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Post pictures of your pets.
Cuteness overload.

Hey, everybody. Couldn't find the thread for this - so I'm sorry in advance if there's already one.

Use this thread to get your daily doze of cuteness - all kind of animals are welcome.

Here's my Labrador cutie named Rhea - she's a very good girl.

My cat, Mr. Jenkins
Lets try this again
Here's Snow:

And here's Crash:

" />" />" />" />" />

My beloved cat that recently passed away.

When I die, I'm having our ashes mixed together.

R.I.P. Simon Samuel, a.k.a. Mr. Kitty

Sorry about your cat manywaters x
Aw, what a beautiful thought. I hope he's up there, hunting birds and running around as much as he wants.

Also eating kitty treats.

<3 Thanks!

I'm also getting the last scratch he gave me tattooed on my leg. Poor baby tried to climb up into my lap while he could barely walk and scratched the heck out of me. I took a picture of it... it was really hard for me when the scratch cleared up. I felt kind of stupid about that. :P

I came home and no one was here and there is a dog I don't know in my house. I am teaching her how to play Sindome.

That is a gorgeous dog, Vera. Did you train them to do the Blue Steel, or was that a natural talent?
She's not my dog! I think we're petsitting for someone but I have no idea who. There is just a dog here.
Dis my homie Newsome.
Jk, DIS my homie Newsome.
Yo this shit sucks.
Okay! This my homie Newsome!
The native upload feature is crazy finicky.

Try uploading to imgur, and stick the .jpg url between two img tags:


Spoke too soon :v


That's my boy right there.


This is my puppy, Baldur, sweetest giant in the world :)

I wanna pet all the pets ;-;
The expressions my lab makes whenever you whip out a treat/toy will never cease to amuse me.

matches ur avatar
The softest kitty ever.
@Valentine Lol you're right!
She might is the mightiest of tigers!
This is Siete:

This is Nueve:

This is Kira, beautiful tiger!

And this is her with her best friend, Cookie!

Stan and Little Bit being lazy on my couch.

Awwww look at the wittle kittiessssssss
The handsomest Moggy

Meet Baldur, he's my farm dog and spends time with family on an island whenever I'm away for work.

happy doggo
It's your girl, necro'ing this thread hard with a pupper who had to put on a sweater to go outside earlier this week when it was -45 outside thanks to the midwestern polar vortex.

Sink cat

Chooms, meet Obie (Oberyn), held here by my friend Jon. He's already got one laptop charger destroyed, so if anyone needs a burgeoning cord solo...

Mine is the one that looks like she belongs in the Bans.
There we go.
She snooze

Here's Mako!
Or not?

One last try.


I -think- the cat might be broken. Or just insane. Probably insane.

They're real tired after being out in the hot yard.

Awww. Sleepy pups.

A lot of pupperinos.

My two boys, COPPER and PEPPER