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Character Arts Thread 3.0
More, more art! Until this one gets too long as well.

Because the last one was impossible to scroll through, I hope everyone is okay with this. A few people said to JUST DO IT, so here we are. Have fun! ;D
Thank god, the other one was way too long already.
Does someone have a list of highly-rated people to commission? I'm considering getting one.
There is a commission page with approved artists/Sindome players
Thank you!
Else I just browse for random goldmine artists here;

While messing around with MOOCode I found rexpaint and immediately got distracted for like 30minutes and made a portrait of a character. Just to try and get a visualization of it. There's a lot of things I can tweak. And improve on, but it's one of the first art apps I've had that was simple enough to make it easy for me to express things. Without making me feel like I'm incompetent because of the simplicity of the image, the simplicity is the point. I'm a terrible artist, but this is basically my first thing I've felt was not akin to a childs scribble

The picture is made up of 100x100 Ascii characters of around 12 pixels each

It's an ascii art editor, so everything there is theoretically viewable in Sindome too.

Improvement points,

Refine the shape of the face. I used a basic elipses but I think if I cut it a little and shaped it I'd get a rougher more face like face. It's very abstract at current, Figuring out how to convey scarring was hard. Ended up using flatter colors for it

The hand is also hard I need to probably do a study on how to convey those in ascii.

I'm enjoying this tool and have a buncha little icons I made as well that I made while thinking about tweaking the skill helps to have a bit better formatting and presentation.

Alright why is the websit scaling things so harshly
Uploaded to Imgur to avoid the fuckery of it scaling something to a 10th of the size.

Anime girl generators are kinda fun. And they make far better art than I do, so there's that, too.

made a local cat


What generator are you using? It looks great. I've used the one @Dani used, in the past. Haven't found better.

These arts look really cute!
Posting for posterity.

This boy has so many conflicting colors in his palette and I love it.

First artpiece of my active character. Absolutely loving it! By takacusa from Artists & Clients.

Hope you don't mind the hijack, Evie, but your pic was broken for me (and possibly other people too?), but it was easy to find, so here it is:


I used this one:



Oooh, ty!

@ynk Also np, it should be working though, I hope! ^^" If you're having trouble to load it, it might be because of the high-ass resolution. Maybe should've uploaded a smol version..

Ahhhh sorry for doublepost, this picrew stuff is adorable. After translating the page, it isn't that hard to navigate. I might have use of these things in the future..
Might fail this but ok!

Another commission by a different artist, Nakamanga from Artists & Clients!

A boy!

So I want to commission art of my character next month, and I'm wondering if given the uniqueness of some of my characters descriptive aspects, if I should avoid posting the image here or if it would be okay?
@rhea: I'm getting a commission and as soon as I'm done it's gonna be fairly clear who my character could be.

Just don't meta and all will be well.

If you know someone's character and your character is with their character, and you see the player xhelp "is there a way to plant an explosive on someone without them seeing?" you just don't act on that information.

Play your character as they would act in the situation. GMs are always watching.

(I suppose if you don't trust yourself not to meta, then the BgBB isn't for you.)

Nah I meant more in the case of other people not meta'ing. But then I kevlar approximately once every three to four days... So I shouldn't be as worried as I am.
There's a certain level of trust that comes with playing Sindome. And it's not your responsibility to protect against other players' actions.

If someone really needs to cheat (or attempt to cheat) to feel good about themselves, then we can trust that the GMs will deal with it.

Thanks for the reassurances, I'm probably gonna commission it on the first of next month, just looking for a basic head shot type thing. And I wonder, anyone had experiences with artists who are good at scars and dark skin? If not I'll look around and talk to the few I know that accept commissions.
At the top of this thread I asked about that. I had very good luck finding the style I wanted over at Artists & Clients.

The first person I commissioned never replied to my request, so I cancelled it after 4 days. The second person I commissioned responded within 48 hours and it's been amicable so far.

Remember to treat your chosen artist well! Artists are trying to make a living and are exploited often with prices that are typically below minimum wage. Tips are very welcome.

Also, artists typically say fewer words are better. Your artist may also not speak English, so avoid flowery language.

