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[Nov '20] Improvements Feedback
Feed me your back!


This is good update.


>Wiring Hub IDs

Mirage you are the best.

Mazes are difficult to navigate. How are newbies delivering crates supposed to find their way and not get lost?
Automatically permanently burning flares or barrels @integrated in rooms between "start" and "finish" of maze.
The maze thing does seem like a death sentence to newbie crate deliverers who risk the consequences of misdelivery or failed delivery. Perhaps make delivering crates through the maze especially rewarding and give context clues in the maze as to where the location of delivery is?
There is an ability to mark a delivery as 'difficult'. We do that for some deliveries. I will look into it.


Never mind, seems like a non issue.

(Edited by Slither at 6:27 pm on 11/9/2020)

Hmm. Wiring hubs may still be bugged, I tried to re-alias based on a number from inputs and it didn't work.
And thanks to some work by Mirage, fixed!
On the junkyard update, I totally got lost, not expecting this maze at all.

Would get lost again. XD

Regarding the new maze in the junkyard, I feel that the exit descriptions may leave a new player quite confused as to what they need to type in order to get to the shack. It took me two reads to realize that the exit in question even existed.
Oh yeah, that was a little odd. I agree with Grey0, there should be a more obvious indicator, like a letter at least.
Crate delivery is NOT affected.
Big props to Hale.


Slither edited this by accident.

(Edited by Slither at 4:11 pm on 11/11/2020)

Wrong thread.

(Edited by Slither at 4:11 pm on 11/11/2020)

Super pumped about the photo text adding change! Writing KILL THIS BAKKA on a photo sounds amazing.

This sprint of fixes has been awesome. Thanks staff!

Thank you guys for all your hard work on adding features to the game!

The Vehicle overhaul looks super good and I am glad to see there's new ways to hit your wealthy enemies in the coinpurse with the car crusher!

Okay, lots for me to test, but...NO MORE FORCED POSE! Thank you for removing that!

Car crushers can no longer perm staff members.

I confess morbid curiously at what prompted this fix.

Thankfully nothing, it was caught before they threw me in.
I've heard a few of what I think are new @randoms on SIC and they've been very good, couple fit in perfectly with player conversations and everything. Thank you Hale for the hard work put into those.

(Edited by Celestial at 9:16 am on 11/21/2020)

Consumable kits make sense to me as a game balance factor.

A method for actually learning the system without breaking the bank also makes sense to me, as a game mechanic.

What if there were more durable, stationary machines or systems installed in car shops that have all the necessary tools/programs loaded into them that would allow you to practice hotwiring without a kit? You would have to be authed on it, of course. Otherwise people could just walk in and start boosting all the cars in Kro's.

The existence of this system would provide no financial gain to those who had access to it/owned it, as if the vehicle is already in the shop it's as good as stolen anyway. So it would literally only serve the purpose of allowing players to gain some entry level knowledge on the mechanics of the system without the investment/risk.

Is that a reasonable concession in your eyes, Hek?

Let's not drop IC info in the thread.



A similar thought came to mind when I was writing my original post but I forgot to include it.

I think that is a great compromise. Thanks for bringing it up.

Maybe if the harnesses are used with the training machine they won't be consumed.

Another mechanic that would be awesome is if characters could craft their own kits. Materials could be salvaged from junkyards and then assembled with a system similar to tailoring. To keep it simple salvaged materials could be graded like cloth. Maybe one grade for bikes, another for cars, another for aeros.


In the future will you please edit out the IC info without nuking the whole post?

Doing that will allow us to discuss it, while at the same time teaching and clarifying what is and isn't acceptable to include in posts.

What info in my post went too far across the line into IC info?

