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Wild life,Hunting,and New weapon ideas.
Adding animals, Adding a system to hunt, Adding weapons.

To preface this I'm going to say I have not played this game very long so I apologize if this whole post is made tedious by the fact that these things I'm discussing are already in the game in some form and I've just missed it.

Okay, so First things first, Wildlife. I'm not too sure if the entire planet is just devoid of wildlife (as some characters have told me) or if there are just mutated creatures in the wild now, but I think it would be fun to add the option of hunting into the mix. It would also give an opportunity for players to be self sufficient outside of cities.

Hunting. Not just "You see a wild wolf. You attack the wolf. You kill the wolf. You get 1 fur pelt." I mean you have to find some tracks, you have to follow them to either the animal or they're home, you have to not get eaten alive by some giant bear that comes out of no where, stuff like that. Basically have a system of searches, hide checks, combat checks, etc. Maybe have "boss" type creatures like a giant mutated gorilla that will send you 50 feet into the air skyrim style.

Weapons. I've also thought of some weapons that I thought of getting in the game but realized they're just not in it. Bows, sling shots, crossbows, things like that. Basically just firearms without the gun powder. It would be easier to get (I assume) than a gun seeing as how it's a piece of hunting equipment. Like I live in new york where it's near impossible to get a gun, but if a cop showed up to my place and saw a bow and some arrows he wouldn't really care. In our current reality, bows aren't taken seriously as weapons because there's no real life "hawk eye" going around on killing sprees with a piece of bendy wood and string. Seeing at how this is a game where people can literally get cybernetic implants, I feel like it could be possible for people to use bows as effective weapons. Not as powerful as guns for sure, but having cheaper ammunition and very little noise mechanically speaking.The reason I brought up the cop in new york thing was to allude to how bows and cross bows would probably have less intense processes to get a licence. That's pretty much all I have to say on this matter. 1 wild life (More life to the game) 2 hunting (opportunity for alternative methods of getting food, resources, and chyen) 3 new weapons. (I WANNA BE HAWK EYE, OK!?)

Love it. Mutant gorilla hunting in the mix WHEN??
I like this idea.
We are thinking about adding new critters to the game already, time permitting. However, Sindome is, at it's heart, a PvP game. I don't ever see us taking the game very far into a PvE hunting simulator style game.

We want you fighting each other mostly, not critters. And if we do eventually add some kind of PvE element like this, I would personally push hard to have it implemented in a way that made created conflict between PCs and gave them reason to go after each other.

And to be clear, when I say fight and conflict, I am referring to any of the myriad ways you can do this. Physically, economically, politically. Whatever.

What about the weapons though???
I am not big on bows, would rather add better supression for guns. My reason is simple - heaters are cool, they looks slick. Bows just make you look like caveman.
Bullets are small and stay inside an asshole's body. Arrows are long, you can put them into people, then tear the arrows back out for extra damage with good chunks of tissues still attached. That's fucking brutal, yo.
Why hunt animals when we already have the most dangerous prey...
Because wearing people's hides is... oh, okay, carry on.
There's a few posts in the ideas forum that overlap with this but I couldn't find the horrendously old one I wanted so I'm just going to touch on a few things.

1. Weapons. Adding new weapons to the game is a labor of love. It requires a ridiculous amount of balancing, messaging, testing, and most of the time are largely avoided by the player base who tend to fall into a pretty particular group of combat skills. (Did you know the TruColorz dildo has the most hilarious critical hit message in the game?) We still need heavy weapons and eventually energy weapon versions of each firearm type to be implemented before we add anything new in my opinion.

2. As Mobius stated, SD is a PVP game. There's been some more recent changes that have entertained a NPC driven economy but ultimately the real grit is in PVP RP and Combat. Personally, I've presented a hybrid model before that would create some interesting options here: but Vera's point about Automated RP-less income is a serious concern. If we support a PVE "hunting" environment over a RP-centric PVP environment - we will lose what makes SD special.

Except I don't see how adding more PvE makes Sindome lose anything. If the mere existence of PvE content drives people to stop using Sindome's "special" PvP, then the PvP content needs a serious overhaul.

In fact I'd argue that added PvE content increases the options for PvP. The more reasons people have to go out and do stuff, the more chances PvP players have to actually PvP. The alternative is to continue sitting on the "our PvP is special and any alternative would make it less special" argument, and simply lose players that PvP players could be interacting with.

But I guess safe zones and idling are better than PvE. Better have players simply stay out of reach of PvP, than have them do anything worthwhile.

PvE creates work for GM's as PC's have a nasty habit of not treat NPC's like PC's. The result is GM's needing to spend more time using NPC's to create a layer of accountability which is time better spent elsewhere.
You don't really need a GM to control a critter.

If GM time were our priority, then a lot of things would be done differently, starting at the many things that require puppet requests.