Take your @nakeds and trim them down to the bare necessary details. Find reference pics for parts of your character. Find reference pics for clothing. If you're getting a background with your commission, make a mood board.

The more effort you put up front, the better your commission will turn out. :)

Awesome thank you!
Some artists ask for more information rather than less, so it depends, I think. But yeah, some aren't overly fluent in English.
Don't forget the community commission page as well, link at the top.
That is gorgeous.
I had Pale Fire on the mind.
That's totally awsome, 0x1mm!

And my commission was finished!

Artist: Ferdinand_Dvn on

Background pulled from:

Metropolis of Tomorrow β€” City-scape 2 by nkabuto

Trying to write compelling go-tos on people who never leave their cube

Well fuck me, this is the wrong thread.
Wow these threads do fill up fast.
So ehm, random acts of art given to me from an RP partner.

I'm probably going to order something from a person in the commission thread just to pass on this kindness. Seeing this has been a wonderful thing. And I'm happy someone liked me enough to do this for me.

Screwed up using the image tag thing cause I was over eager and excited. And then they spent more time and effort on it so I'm going to repost it with the corrections they made. Namely making the lips look right. And adding a signature.

Thank you, it is an awesome thing to see my character pulled out of my head and put into form like this.

Fantastic arts!
it's been way too long and I have no paper to draw on so

Varolokkur continued working on this and made it amazing, updating it with some more recent outfit stuff from me. Definitely a great artist and watching it develop was amazing as well.

Oh my god, that's gorgeous art, Rhea!

Props to Varolokkur!

Well, y'know, shit happens. But my (new) character has an artpiece in the works.... coming soon.
That's so beautiful β™‘ Great job Varolokkur
New to Sindome and new to pixel art but I thought pixels would suit this cyberpunk vibe.
Yessss! Love the aesthetic!
That one looks trash lemme try again.
Thats really wonderful, NueDumondian. Love it!
Okay! My commission's been completed. By cut-box, the artist another player hired in the 2.0 thread. I usually hire artists from Artists 'N Clients, so I hired them after liking what I saw! I love this kind of style. Honestly.

Yeah, this is my new character. Shit happens.

Freaking sweet! πŸ˜πŸ‘


Love it Manywaters!
Evie that is freaking gorgeous, now I wanna meet this character.
someone posted this in LOOC. And honestly? Yeah, pretty much

This one is...confusing.
Seurat absolutely killed it. I'm gushing.

You are posting the watermarked version silly!
But looks fantastic!
That's some nice linework, good inker.

'art', heh. Just something I played with and liked, until I finish finding the right person for a commission. It's an apt 'portrait' of her, in her way...

Fantastic arts!
Freaking awesome scene!
Sketched a lil rocker boi

That's awesome Mirino!!
Holy SHIT Seurat, that's fucking beautiful! You captured him perfectly!
Manywaters, I love you but...

If you tell me you didn't make the girl from the Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels" music video, I'll know you're lying.

Haha! I have never seen that music video before, but I admit that I can see it. :P
Not sure if I necroed this But I wanted to share
Necroing isn't a thing here in that sense, since we try to keep the same topic in its original post, instead of making new ones. :P
Yo Zetsuga that is stunning.
Finally got a piece made for my guy!

Miswrote link. Attempt 2.

Forgot to mention, artpiece was made by HatzelDawn from ArtistsNClients.
Another shoutout to Seurat who does really killer commissions!

Wow.. feeling tempted to commission Seurat tbh...

but my wallet is crying at how much I've been spending on commissions. ^^"

Fan art of everyone's favorite grilled cheese PhD

no bully, please


I can smell the transcephynlbloxides from here!

Seurat is amazing!
WIP commission from Maria Hideki <3

Coloured version should be done by the end of the weekend!

Finally had this piece made of my boy.

By Latvinia at Artists 'N Clients.

That's fantastic, Evie!
Thank you, I love it! This artist is amazing.
round two minus ms paint

Coloured version ready, yay!

Artist is Maria Hideki

Stunning! Damn.
Kinda reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Nice.
Kinda reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Nice.
Err, crap, doublepost.

Still developing on the concept of shadow and azure but with less abstraction. Mixed feelings about the direction.