Not the place to discuss it.
Nevermind. I just realized how dumb my question was.
I absolutely love the new messages for people driving around on damaged vehicles, but maybe tone it down a bit at lower damage levels so people don't panic over damage mechanics can't fix. Like maybe more rattling around rather than [redacted]
I can say from personal experience, even from light damage. People have looked at a thing in game and gone "Uhhh... that's safe right?" so I think some of the damage things should be toned down.
You can 'examine' a vehicle to find an existing command even non-mechanics can use to get a better idea of how bad damage is and where, just so people can assure themselves a little bit for now, in comparison to the messages.

Make sure this thread stays 'feedback' related. If you have ideas, spurred on by new features, use the Ideas section, and not this thread. These threads are much more ephemeral and are not going to be reviewed as often.

-- S

I like the idea of a heat mechanic being added to vehicles, I'll have to test it out before I can really respond, but also NEW PARTS! I am very excited about these changes, thank you so much dev team!

This is such a big and positive change, especially for aspiring young technicians, market bloat and fixers. It's been a couple years in the making and it's such a great change. Thanks staff!

I personally find the heat mechanic to be a bit much. From testing I think it needs to be tweaked for Aero's. You can't go from gold to green even at the slowest speed without it shouting at you after a bit. Honestly I feel like it should only matter when you just balls to the wall gun it at top speed for like a minute straight, and should really only start to effect it at lower speeds when your vehicle is like, damaged or something.
From my perspective it seems like all the new changes add completely dynamic and meaningful gameplay to three or even four different major archetypes. Echoing crashdown here, impressive work.
Anything that gets us closer to adding Battletech into our array of Cyberpunk is good in my book. I love heat dynamics.

I tend to feel the same -except- that I am sure there is something that I can do ICly to address this, and until I test that, I can't really make a decision.

The maximum heat has been adjusted for aeros, they were a bit short on range for a bit today though.
Pretty please with a cherry on top would it be possible to make an option to swap from degrees F to degrees C?
Okay, so one SUPER MINOR nitpick.

The temperature is listed in Farenheit. This would make it the only system in the game to use imperial measurements. I would suggest it be redone to use C or K instead perhaps?

I believe the temps are in F all throughout the game (they've been in F in other IC ways for as long as I've played), so I don't know how that would affect various things but I would like them uniform, whatever the decision.
Oh, and keep in mind, we're hoping to limit how long you're running at top speed, so those of you used to flying around at top speed without there being much holding you back will probably feel this more than others. :)
I would like to see a temperature gauge added for motorcycles as well. Especially since bikes are already aimed at entry level drivers, it would be an important tool for them to learn heat management with when they are getting started.
Uh. I do not think bikes are aimed at entry level drivers.
@Quotient Their price and feature set suggests otherwise, in comparison to other options.
Their price and featureset are not reflective of the skill level required to actually handle the mechanisms. Same as in real life.
Not sure if this is feedback or @ideas, but a vehicle's temperature should be reflected in it's object color when using thermographics.
That bug is fixed, RSB. Please use xhelp and @bug to report bugs in the future. Thank you!
In real life you can buy a moped for less than $5,000. You can also buy a superbike that can go 230+mph for about $30,000. A car that could do the equivilent would be over $100,000+. Granted, that's off topic but.

I really think a vehicle shouldn't over heat unless you REALLY push it, the radiator is damaged and/or, it's just a really hot day. Or, perhaps if you've really amped up your vehicle with some proper high-end parts, you should need to upgrade your radiator in the same way to handle the new high-performance parts. I am not even sure if the ambient temperature in the dome effects the heat on vehicles, would be cool to know at least.

But yes, bikes should get temperature reading as well if they do not, frankly, every vehicle should.

@CookieJarvis But what?
Just chiming in here to say that the recent spate of changes (junkyard, security cam zero'ing, etc.) are fucking amazing and it's mindblowing to see these developed so rapidly. WOOOO!
Thanks for looking into Requisitions terminal shenanigans, they were always quite messy to deal with in a lot of ways and the order backlog made it confusing for new starters. Could they also be normalized to 24-hour-clock standards? Right now they run on 12h but without AM/PM indicators.

Edit by Slither: This is a new idea and belongs in a new thread on Ideas. Not in this thread. Do not post new ideas here.