Considering it's staff's opinion that puppet requests are not a bother to GMs, I'd expect the minuscule amount of work caused by PvE to be acceptable too.

One of the draws to Sindome for me was the distinct lack of things to mindlessly murder all over the place to gain clout. To get ahead at every level, you have to interact with other players.

Compare this to other games where other characters have little to no effect on your character's choices, as if the whole multiplayer aspect was just tacked on. There are plenty of options for people who love massmurdersims and watching numbers go up. That's not my idea of fun.

So ask yourself if this will increase or decrease the frequency of RP.

Considering it will make at least some people stop idling and start walking out of a safe zone? Sounds like a guaranteed in increase of RP to me.
If the creatures are strong enough, and in locations that are dangerous enough that groups are needed. Safaris could be cool.

It'd be a matter of balancing reward for engagement against the possibility of farming things though.

I meant to say that if the danger was great enough, getting a group together to hunt would be the only way, and could be really fun.
Get a group together and go hunt a powerful PC. Some of those guys have been waiting years for someone or someones to come end them.
Echoing Gray0, there are plenty of boss monsters in the dome already. Get a party together and hunt them down! 😁
They wait so long they just give up 9/10.

There are no safe zones in Sindome. You may think there are, but if someone wants you bad enough that bar door, your apartment door, your car door , ain’t gonna stop em.

Also, GM’s have to spawn and often times physically control the current badlands wildlife in most cases if I’m not mistaken. The idea has merit but I think the counter-points have slightly more.

I find it ironic that I am writing this, because the PVP aspect of Sindome is my LEAST favorite aspect of the game. In fact PVP is usually my least favorite aspect of any game, unless that is the whole premise of the game (like an FPS for example).

That being said, introducing PVE elements into the game would be a huge departure from the current state of the game. It would unquestionably change the environment and very essence of the game.

As a new player, I find this place to be unique and amazing BECAUSE of the PVP. There is a rich history to the game. There are long standing rivalries in the game. I am barely aware of any of them. But at the same time, I KNOW that they shape the character of the game. They influence how people interact with each other.

Despite the complaints about people idling in apartments and "safe places", Sindome is a SOCIAL game. It seems to be based on social interactions. Those interactions are primarily focused on raising status and capabilities at the expense of others.

To me, the request for PVE content comes across as... disconnected. That's the only way I can put it. Sindome isn't a PVE game. There are plenty of PVE games out there. If you want to play one of them, go for it.

Sindome does not seem like the kind of game that is trying to be everything for everybody. Or even, a little bit of something for everybody. It is what it is. And what it is PVP based conflict, with factions and a functioning economy that creates a fairly level playing field between equally powerful characters.

If that's not your cup of tea, that's cool. I'm not a big fan of boba. Tapioca in the tea? Blech. But I'm not going to pull the owner of the local boba place aside and say, "Hey, I'd really like to be a customer here, but I don't like what you're serving. Would you mind getting a serve yourself milkshake machine? I'd totally come in here if I could make my own milkshakes."

Well how about there isn't NPCs that buy the skins or whatever. The skins could be used for tailoring ( "This was expensive made from real badlands gecko skin. Rare.) It starts as a PvE thing that can be used to generate RP. Just because there is a tiny bit of automation in the beginning doesn't mean it needs to be that the whole process. Just my 2p
I'm gonna revive this thread because I think it's an interesting discussion and I have some thoughts I think may fuel some more debate.

I heavily disagree with the notion some people have shared here that adding more critters would somehow turn Sindome into a PVE game or hurt the game's current PVP-driven RP nature. Without going into details, there are already a few ways to profit from PVE without saying a single word or writing a single emote. And I'm a relatively new player, playing on and off for a half a dozen months or so, I imagine more experienced players know of even more. These do not eliminate RP/PVP (and generally aren't super popular) because they don't stand by themselves. Yes, you can make money off of them, but what are you going to use your money for? RP. The ultimate goal of the game is RP, everything in it is literally meant to drive RP. I think it's shortsighted to believe adding more creatures and populating the world will somehow encourage people to somehow 'farm' them and not roleplay, not to mention such behavior is already hampered by certain mechanics.

Another reason I would like to see more critters is because many places in the world feel completely abandoned and empty, even though they're not meant to be. I found that even a lot of supposedly 'dangerous' places are almost completely safe for even the most inept immies. And yes, you can RP ambient danger, or admins can create said danger if they happen to see you poking around, but that's not always possible.

As it stands, I think it's a waste that Withmore is such a large place with such a variety of locations that are completely just left to gather dust because the only times they become relevant is when players put a lot of time and effort into making them relevant. That's great when it happens, but it doesn't happen often. PVE helps create RP/PVP, not hamper it. No one's asking for super complex loot drops or stuffing Withmore and beyond with creatures. Just more variety and aid for those archetypes who hunt or handle creatures in some way.