Know exactly who from the moody vibes.

I really like your use of aesthetic, because it really does look how it feels to be around the character when they're in their groove.

Well done!

Weeks poking and prodding, missing...something. Feeling like I was stuck in some rut of imagining neon rain soaked alleys and some droning Vangelian synth, remembering halcyon days. It's unfinished work, but then so am I.
I literally gasped out loud its so fucking good. The expression, my god.

Unfinished in a storm, aren't we all.

Wow, that is incredible, good job!!

Shunbun is an absolute darling!

is that a JoJo reference?
Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming closer??
Would willing gets close to be squished by that muscular goddess <3
Oh my God I love you all so much that piece is wonderful Shun you're so talented I'm dying over here
Whoa, some amazing art recently!! 😍

i kinda gave up halfway through this, but i still think it's alright

That's cute, Baguette.
Jameson, I think your little piece is one of my favourites so I'm quite taken by the compliment, thank you.
SURPRISE sketch.


Those are great, XXXXXX & Manywaters! 😊

I love being able to recognize characters simply by what I imagine them to be in my head. Compliments to the artists! πŸ’š

(Edited by Johnny at 10:30 pm on 3/5/2020)

Ahahahah! I loooove it! It totally catches her "I'm so fucking done with this" expression.

after a long hiatus of no commissions here we go :)

thanks to PanPan from AnC
These are so great you two!
worrywart boy.

Nice one, Ranger!

Über cute, deaddragon~

I made my own low rez image of my character when I was done writing his bio. I do this a lot when I'm done writing biographies. Compulsion I guess.

Courtesy of alfianzeu on Artists & Clients

NICE! Not enough rocks in mouth 7/10
Very cool!
commissioned boy (pre furry phase)

imgur said no hq file, so take two?

Hey... I love it!
Absolutely delighted with this sketchwork of my character done by the very capable Lissy Raine whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Manchester Comicon.

Anyways, without further ado here's the character art:

I'm very much looking forwards to having this coloured and I'm particularly happy with how the Du-Wear Duster turned out.

Slightly larger version here I hope.

Wow, this alfianzeu is really good. I'm defo gonna check them out on A&C. :)

I agree on the duster. Even before reading what you wrote, the duster immediately stood out and I knew exactly what it was supposed to be.

Hnngg... aaalmost... dooone...

You need to stop skipping leg day

Friends don't let friends skip leg day

Needs more clapping asscheeks.
butt too small
Calling this done for now, was time for a new look:

@Varolokkur: Rocking the Mix look! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
So many great artists to commission. *.*
These look so amazing! I'm about to bite the bullet and get my character commissioned, finally.
As a heads up, I do commisions, I have an outdated plug on the thread:
Now with 100% more leg day

You may fire the death star when ready, admiral.

ngl, he's one of my fave boyes

Quick thing of my character done by yours truly<3


everyone looks so great!!!!

Quick messy sketch of Shun in her gothic dovetail dress~

*oof to the previous post..
Happy that dress is still floating around. Love the pic!
So excited for this new piece I got in the works by a different artist this time. Stay tuned? :X
New commission in progress of my crazy little potato.

One way to put the best of one's faces forward. Excited for the Release Candidate.
Another rushed pic of Shun with a recent commission she has done~

so i bought an expensive game from my discovery queue and i decided to do the thing

Her with another piece done~

It's been a week and a bit since I started playing sindome and stuffs been fun! I finally got around to drawing my character, pretty fresh off the boat.
Super cool! Welcome to the party, pal. πŸ˜€
Glad to be here! :) And oof, bad res, here's the fix up.

Woah, triple fix!

Damn this is so beautiful.... I gotta draw our characters together ;n;
That's fantastic, Rensei! I love the raincoat haha.
Came across this in my image collection by chance. It is not a commission, I just saved it at one point, forgot about it and when I was looking for a different image for another role-play, I happened to see it and thought 'Woah, this is close'.

While the eye color is not right, this is very similar to how I envisioned my character.

Thought I share, since I could not find the exact rules on the nature of art being shared here.