(Edited by Slither at 8:08 am on 11/23/2020)

@PCow this thread is for feedback on features as they exist now (based on changes we made). New ideas / changes should be a new thread in Ideas.
Requisition changes are VERY welcome indeed and worked great. Fixed some very odd things in the system.
So, I tested out the new 'auto-fix' System, and here's the problem I have with it. ---EDITED BECAUSE THIS WAS IC INFO. STOP INCLUDING IC INFO. AN ADMIN GIVING YOU PERMISSION TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK ON A FEATURE IS NOT CARTE BLANCHE TO VIOLATE THE RULES---. There is (IN POSTERS OPINON) absolutely no check against the current condition of the part. I believe a more balanced system would be to take the 'core cost' (quoting Mirage, thanks!) of the current parts and subtract that from the price of the new parts to end up at a EDITED price. I say this because MORE IC INFO HERE THAT WAS EDITED OUT. DO NOT REFER TO YOUR OWN CHARACTER OR THEIR POSSESIONS.

Alternatively, the prices on parts could be brought down, especially if the intention is that mechanics fix stuff earlier and more often. It has long been known that MORE IC INFO THAT HAD TO BE EDITED OUT.

(Edited by Slither at 7:05 pm on 11/25/2020)

Okay, something else happened and I would suggest that vehicle parts either need to be cheaper or repairs need to be able to done in methods other than the current method.
More feedback!

The vehicles that can't currently blockade should absolutely be able to, perhaps with a penalty of some sort?

I actually have a fun IRL story about this exact thing if anyone is interested.

I for one would like to welcome our vehicle using, road blockading, Mix maze creating overlords.

Well played staff.

I hope that 82mm rocket firing, barricade clearing heavy weapons are in the near future.

I have to say that all of the improvements lately have been fantastic. I want to specifically call out Mirage, who spent some time with me the other day tinkering live with a new feature based on my feedback via XHELP. It really reminded me that the staff is in the business of creating these systems for our stories.
Shout-out to Kard for taking the time to test the security devices reset feature with me, and fix bugs!

First vehicle change that has me really worried. I think vehicles are already bad enough in regards to how hard they are to mess with and now the people sitting in these mobile bunkers can mess with the outside world. I hope that countermeasures have been put in place though I can't seem to find any listed.

My desire to go out and crash my own vehicles is immense.

Thanks, staff.

Love the balancing this brings to motorcycles and the relevance for the motorcycle apparel sold in stores.
I would like to see items dropped from vehicles be descriptive of which vehicle they were dropped from. It can be quite confusing when an object arrives into the room from a vehicle with the same message as if it were thrown from an adjacent room.
I must say, I wasn't too wild about it when I first heard about the digital pets, but I'm starting to see the genius of it. It's driving lots of RP, even for people who don't have one.
Who doesn't like tamagotchis??
It's already better than Pokemon Go!

A critical bug was fixed that prevented critters from growing up.

That's not a bug, that's a feature! Everyone loves Baby Critters.


It's proven far more interesting than I expected and I am usually against fluffy stuff in the game. I am curious to see what all these things can do. Though I do hope I will discover ways to 'roughhouse' and 'murder' critters as I explore it IC. And that maybe there will be more personalities than 'adorable'.

What can I say, nothing better than Tamagotchi GTA edition. :P

In regards to encrypted sic.

Thanks! I've always felt that awareness of who's using a certain key is good IC info. I know it's a small thing and possibly has to do with the code of the command itself but should this be an IC sic command? Rather than this being a client-side command would it be unreasonable to have the command in the same vein as 'ci chat'? That way a character learning about the ability to see the encrypted sic chatter is all ic?

Echoing this, being able to say the command is 'ci encrypted' would make explaining it in-character much easier!
It's an @ command to control it because its you the PC choosing to ignore this. The traffic is always there and ICly your character is getting all the messages, but simply tuning them out because they're gobbledygook.

