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Autumn 2105 Meme Thread
That's right, stayed up until midnight for this

Have some nostalgia.

Talking about top tier solos like

Did someone say nostalgia??

I've been saving my 35 most favorite memes from past threads for just an occasion! I did my best to exclude as many of mine as possible since I know I could be biased that way.


When you mistake two characters with similar display names...

Waking up every day in Withmore:

This image is all of us.

When the shrouded puny boy you're trying to mug pulls out a ceramic composite:

When someone's giving your ace kool a hard time but you're hidden in the same room with them...and there's signal:

Doing thinks to let the GMs know you're about to get into some shit:

Getting a holophone just to talk greater shit:

Writing @notes:

Immy runner getting brought into a plot:

"Messy SIC is a themely treasure."

The full Sindome experience:

Me after accidentally dropping paydata:

The character I was talking to:

When you're in the same room as someone you know has a MindsEye Thought-Receiver:

When that max UE boyfriend comes back after a 2 year vacation:

Mixer developing resume for topside employment:


That's one of my favorite GIFs to use on Tenor! In the spirit of things along those lines...

For the record, this is what you chummers look like when you all start smelling eachother and puking everywhere.
When you copy paste your macro and it doesn't work right:

@ynk love all those. There was one from Reefer a few years ago that was like, I forget. Something about a rabbit and a turtle talking to each other. I will look.
Mixers talking shit on SIC be like.



Double Sleeving


@notes be like

where's the party at
where's the party at">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">[url]">">">">">">">[url]

where. is that party. at.">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">[url]">">">">">">">[url]


Plotting the downfall of your enemies:

Propaganda promoting the gentrification of Snake turf:

Fooling Solos with your mad disguise skillz be like...

Players on SIC vs SIC puppets

All of these make me want to magic time to play into being.
couples in withmore be like

When you roll into a bar and it’s dead.

Food pyramid.

turning down a GM's plothook

help combat

I support this new format.

Casual ERP Splicers:

Filthy Combat Junkies:

Your average public SIC rando convo be like . . .


OOC Chat arguing about theme

When you log in just to check the Grid:

Mister Donut debuts topside delivery drones, October 2105 (colorized):

[/url]" />

Noncombat Roommate: *stares at blood* Good night?

Solo Roommate:

Overheard at the Eternalist Chapel Confessional

Car Ramrod hahahah omg, nice Reefer.
Scheming on a rooftop w/ your Ace Kool

Turning down solo work...

When your ace cool snitches on you:

Playing to your stats:

Sindome character memoirs be like

inb4 judge tries to identify me Q_Q


Hall of Justice Staff Meeting, 2134

when you hire a shitty runner

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :D

When you want to be passive aggressive, and your meme technique is good.
Every time the Judge tells you, "Obey the Law, citizen."

when people continue to spiral well past the point of no return


Talon rocking the MindsEye.

(Sorry for the repost, but I have a pathological problem when it comes to typos, mods please delete the old one if you are reading this.)

The stages of out of nowhere plot adaptation.

Trying to get back to Sindome sometimes... Is like...

When the max ue Solo xhelps to do crimes Topside and gets green-lit:

^ +1. And now I need NLM to do a crime opera.
I prefer this classic version of it. Probably a decade or more since I first saw it.

Raise Complete [-1.0 UE]

Your Thievery is now at Adept!

That got a laugh, 0x.

Politics Hour on SIC.
When multiple players try to push a thematic player-driven narrative...

Corporate players after an event that generates a lot of fun conflict and drama.


Staff Fauci Level Diagram

1. Cooperative Competition

2. Immy Involvement

3. xhelp

4. @shout

5. @void

Scrolling through review-cloth and seeing something scarring.

How your tattoo's look when they are outnumbering your nakeds in character count.

Immy SIC.
When your Cyberpunk feels too real.

acc katana

acc katana

acc katana

[/url]" />

V2 (Please delete the older one above)
Try that again...

Programmer Eternalism

Seems backwards!
"Food in the Mix is actually really good."

One crack burger with a side of homo fries, plz. And a fart storm.
When you don't listen to those pesky angels and devils:

Also applies to Dome life.

Token Rando NPC Names Be Like . . .

when the WJF makes you change your ctag

seeing your new IC friend wearing clothes tailored for your last character

It's true.
I think my other post vailed to upload the image. Well, time to do it old school.

ambient SIC

" />
Newbie trying to ambush an oldbie.

Chances are you know a character that fits into each of these categories.

Chances are your character is listed too.

lmfao Ghostinthemachine
me at the grocery store buying items for my kitchenette

(Edited by Mench at 8:14 pm on 11/26/2020)
fuck it the img shit won't work and the joke isn't funny anymore, copy and paste it
Nothing to see here.

(Edited by Mench at 8:15 pm on 11/26/2020)

When weeks of inaction coincide with your enemies downfalls...

The three stages of seeing a newbie in the wild and going out of your way to give them a scene.


Disguise without artistry be like

When GMs try to pull you into an intricate plot but you are WAY too busy with your slice-of-life RP to follow along...

(We might be needing a Winter memes thread soon)

Winter doesn't start until the 21st!


Critters, hehe.