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Wintor Mememe's thread
insert all your mememe's here.

Autumn meme's are so last season, Time for wintor memies.


I'm not even going to bitch that it's almost 3 weeks early. The other thread was too long from day 1.

New original memes only, here, please.

Thanks Mench, and well done with the art.

@beandip December is definitely winter, yo.

I'm not good at this me-me thing, but giving it a shot... ;p

Snitching: A Retrospective

ISO sleepers
I am bad at the memes, but would love an interpretation of Johnnys "Then Perish" from this thread:[url]
Food trucks in the mix.

When you get reminded to read help chastity:

"appear mano"

CPI Propaganda:

The joy solo: Fucks you, then fucks you up.


Mix romance

When the corpo players slowly start catching up to mix players in numbers

When you're the Artistry user of the group.

When your martial arts skill reaches H and you are sparring immigrants -[url]

Mixmas Gifts

BGBB Alert: 1 new post to New Game Features & Bug Fixes


Time to see if I still remember how to bgbb

Immy romance be like

When someone reminds you to stop smallworlding:

making your big return on SIC post-vacation


dealing with oldbies

getting harassed on sic
custom @bad_idea and @good_ideas

When you finally hit that next level shortdesc adjective...

[jan '21] improvements and bug Fixes ((no context))
when SIC gushes about a hulking character

Or when SIC hulks about a gushing character, works both ways.
The future of NPCs

^ I need this little boy as like a SICad in my apartment now.
Pictured: Staff ruining each others dreams, colorized 2021.
Topside Crime:
cyberdocs when they explain the dangers of chrome and PDS after i get everything on the list and say "what zero pussy does to mfer"

Only Staff Thank You Memes :-p[/img]
the entire playerbase at once

what the next couple weeks of Improvement Feedback posts will look like