If it was an IC command providing a filter via the SIC, then the chip would be blocking you from getting the message at all because you don't have the key.

We're avoiding IC consequences of it being in the chip this way.

genuinely disappointed that im missing the critter craze, im just going to assume that there is at least one garbodor/trash golem joke in there somewhere though
I'm sorta struggling to see the point in the critters. They just seem like they're needy enough to push people to play with the mechanical thing rather than... actually roleplaying. But maybe that's just my perspective on it.
I have been loving the critters. They have been a drive to get people together to battle, also to figure out how they work. I have seen a lot of new avenues of RP do to them myself! Totally a shocker when I saw them the first time, I love it!
They do feel a little needy to me. I just assumed that it was because of my personality.

Just personal preference here, but I gotta say when I am playing with others and they pull out their Pokémon and turning everything into focus on it I lose interest in playing with them and kind of feel a bit unfocused on theme at that point.

Of course it could be because I was not apart of the Pokémon go or tomogatchi fads.

I love this new 'tamagotchi'-esque fad, even if it's like 85 years late. :D

I loved playing with these things as a kid. Not everyone has to bother, either. This is definitely one of those flavor things. Not every character will care about this sort of luxury item.

I feel like the critters will eventually become like other IC games that people have. Some people will be into them, others will ignore them completely.

They are the center of some character's current reality because they are new. That's totally to be expected and seems normal to me.

Definitely, @Hek! Like the other big in-game video game. :^)
Not using the critters, but love the whole sense of a 'craze'. It seems very theme like and something you HAVE to have. It's been really amusing from the outside looking in.
After doing math and without giving away IC info.

The hulk and junkyard code is very very cool, but will struggle with competing with the secondhand vehicle market. It is a lot of work and specialized skill for not a whole lot of profit if selling at current used bike rates, especially when spreading the wealth around to runners and informants.

Personally, I think the design is more about the chance to acquire specialized or otherwise rare vehicles plus an abundance of used parts.
The only special vehicle to turn up thus far was pretty overpriced.
Intuitively there would seem to be a natural equilibrium there for auto techs, at least just thinking about it abstractly.

If vehicles are abundant then the sales price of them goes down, but there is more maintenance work available. If the number of active vehicles decreases for whatever reason, the amount of maintenance work available also decreases but the profit of selling re-built vehicles would increase since there would be fewer vehicles being sold second-hand as well.

There's a lot more legwork involved in the rebuilding, but to me it seems like an avenue for auto techs to create their own client service base rather than being a profit generator itself.

Totally OK to not be into something that's been added to the game (IE: Critters or King of the Mix, or a new tool/product/skill). I agree things like this become part of the general IC day to day. We view things like this as more ways for more people to engage with the game, and each other. It gives you things to talk about, engage with, play with, and fight over. We strive to be additive with new mini-games and new features in general.

Thanks for all the feedback on these new features!

So, the CorpShare Market released, and I'm slightly surprised there's just a release statement and nothing else, because I expected a few necessary OOC clarifications about two major questions:

1. Sometimes, corporations ICly have major releases (like Critterdexes, for example) that are the work of staff implementing new features, but are ICly fluffed as being corporate achievements. It seems to me that we face a situation where these either need to go unreflected in stock prices whatsoever if stock price is meant to be a player-driven feature, or they are reflected in the prices, making them more reflective of actual IC happenings, but heavily muddled the waters in terms of players competing for rewards from stocks based on what corporation benefitted from the staff's feature release.

2. Owning shares, or being a member of a corporation capable of reaping benefits from its share price increasing immediately casts an extremely wide (far wider than before) net of conflict of interest, wherein any staff member with a corporate alt is almost immediately entangled with conflicting interests when participating in any plot that either harms their alt's corps stock or boosts their rivals in the competition, and I am curious if there is any addition or explanation for how this interacts with standing admin rules.

Thank you.

Hi, We're in December now. Please use the December thread for December feedback about December releases. Thank you, December.