we don't want you storing something huge in a locker, but the system isn't perfect.

There is no conception of an item being foldable or anything, so if you have pants or a jumpsuit that you could ball up and stuff in a locker, they may not fit if they are over the height restriction.

We've made some changes in an attempt to be more forgiving about the maximum height of certain types of objects (like clothing), such that they may fit into lockers where they wouldn't before. Hopefully this should make the lockers a bit more forgiving.


When you flash boosted and died, you'd get a traceback in the death funnel or shortly after because the script that was applying the effects was recycled upon your death but was still 'in memory' and suspended for 15min (or however long until the next effect). We've resolved this issue.