Artist Credit:

More Shun

A commission by Xeecee who you can look up and they are amazing!!

nice wrench kid
I think the artist put too many-- Ooooh.
also vera your character looks perfect for an aheago burger
o shit cute
ahegao burger is FOIC
This has made me realize there has to be more ugly people, and more art of these ugly people.
Whoooo are you calling ugly?! ;)
Super cool art Vera! It's awesome to put a face to the character, and such an animated and dynamic one at that!
Super likewise.
Vera it's fantastic! Artist rocked it.
This is amazingly well done and cute as heck Vera.. I need to take some pointers from this artist
I'm so. Damn. Happy. Ya'll.

She contains multitudes.

She is the prettiest, Jameson ;O; I am in love with the coloring..
Right?! I'm so in love with the coloring especially.

I should have mentioned, it was handled by Raffaello on Artists and Clients, was extremely reasonably priced for how good his work is IMO. He did it in just a couple of days, and sent multiple sketches and progress pieces along the way. Fantastic to work with. I also got a speed drawing/coloring video of him doing it that is REALLY COOL OMG.

aaa that's so good!

I don't even see the code.

(Hope you're not offended by a remix, colours inspired me.)


I really hope you understand and believe me when I say I might even like this remix more than the original. It's...perfect. It's her inner portrait. :)

You're amazing and I'm so glad you're part of this community.

I don't know what to say, that's such an incredibly touching sentiment, and you've read the intent exactly. We just seemed to have similar tastes and I saw that lovely azure and was just inspired.

A graphic representation of data abstracted from banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding...

0x1mm you really did perfect on this, we need more <3
Got the colors just right.


Oh, I guess I expressed myself horribly! :X

I didn't mean that your character was ugly, I meant that they're incredibly pretty.

What I meant was, we need more ugly characters, there's too many hotties. XD

ErgoProxy that is goooooorgeous. Damn.
I made this, while waiting for a real artist to finish my commission at A&C.

Attempt 2

Love the hair!
Thank you! Though like I said, having an artist do a commission for me, I'm just trying to practice and wanted to share my amateur work. ^^"

I really wanted to picture his hair though, I feel like it came out decent.

Evie you did so good <3 From one artist to another, I think it came out more than decent, even down to the linework.. I can tell you will captivating people with your coloring ;u;
I'm a wannabe artist, not gonna call myself anymore than that. But coming from you, that means a lot. <3

I used to draw a lot as a kid, if I hadn't stopped, maybe I'd've been good by now. Ah, well.. maybe I can catch up.

I can't draw realistic stuff, but I really, really tried this time. Cartoon characters turn out a lot better, but I wanna be able to draw other stuff, so, that's that.
Less realistic attempt

You are showing that you are gonna have lots of variety in your style as you continue to develop and damn this makes me so so happy to see you not limiting yourself to one thing.. a lot of artists get stuck with the same face/style syndrome but i love this Evie <3 I do think you are more than deserving of calling yourself an artist.. This is hecking beautiful..
wow shun is being too wholesome for the sindome BGBB boards
Too wholesome, yeah, but thank you, Shunbun. <3

Maybe I should just embrace my simplistic cartoon-ic style, because when I try for realism it comes out weird. I get stuck with this sorta round-face thing a lot, though, so I'm trying to find different things.


The waifu is completed


That is an amazing composition. Whatever you paid for that was totally worth it.

It looks like a still out of a video game.

I paid 50 bucks for the program, and made it myself. :)
And have been making like.. Dozens more shots and renders of my char, friends OCs outside of SIndome.. It's a lot of fun

Do share the program name! I need to know for.. Reasons. >.>

Idk if I should link to game on the forums...
You sure that you shouldn't? ._.
IT IS DONE! I've been waiting for this commission for a while now, and it came out AMAZING. ;_;

By the amazing AlenyerC from A&C. <3

Yo Evie, NICE!

The hair / tattoo / background are especially excellent.

Ikr? I didn't even ask for a special background, so that kinda came with for free! X_X

The pic I uploaded ended up lower res than the original, but I don't feel like posting it somewhere else as it's kinda big and would take a long time to load anyway, tho' in the original, the facial deets are amazing.

This is the non-topless version, hidden scar and everything. :P