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Sindome M E M E S II
Because the old one made my browser crash


Why you can't invite Mixers to SHFL

When you OD on NA-3z and you're trying to escape Constantine General Psych Ward

Girls on Green be like:

Mixer spotted on Green!
Trash Golem


in an unconscious struggle to be a lifeform


When you've cloned so many times you no longer care.

How I feel starting out on Sindome:
How I feel starting out on Sindome:

When someone sneaks into your apartment with you

When someone dips you, then the next day you find his battered half-dead sleeping ass in Fuller Med's lobby with no witnesses around

When it's between 2 and 4 AM

Slither vs. Jeremy

When you and your pals are summoned to the hall

Character history denied again...

The ruler everyone uses on Sindome when creating their male groin @naked

When a certain admin takes over the stream

When you're in the same room as someone you know has a MindsEye Thought-Receiver.

Withmore's version of Mickey Mouse doesn't fuck around.

Just another day at Bitch'n Chick'n in the Mix...

Third time was the charm. MWAH

When you first try to jump roofs in the mix.....

This week on Red Sector Hysterics...LOOK GUYS I BROUGHT A SWORD TO A GUNFIGHT

When weird shit starts happening and you're trying to figure it out

Part of the corporate starter kit:

Your average day in the Mix...

when you plan on killing your character but your arch nemesis perms you first

when a femboy joyboy character gets his first client

When a powerful player or admin starts planning a storyline

When a newbie corpie walks on red :
When your chum aces themselves
When your Cyberdoc finishes their install on you...

Corpies planning events to amuse themselves:

CP Corporate Negotiations

Someone sent me this...

When Mixers go up on Green to deliver crates...

When Mixers go up on Green to deliver crates...

Repost as doesn't seem to work above.

corpies be like

Feeling this on the daily.

Every God damn time.

A crowded bar when none of the PCs know each other IC...

With a mixer girl

When the doc gets shot on Fuller.

Let's see if this uploads well:

Running a stakeout.

(i'm just kidding we know y'all dont do that dont kill me :D)

with the new bongo cat memes circulating around I have decided to create this

Rangerkrauser, when I see you've posted on this board I always get excited about it, so thank you for consistently good memes, crimson Katana is still my fav.

When the solo starts dating an immy.

"Jack of all trades" ctags be like:

doing thinks to let the admins know you're about to get into some shit

Reminds ya of SIC?

When you go to Sing a Rong to karaoke with your corpie buddies after wage slaving then you realize how miserable your life is.

Meanwhile at another bar: when you're a solo and you gotta strip between jobs.

If SHI were topside:



When the new immy bouncer gets told to get rid of the badass solo at the club:

When someone talks about how attractive a Judge is on SIC

Well, that failed. Have the link to the gif instead

@Rangerkrauser, please don't reference entirely relevant NPC's. Judge Steele is entirely relevant in the game world and a bit of a public figure. This is crossing the IC/OOC barrier and paving the way for bad behavior by setting a bad example for all who see it, regardless of intent or whether it's factual or not. Don't be so lax and careless please, you should know better, and it's even worse knowing who you play, as I can't tell whether you're joking about something that actually happens to your character. I think this is why we have the IC/OOC barrier, to maintain mystery and minimize leaks that should be discovered IC. Try keep memes vague, instead you could have just said 'When a Judge summons you...'. It's one reason why I hate that Anderson is so loosely joked about on XOOC, it sets a bad example and we think referencing other characters is fine. Thanks.
@smexycucumber I think you should take slither's words to heart and chill, there's no difference between using Judge Steele or Judge Smith in a meme because they're all Judges - and he's not a hidden character or anything LOL

calm down buddy, I'm sure if the game was harmed by my posts the staff would contact me about it, pretty sure they don't need you to speak for them

on topic

When you have a meeting in 20 minutes but the E6 comes late

Trying that again because I'm a baka

i love how souricelle is a 6'6 hunk of a man

what the fuck am I a house??

you're the second dog, your name just covers them haha
Park doctors be like:

Too much biz
Too much biz

You need the link with .img or .png in the end. Sooo:

Thanks, I figured I'd end up messing it up again and someone would help me out.
People be overdosing in this game like:

Endearingly observational, not disparaging.
Endearingly observational, not disparaging.

I can't figure out how to upload images apparently. Sorry.
Coming up with new plotlines in SD:

Him: *wakes up, instantly calls chica* Bae, come over.

Her: I have to take care of IRL chores.

Him: Come over when you're done. My other SD GFs aren't here.

Her IRL:

meph that's the one of the most relatable memes I've seen
When you work at Viriisoma and are extra af:

Help chastity

Getting a holophone just to talk greater shit

hooooooly shit that's grade a+ SD memery right there

When you and your friends don't have a vehicle and you're trying to avoid the lev

When you've had your Progia dipped for the last fucking time.

When someone one pulls out a weapon and equips it after you just insulted them.

10000000 years in GIMP

Take 2?

Rival factions talking shit on SIC like:

Feeding your pets various things just to see if they'll eat them:

Exclusive photo of WJF shouting "Obey the law!" on pubSIC after all the dust settles on a major event.

GM’s watching my character like

im back

expect memes

Your 'attack gangers' meme reminds me of something.

First 40 seconds or so.

People playing characters in the medical field, but not knowing shit about it OOC minus some googling. (The real MVPs of wing it until you make it rp, love you guys.)

To piggyback off deaddragon:

via Imgflip Meme Generator

I feel like this should go here for some reason.

That would give a lot of intimidation points for sure.
for all the GoT fans out there

And it scaled those really poorly. Stupid cellphone app.
Now with that genuine Sindome feel

Just reminds me of the Mix, for some reason.
Me when I see a big muscly lesbian in this game:

Me making notes:

Me plotting:

@Ranger I do not get cucked i am the cucker

cluck cluck