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Character Arts Thread V
Now with Anonymity

Welcome to another start of a Character Arts thread with a special precursor:

Have excellent art of your new or old character you want to share? Afraid that posting it will make people realize that your tall, purple afroed, double shotgun wielding character is totally that guy and now people associate that with your username?

Well fear no more, send your character art to [email protected]. It gets send to myself and Slither and then I will post the character art, spoiler or hint free, with any info you send me to credit the artist or not, under my admin account so that everyone can see the amazing art without it being tied to your character or giving anyone meta assumptions.

Share your character, or someone elses, or that NPC you think is amazing. Tell great stories, share great art!

Addendum: Please be patient when sending art and realize it may take us a few days to post after receiving!
An anon submission. This is a bit old and she looks slightly different now in style. This was done by Kanato at Artistsnclients.

Pardon the first time fail I'm cold and theres wolves after me.

The piece is by IanMac, who's done so many other great Sindome pieces.

I love it!
can we still post art here ourselves too or must it always be done thru you guys no matter what for this thread
Yes, I imagine you are a corpie and send the appropriate signed formed by triplicate. Have a nice day.

(It wouldn't be horrible to automatize the function into the website either, folks are lazy)

I think the forums are overdue for an overhaul, but I'm sure that will be done when the time comes. Let's try not to get too off topic though! ^^"
Everyone knows who I am at this point anyway so-

Credits to VKiselev @ A&C

Please feel free to post here normally. The Anon submission email is just a new option.
I got watercolors and markers for christmas. I'm still trying to figure out how to use them. :P

Cute as fuck.
From Crimsonea on Artists&clients!

Awesome lab coat! 😁

A style update:

Credit goes to the amazingly talented Maria Hideki who also painted the original.
I wanted a couple of pieces made, so here's two! This one is made by deti on artists and clients.
And another. Not sure why the first was so small... This one is by aranggi. Fingers crossed that this one shows up bigger.
Sigh. Small again.
diamondnine: ahhhh that is really pretty!!

jsmith: ahahaha that first pose is incredible! yes!!

Thanks, Vera. Trying to figure out how to make it bigger! It looks even better when you can make it out lol.
These last few posts have been awesome! Great art, all around! And it's great seeing some characters visually! @jsmith Hah, that pose! Axe kick!
Make big...

Third attempt's the charm? Sorry for the spam :/

here u go pal @jsmith

Thank you, Stiza13. You're a saint. That one is the one by deti on artists and clients. This one is by aranggi on the same website.

Strong kick. 10/Nice
Arts for anon!

(Edited by Dreamer at 6:29 am on 2/2/2020)

a shabby average mano

done by kagurachi7 on artistsnclients

9.5/10. Recommend more codpiece. :P Just kidding. Really like the art!
absolute chad
somebody skipped leg day every day
Yo Stiza that's amazing!
Finally had this done. By PandaPow at Artists & Clients.

Tigress and SpitFire

Love it! The atmosphere is subtle but clear, and the perspective is pretty wicked. 😁
Took a few stabs that just didn't have an interesting enough composition to finally really exaggerate that perspective.
A different kind of character art from CyberSculpt.

Another from CyberSculpt:

Chicken Maaaaaaan! 😁

Love them both!!

Wow these are cool
Been working on this one for a bit.

A shabby bitch wearing a gray sports bra.

Let's try that again.

I love it, Sly!
sketch from the commission, but I'm still excited

Good sketch!

...but where did all the muscle go? 😮

Its been a year or two, thought I'd do another doodle with all the fun additions.

Credit for this goes to 8akina on Artists&Clients. Thanks!

Super cool @dawnshot!

And I love that one by 8akina! 😁

Smile" />" />

For fogchild1

Yo that looks great. 😁
i am much too lazy to break out the sketchbook please forgive me

Nice work! 😊

Not my art, but was still on point.

Anon post!

Another anon post!

Awesome arts! Love the jacket and turtleneck combo.
Omg that is perfect!
Love it!
Thank you! I forgot to mention the artist is from A&C. Cotay.
Artist is the beautiful and talented Maria Hideki!
Talked to my old highschool friend who happens to be an artist
Talked to my old highschool friend who happens to be an artist
too poor to actually commission something but i made my char with this picrew:

bruh fuck it its been months since i sent the email so uh guess ill do it myself

Peace sign turf!
Whoa buncha awesome art!
Oh, wow, svetlana. If you hadn't said anything, I would've thought that was commissioned. I'm totally bookmarking that website, haha. :)
Decided to try out the character portrait maker...and then I messed with it some more, because why not.

I like it!
Created via the Djarn character portrait maker.

That's one really good. I'm going to have to play with the portrait maker later.
That art is amazing, NoNova! Did you draw it yourself, or did you have it commissioned?
I can draw in an anime, but not THIS good. This one came from a pinterest post on how to draw anime abs. It's also from a gundam reddit thread, but I haven't been able to track down the author to give credit yet.
I messed with Djarn as well!

Another joint-wielding Djarn creation!
Both of those are really beautiful, Rhea and CrabSnack!

It's addictive to toy with these things and doodle. Also, I bet the Fallout 3 (with mods) or 4 character generators would also produce some stellar characters.

whoops lol

Spent some time on Artbreeder trying to make my girl!

Here's mine, with an eternal aversion to doing hands and everything.

These are really great! 💚💚💚
Thanks for the Djarn link!

Made with Artbreeder (with some edits using Fire Alpaca):

Never fold your arms.

Other'n that that, <3 Abs!

Thanks, Artbreeder!

That looks so cool!!! Did you do the background separate from the character portrait?
Yep, Artbreeder-generated portrait overlaid on some Mix-looking CGI by D1amondFox.
I like.

Took some work but its pretty close.

Artbreeder is scary.

Artbreeder is scary. I for one welcome this AI overlord. No need to spend 10 hours on doodling when the robot + some filters can do it better.

Sorry for the double post. This is an artbreeder. First time on the site. Pretty dope. :)
Oh. My art is from artbreeder. Really impressed with the results!
Anon submission. Made with Artbreeder.

"A wholeass idiot."

Wow. Artbreeder got popular. Definitely kind to the wallet. I got something commissioned already, though.. TBA. :P
Wow. Artbreeder got popular. Definitely kind to the wallet. I got something commissioned already, though.. TBA. :P
Sorry, double/triple post.
Might as well post my Djarn's character maker art. Not super accurate, doe.

I love all of these!

Artbreeder + Messing around in Gimp.

Not character art, but a title card! I'm not sure if this was the intended look, but it's my best interpretation of it! 😅

Wow, manywaters. That's amazing!
Frankensteined up the following & am laughing about it


Playing around with Artbreeder made me realize I might just be playing Amanda Tapping from her Stargate days.

Via Artbreeder which is a really amazing program. I wish I had art skills to add in heterochromia and a beauty mark.


I'm not a pro, but I like toying with Photoshop. If no one else will, which eye is what color and where's the beauty mark? I can give it a shot. ;P


You're so sweet. It's an imperfect representation anyway but if you wanted to try, the left eye should be pale green and the beauty mark is on the high left cheekbone.


Something like this? Kinda quick work, but, it's an attempt.

And don't worry about it! I like playing around with it, trying to get better. ^^"

This Artbreeder thing is beyond cool!

Judge, solo, terrorist.


Wow! That's amazing! Thank you so much <3

@Crooknose, No problem! I'm glad you like it! :D


That's badass!

I may have fallen down the ArtBreeder hole :)

Let's try that again ...

Fantastically intense eyes there Adea! Nice!
Aaaa! I love all of these!

So many characters look (almost) like I imagine them.

Definitely getting better at digital art. Might even do commissions soon...who knows!

@Veleth: if you wanted to help again, this is my take on HolyChrome's character. It just needs amber eyes. Artbreeder is amazing but you can't like, change one small detail of color without changing the entire picture. Thanks! Bonus points if you can put a little cross under one eye :D

@Dawnshot: I love your art style! That one is really good.
Thank you! Super proud of it, figuring out how to best use varying programs.
Dead pleased with this commission from Breeze Comics. This was their first commissioned art piece believe it or not and I think they did exceptionally well with it.

It was definitely worth shelling out a little extra for a representation of one of Withmores more unique vehicles.

Ooh, yes, definitely. Great art!
Cause I'm obsessed with Artbreeder now: fan art of a Filipina-Carribean midget/idol.

Made with Artbreeder. That app is so fun!
@Crooknose Sorry, I totally missed this. I'll gib it a shot when I got time to kill. ;P
@CrookNose By a cross, do you mean a scar or a tiny black tattoo?
@Veleth like a little black tattoo. Christian cross shape, as opposed to an x shape.
Needs more scars...


Something like this?

Retry. @Crooknose

I always imagined it as bigger than that. 😅
@Veleth: I'd say bigger and more centered, and eyes more amber. Thanks so much!
I was a bit worried to make it bigger in the case it would look unrealistic, and selecting the eyes was a tiny bit of work, but I'll see what I can do.

For now, I got a piece made by PandaPow at Artists & Clients. Posting is overdue, been done for a few weeks. My character;

Repost. See above.

Made by PandaPow at A&C. My character.

Also, for @Crooknose;

Not perfect, but- how's this?

@Veleth That's amazing lol and your character art is so cute! Thanks!
Thanks! And no probs. :3
1. Compose through Artbreeder

2. Photoshop for way too many hours

3. Upload to Imgur

I definitely prefer the art commission by PandaPow over this, but this is something I've played with a while.

Sometimes the dead rise when the veil between the spiritual and the worldly is thin enough.

New character. Happy Halloween!

(*p.s dead people don't rise, just getting into the mood)

Forgot to mention that was made with artbreeder + Photoshop.
New art, again, thru' Artbreeder + PhotoShop


Thats so cool!
This is definitely a 'yoooooo' moment. Really cool.
I love the shading and palette on that piece, HolyChrome!
If I had to pick an approximate likeness it would have to be this.

whoops let me upload the actual right pic sorry

More anon submissions.

whoops i made another picrew

oh no i did it again